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  1. .Specific "Instructions for any player in this position" is not practical if you play with more than one initial tactic. Depending on my tactics i want that same player in that same position to have different roles. This option should be under the hierarchy of the tactic i choose, instead of being applied everytime i switch between other saved tactics. .Still not possible to maitain the player positions when switching between my three initial tactics. AMF appears as a DM (and vice-versa), my MCR swaps position with the MCL. The first one is a suggestion that would be very helpfull; the second one should have been fixed with the 14.2 update.
  2. Looks rotated, but that's not the case. I tried to swap the players in my 4-3-3, also dragged them and reassigned the same roles and duties, and in that specific tactic everything looked good. But, when i switch back to my 4-3-2-1, my DM (Danilo Pereira) appears in the AMF position, and the MFs are swaped. I've rebuilt them from root yesterday to prevent that witchcraft, but i was unsuccessful. I play religiously since FM08 and only had that problem with this new patch. Now, if i want to change to other tactic during a match, i am forced to hit pause and reajust the players to play in their position. That's not the worst of things, but it's a bother nevertheless
  3. This new update disconfigurated and shuffled my midfield player positions when i alternate between my saved tactics. (for example, my AMF allways changes with my DMF). Players are not anchored in the position that i choose. I've wasted 2 hours rebuilding my 3 tactics from scratch, carefully draging the players' positions so i don't mess up with the other tactics, and and still no luck... I'll show you what i mean. Before the update: After the update: Has the same evil happened to others? Any solutions?
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