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  1. Some interesting thoughts here. I'll experiment a bit, and see if I can get something sensible out of it. I have tried having my DL as WBL with very attacking PI, while my DR sits narrow and stays behind. This accomplishes some parts of what I would like to do, but it still leaves too much a whole in behind my DL as the other three doesn't fully shift positions to cover the width. I am also working on the the attacking roles to avoid having my striker to isolated. With an AML inside forward (with PI to get him more forward and more centrally) and an MC with the role of advanced playermaker - attack (and the MCr as box-to-box, I seem to have got more use of the holding striker. About the "Raumdeuter"-option. In the lower leagues I have never seen any places who have this as a role they are marked by the game as being comfortable with. Is that a role that is only usable at high level football (as with some other roles too, which seems to need world class players, and not only players who are relatively very good for their level)?
  2. Thanks. That might accomplish the switch from 3 to 4. My DM can also play as DC so that might work well, I don't really want buth a Winger and a Wing Back keeping the width, but perhaps that can be dealt with the WBR set to inverted wingback? Although there is the issue of me wanting it to be det DR that enters the three-back-line, and not the DM. But while I have seen this done live, I see that it can be difficult to do in the game. I guess a new DR will have to be a priority.
  3. QUESTION One question about how to set up, if possible a tactic where: - I defend in 451 - but attack in 352 - But in possession, I want my ML/AML to work as a second striker, playing around my sole striker (an old-fashioned target-man type). - In possession I want my DL to work as a wingback and keep the width on the left, while my MR-winger does the same on the right. - My DR will tuck in to while my DC shifts a little to the left - to sit in a three man defensive line in possession. Before trying to build this, there is the question whether this is at all possible to set up? BACKGROUND The reason for this is due to using the strengths of my squad (lower tier). My best ranked players are a striker (target man), a decent playmaker (MC/AMC) and a solid DM who also can recycle possession well. My right back offers little going forward, whilst my left back is pretty much best when in attack... After reviewing my squad, this is how I am thinking at the moment. Defensive phase - I want to defend with a 451 (with a DM, 2 MC and 2 ML/MR or AML/AMR) - My central defensive is solidly strong and dominant in the air- but very slow. - So I need to sit deep, and I want my full backs to sit narrow, and play a DM, to avoid space centrally. I do not mind having lots of crosses and long balls against me. Transition phase - My striker is a strong and slow target man-kind of player. He can hold the ball up well, and has decent passing/vision. - My main transition players are: my left winger (amlc/fc) (decent pace and work rate, decent technique and likes to cut inside) my boxtobox midfielder (MCr) (a determined and fairly quick player, with good long shots and fairly good passing/vision). my right winger (mr/amr) (good touch, dribbling and crossing) - So counter attacks should involve this player on the run, with my SC as an outlet for holding up the ball and get these players involved before heading to the box.* - My DMC is a calm presence and could very well be the one starting the play. My MCl is an experienced, skilled and intelligent player, so he could also do that (but is another quite slow player, so the others will need to supply the movement) Attacking phase - I need to keep my sole striker with company and get players in around him. My left winger will have to be his main attacking partner. - From behind my MCr need to be another outlet for movements around my SC. - I would be happy with getting a good amount of crosses in as my SC is one of the best players in the league when it comes to aerial powers. - My DL and MR should keep the width and provide crosses. - My DMC and MCl is good passers and can pace the play and distribute the ball well. - If I can't get crosses in, the play need to be built around my MCl to work as the playmarker, my SC to play with his back to the goal and hold up the ball and get the others involved, and particularly my AML and MCr to provide the movements to which they can play.
  4. Would you say there is an upside in changing (down) player status for players who will not have as prominent position in the team as they did the previous season, before the new season starts? Or is is just a downside with upsetting players?
  5. A couple of questions regarding player status. I took over a team 1,5 seasons a go. Having shaped my squad, I managed to squeeze into promotion from playoff. For these reasons there is now a lot of differences between "official" player status and what the reality is. - A number of players with "first team" / "key" status before my arrival have been used mostly as squad players / bacup players. - A number of players who have been first team and key players will be less important after the transfer window after being promoted. (1) Should I change player status to reflect reality? Or does this just make people unhappy with no real benefits coming from it? (2) Is there a "good" time to make such changes. For example after the summer break, end of season (or first day after arriving at a new club?) (3) Does it matter at all? This questions is because my board only gives reasonable wage limits for "key players", even though I am well below wage budget. In reality I can only attrackt key players, because anything else have wage cap only a fraction of this. So I can get "key players" - or none at all. Seems rather stupid. (4) I wonder why young players (obviously bought for the future) will demand backup status rather than hot prospect?
  6. I have not run any such program while FM have been running, so I guess it is due to the Antivirus. Exception set. Hope it's enough! (You should have a notice about this in advance, so that you don't discover in in the midst of a game!)
