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  1. But the outcomes aren't random, there is a clear pattern on me losing to an inferior team. Also the changes I'm making aren't random either.
  2. Ok guys I come in peace. I love this game. I really do. But I am at my wits end. In my second season with West Ham, and I am just UNBELIEVABLY AWFUL. My players, despite being extremely good, are INCREDIBLY CRAP. This has made me really, really upset and I honestly feel like the game is just dead to me. I finished 6th last season, now I'm bottom on the league. How? How can this happen, it is not possible? Please someone just kill me and put me out of this inescapable frustration. The advice I have been given in this very forum is that my tactics need changing because (a) my players can't adapt to them for some reason, and (b) the other teams are 'sussing' me out. Melodrama aside, I decided to restart my full season (I always create a back-up save at the start of each season in case I get sacked). My experiment here is to determine if the people who gave me advice are right and if tweaking tactics has any effect on whether you win a match. So my first fixture is at home to Newcastle United, a vastly inferior team to my own. I plan to make changes to my tactics each game and see how it pans out. So here goes: (Last Season's game) West Ham 6-2 Newcastle (4-2-3-1 wide) (This Season's first game, which, as I mentioned, I reset) West Ham 0-2 Newcastle (Same formation and tactics as previous) (Game 1) West Ham 0-2 Newcastle (Changed from 'attacking' to 'control', changed 'inside forwards' to 'wingers' and 'Advanced Forward' to 'Target Man') (Game 2) West Ham 1-4 Newcastle (Changed to 'counter', changed 'central defenders' to 'limited defenders', changed 'full backs' to 'limited full backs') (Game 3) West Ham 0-1 Newcastle (Changed to 'defensive', changed 'deep lying playmaker' and 'roaming playmaker' to 'ball winning midfielders') (Game 4) West Ham 2-2 Newcastle (Changed back to 'attacking', changed 'fluid' to 'very fluid', changed 'high tempo' to 'much higher tempo') [side note: Actually went 0-2 down here but they had a player sent off and I started dominating for the first time in all the games, clawed it back to 2-2] (Still ongoing...)
  3. Oh yeah, I change that type of thing all the time. Also yes I use all of my tactics slots (I think we should have more than 3) but flitting between them during a game doesn't do much to be honest. I'm not even sure it's my tactics that are the problem. It's the players, they are just not good enough I think. Thinking I maybe bought too many young players and they are bottling it.
  4. So how do I check if my team cohesion is bad? My players all have great morale, and my tactics all have a full bar of knowledge of whatever it is.
  5. If what you say is true then the game is pretty much ruined for me. I do not want to change my tactics every half season. I want to make a brilliant tactic that works and stick with it. The whole point of this game, at least I thought, is to be able to play the type of football you want to play. If you have to change your tactics constantly then this is a terrible feature in my opinion. How long has Arsene Wenger been playing his same style at Arsenal? What about Pep Guardiola? Is he gonna start long-balling with Munich anytime soon? Ridiculous. Plus, even if this was true, my team last season was oriented more towards possession which they weren't capable of playing as well as the team I have now, so they should be playing even better if anything.
  6. Why are you stereotyping West Ham? Just because Allardyce doesn't play possession doesn't mean the players themselves find passing a ball incomprehensible. Mark Noble, Aaron Cresswell, Alex Song, Mauro Zarate, Stewart Downing, Enner Valencia, Diafra Sakho, Ravel Morrison and Carl Jenkinson are extremely gifted at passing compared to average premier league players. Account for opposition strength? What is that supposed to mean exactly, I'm confused?
  7. My question here is, does buying better players actually make your team any better? In my first season with West Ham I finished 6th. Second season I had an absolutely fantastic transfer window, got plenty of top quality players. Umtiti, in defence at 4-star, Cheryshev on the wing at 4-star. At least 3 and a half star in every position now. Despite having a much better team, however, my players just seem awful. Last season we were cruising, slaughtering teams twice as big as us, dominating possession, defending well, etc. This season my players are just ridiculous. 1)Defending is utterly shambolic, my players simply cannot tackle. The reasons for this are inexplicable because I significantly improved my defence from last year. 2)Players just don't seem any better in general. 3)Diafra Sakho has gotten worse for some reason even though his stats have improved. Last season he was scoring for fun, now he's scored 1 in 10 games. Now I can understand people saying that game shouldn't just be about buying good players and winning every match with them. I get that. But surely having a brilliant transfer window like I did has got to at least slightly improve my performances? What is going on? Team chemistry is fine, team morale is very good, nothing to do with tactics because the tactics are exactly the same. Everything points to my team being a real force this season, and yet they are just not. Any ideas?
  8. So basically I'm having the age-old problem where my players play extremely well at home, but away from home they inexplicably become awful. I am not going to finish in Europe with West Ham if I am getting slaughtered away from home, so I need advice. I'm not exactly sure how the mechanic of the game works, but here are my observations: (1) Away from home my players simply will not go after loose balls. Even when they are clear favourites to reach a loose ball, they will simply stand there unresponsive until an opposition player gets it and launches a counter attack. (2) Away from home it is impossible to dominate possession. Every game is 51%-49% and I assume this is because of (1). My entire tactic is founded upon dominating possession and restricting the opponents number of chances, however this is rendered pointless because my players seem extremely handicapped away from home. (3) Passing away from home is awful, sometimes my players will miss each other by about 5 yards. Other times my players will make a good pass, but just when it's about to reach the player he will run away from it and it will be intercepted. (4) I can't score for toffee away from home. Every season I score the most goals by a landslide in the league, even with a mid-table quality West Ham team. Last game at home I beat a Europa League Newcastle team 6-0, then the next game away lost 2-0 to a vastly inferior Stoke. I also notice that there is an insane amount of shots blocked away from home. From example I'll have maybe 15 shots and 1 on target because opposition defenders seem to be on steroids or something where they block every single shot before it reaches the goal, even when I'm 1-on-1. So basically I'm not the type of player to have a 'home' tactic and and 'away' tactic. The three tactics I have are all high-line tactics (because I just can't seem to dominate a game if I sit deep). One is oriented strongly to possession (this is my most used tactic), one is highly oriented towards attacking full backs crossing from deep towards a target man and shadow striker with inside forwards. The other one is for shutting up shop when I have a lead by containing the opponent, and this works rather well to be honest. So anyway, I'm curious if any of you guys have discovered the secret of winning away. If you have I'd love some advice. Could it be that maybe I need a deep sitting defensive tactic for away games? I'd rather not do this because I prefer to attack and actually try and win games, I'm not interested in scraping 0-0 draws every away game. That's not how the tops teams play. Cheers.
