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  1. I might be not sure but I have admit the possibility. I don't know if I'm looking for something that, as you said, doesn't matter much anymore. The thing is that with the same save I'm managing two very different teams: FC Porto, main contender in the portuguese league, and Boavista FC at the III division (currently II division after being champions). I'm at the 3rd season, three with FC Porto and two with Boavista, and with FC Porto we've won 2 titles, 3 supercups, 1 cup and 1 league cup and reach in both seasons the semi-finals of Champions League. With Boavista I've found quite easy to win the III Division Title and although the press forecasted a 19th place (out of 22) for the II Division, we are currently at the 1st place and still competing both in cup and league cup. Two different teams, two different tactics and what I think I can call two stories of success. So, considering this how can I post my frustration ? I guess my deepest frustration regarding this year edition of FM is the step that was made regarding the new tactical system. SI have conditioned us all to play into their own logic of football, introducing a very rigid system that only facilitates success if you play by their logic... and it's a british game, so it's a british logic. This is very frustrating and also very wrong, mainly because the game allow us to manage a team in a great variety of countries and each one, in each league the logic / idea / style / philosophy of football is different, so it's obvious that the game should allow us (as it did in previous editions) to set our own logic. Possession based style is highly damage in this edition: not that it's a problem to have possession (like 65-70% or more) but either you have this high possession or you have results. Wanting both is kind of an impossible mission. Then we have the specifics: a) it seems SI looked into the main European leagues and concluded that even the top teams end the championship with an average of 1 goal against / match (a kind of 38 matches played / 38-45 goals against). No matter what, your top team will have this average or close to. Completly irrational because 1) why can't I have the tactical and strategical freedom to achieve a lower average ? 2) most European leagues are not as competitive as the top leagues (portuguese league is not) so it's rather common to see top teams at minor competitive leagues to achieve lower averages... for SI it is not; b) FM13 had a few on / off instructions: if, for instance, I would need the all structure of a DLP but without the hold the ball instruction that was just fine, I would just switch off the instruction. Now I can't! I have to choose a completly different role in order for that player doesn't hold the ball... and a different role is a different structure, with higher or lower mentality, with higher or lower CF and it will have deep implications in my style of playing. Like I said, I have no problems with winning and with two different teams, so I can't say my frustration comes from lack of results... but my frustration has a lot to do with SI defrauding my expectations because I can win but only in SI terms and logic. And football has nothing to do with logic!!! Finally, by other frustration is to look into a game that has evolved a lot, that in spite of lots of bugs still makes me vibrate during matches but still lacks things that are basics: a) Shout instructions to motivate players simply doesn't exist: if my player is complacent, I can't do nothing; b) Defending throw-ins set piece instructions doesn't exist I guess at least these two should be very simple to introduce, although I would consider that by now it should be a reality to set tactical instructions when your team have and doesn't have the ball.
  2. Thanks Svenc :-) I was aware of the very helpful german translation. My question is not about shots bit about all players actions. And my idea is not to have more time wasting but less, although without risky actions. For this I have to, one hand, to use a higher mentality / strategy (less time wasting / time spent on the ball) but for less risky actions, on the other hand, I have to use a lower mentality / strategy. My option would be a higher mentality and then use some instructions to reduce the risk, but I'm afraid that will increase also time wasting.
  3. It's me Peter Goddard, i forgot my login and I had to create this one :-) In FM13, I guess that would be best replicated with higher tempo and a lot of time wasting: this would encourage the fast passing but at the same time players wouldn't feel the need or the urgency to get to the goal. In FM14 a high intensity and retain possession should do it. Still, for me the main problem is not what to do when in possession but to defend and get the ball back as fast as possible.
  4. Exactly. DM when playing a 433 or an HB if we want the team to behave like a 343 (although the tactic would also be set a 433)
  5. As you know, Barcelona has evolve from Pep through Vilanova and now Tata, all of them were different, so when addressing this subject I like to focus in the Pep's years managing Barcelona. So, it should be short passing and players must be instructed and have ppm's that enhance movement, lots of movement. My playmakers, both AP and DLP run wide with the ball (but they don't roam) in order to push opponents and open spaces, and as for ppm's they also move into channels. But no matter what we can discuss to achieve what we all want, I think there is a more relevant issue that we should focus in: we all have seen several Barca tactics, tiki-taka tactics and so on... but not even one addresses the defence transition, they are all about possession but not about getting the ball back. Until this morning (and we all have read about it) I assumed a lower tempo with the ball, I guess we are wrong because I have read an article of an english coach and he mentioned the fast passing (although patient). But the most important thing he wrote has about defending: sure, the 6 second rule to recover the ball and then what ? what happens ? The 433 evolves to a 442, one of the IF drops deeper to the midfield and the other IF sets more close to Messi. Then after recovering the ball the team sets back to his 433 / 343 set. This is very difficult to replicate, I guess a mixed close down must be set, the player on position 9 and one of the IF should specific man mark the opponent CD's leaving the other IF to join the midfield.
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