  9. No, trust me, it isn't a case of that. And yes I have some extremely bad examples, I would start a thread but I doubt it's a bug. Probably just really nerfed keeper reaction times. In general I think keepers are very overpowered on this game. I've lost count of the amount of times I have had a powerful blasted shot saved or even caught into the keepers hands from less than 3 yards away. Keepers also seem extremely good at saving shots after whipped crosses and even squared balls for an open goal. I've played four seasons though and still never seen a penalty saved, so I don't know. I think keepers are quite unbalanced in their abilities on this game.
  10. Wow that really sucks. Did you take them down or just take them over after their manager was sacked? I guess maybe holding some kind of team meeting could work but yeah definitely get some more committed players, lol.
  11. Hi all, just wanted to say something about the goalkeepers on this game. Now don't get me wrong, I think this game is a MASSIVE improvement on FM14, really, I do. On FM41 there were so many mistakes the game was basically unplayable for me. Almost 75% of goals came from some kind of insane defensive mistake like passing short back to your keeper, taking a dodgy goal-kick straight to the strikers feet, etc. This game has fixed all that crap and what a great job SI have done in my opinion. However there is one thing on this game that I'm sure everyone agrees needs drastically updating, and that is goalkeeper reactions. Let me sum up exactly what I mean here: 1) Player takes a shot (usually from a free kick) which either gets saved or hits the post/bar. 2) The keeper dives or otherwise makes some attempt to save the shot. 3) The ball bounces favourably into the path of an attacking player. 4) The goalkeeper simply does not make any attempt to quickly regain his positioning and remains either on the ground, having dived, or in a sort of (what I call) 'statue' mode, where he is completely unresponsive for 2-5 seconds. 5) The attacker simply shoots past the immobilised keeper for an easy goal, regardless of angle or easiness of a save. Now I can't speak for other players of the game, but this happens extremely frequently for me. I would say that around 25% of goals I concede are down to this. In fact I just quit half way through a game against Stoke where I dominated the game but couldn't score (fair enough, they were shutting up shop) and then in the 90th minute they used the above to get a clearly undeserved goal. This really angered me because I despise restarting games, and I will probably force myself to draw rather than win the second time round, because although I didn't deserve to win the game, I certainly didn't deserve to lose. So anyway, has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? Do you think keepers should be updated to become more responsive to what's happening around them?
  12. You berate me for not finishing my chances, but is that really my fault? I mean, I am the manager, not one of the players. This isn't FIFA. If you had seen some of the chances Sakho missed you would understand. I can sort of see why someone might say that I should wait until a transfer window and buy a better striker, but still this seems frustrating. A child could have scored some of those goals...
  13. Ok so basically I've noticed that, despite dominating almost every game in terms of possession and shots, I am losing an insane amount of games. For example I just played Stoke at home in my West Ham save (a home banker, if there ever was one) and basically I set about dominating the game the way any decent manager would. In other words, be patient (they were shutting up shop) and try and break them down. Around the 45th minute I had 12 shots and 9 on target, they had only 1 shot off target from a free kick. I was cruising, obliterating Stoke and playing the game very well. My strikers had missed a few chances but obviously as a manager there is nothing I can do about that. Despite this, in the 45th minute they get a corner which my centre tries to kick out, but it hits an opposition player and bounces in for 1-0. This was just bad luck though, right? In the second half the domination continues and I thought it's only a matter of time before we draw level. We were battering them, comprehensively superior in every way (other than the goal count of course). Strangely though, I noticed my strikers were missing shots which they normally would score with ease. Diafra Sakho went 1-on-1 with Begovic at least 4 times and missed all off apart from one, which he saved. Also, despite having the 'work the ball into the box' ticked, my players were not working the ball into the box. Instead as soon as they got into a good position to cross or slip a killer ball in, they would shoot wildly off target from insane angles. It just felt like the game didn't want me to score. In the end I got frustrated and put my overload tactic on, which resulted in Stoke getting a 90th minute goal on the counter. So the final statistics were: West Ham: 29 shots, 14 on target, 0 goals Stoke: 2 shots, 1 on target, 2 goals Is that just insanely unlucky or am I doing something wrong? I highly doubt it's my tactics because all a manager can do is facilitate his players dominating a game an creating chances. We did both of those things to perfection, it's just my player could not hit the target for toffee. I'm thinking maybe I should just repeat the game and see if I win a second time round to see if it was just luck. If it is my tactics though, then this is very worrying because I'm sure I'm doing everything right.
  14. Yeah I know, but the fact is teams like Man United and Man City still get a huge transfer budget on top of what they spent. So it should be balanced really or I will get left behind as the big clubs buy insane players when I can barely afford a 3-star. To be honest it would probably be better with the transfer budgets suspended, but I just felt like I wanted to sign someone I guess
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