  7. Thanks for the answer. So it is most likely due to Windows Defender (my antivirus) then, I guess? What programs other than antivirus can it be? What folders do I need to except? documents/sports interactive? steam/SteamApps/Common/Football Manager 2014? Are there others? Do I need to except all subfolders too, or will they automatically not scan subfolders when the main folder is excempted? Just want to make me as sure as possible before abandoning the game and start over. Would be beyond frustrating if I gave this one up, just to see the same happend again!
  8. Playing FM Classic through Steam, having come to the fall of 2017, now all player career history has gone. All previous season (in game, not before the game started) seems to be replaced with "0-01 Algeria, Pro League, Free, 0 - - ----". Rather annoying. What is going on? Is it fixable. Will it happend again if I start a new game?
  9. This looks rather stupid. Not only having a 5-5 game, but scoring on 33 consecutive before finally losing 16-17 on penalities. A bit over the top! The only thing I miss from the FM Classic is really the option to view the tactical analysis. One thing is to make FM classic be a quicker game. But I can't see why having that option will take anything away from anyone. It can still go as fast as before, while being very useful for some players some times. Oh, and the unlockables annoys me. It is one of those revenue-generating things that make me feel not appreciates as a customer.
  10. An update: - I've made some changes. My DCs are now a cover/defend combinations. I still struggle with runs, but they seem more sensible now. It is a strategy where that will be a risk, but my DC doesn't seem stupidly stuck now! - My MCs are now a straight Central Midfielder (support) / Central midfielder (defend) combinations. - With most opponents playing 442, my formation very often result in 10 one-on-one competitions all over the pitch. I play "hassle opponents", and 5 players in the top 17 of "tackles per game". - I have also a different formation that I frequently use at away games (a 4-1dm-2-2-1). - Things are going well. I'm performing above expectations. Media prediction was 18th, I'm in the fight for playoffs. - And things are certainly entertaining. In 13 games with the 4222 the score is 35-18. In the previous game I got an 8-3 victory away agains a team also in the fight for playoff... - My biggest question at the moment is what changes to do to defend a lead.
  11. Thanks for your reply. My main MCs are not playmaker-kind-of-players. They are destroyers - not creators. I have weaker players who have more creative flavour, but I don't see the point in playing a weaker but more attacking/creative player to fix a defensive problem. Does not seem logical in my head, but who knows. How will a cover/stopper combination work against a two-striker formation? I am thinking about trying to have my DCs to "Close Down Less", so that they are not dragged out of position because of the "hassle opponents" team instruction. Does that make sense?
  12. OK, my last friendly have been played. Home against Norwich reserves. They lines up in 442. I won 4-1 After the first 25 minutes without much action, I again switch on hassle oppnonent and play narrower. (20 min: 1-0): My right side playmaker plays through my poacher who's shot is blocked. A couple of corners later we have 1-0. (36 min: 2-0): My right side playmaker finds my poacher between the lines. He plays a back pass to my MCR who finds my trequartista between the lines - and he plays a through ball to my AML Inside Forward who is storming against goal. Excellent. (49 min: 3-0): My left back finds my Trequartista between the lines, who agains finds my AML Inside forward in space. He runs towards goal and finishes it off. (63 min: 4-0): Corner. (80 min: 4-1): Long pass from their full back finding a striker between my DCs - he runs and scores. Score: 4 - 1 Shots: 14 - 5 On Target: 7 - 3 Clear Cut Chances: 4 - 3 Possession: 54 - 46 Passes completed: 64 % - 59 % Averate Raging: 7,11 - 6,41 A bit flattering scoreline, but I had the better team. Still have defensive issues where they run past my DCs. It is not speed that is the issue, so I am unsure if a lower defensive line would help defensively. (And how much will it take away from my attacking play?)
  13. I've played two friendlies now. They've been kind of interesting. Game 1: Away against Hednesford, predicted to be a mid-table team in Skrill North - the league below. They lined up in a regular 442. It ended up being an evenly played game. 3 min: 0-1: I scored after a corner The corner came after playing through the middle, ending wit a through ball from my trequartista to my poacher. The goalkeeper saved the one-on-one - but the corner went in. 21: 1-1: like a hot knife through butter Very annoying goal against. Long kick from their goalkeeper. Their very slow right side Striker wins the heading, and nods the ball to his partner who simply passes back for him to run at. My central defender is supposed to be much quicker but seems stuck to the ground. 35: 1-2: like a hot knife through butter 2 Nearly a copy from last goal. Long kick from their goalkeeper. By defender wins the header, but it falls down to a midfielder of theirs who makes a through ball directly. Again their striker is running, whilst my defender looks completely stuck. (Though this striker is quicker than the one scoring the previous goal - and evenly matched with my central defender). 61: 2-2: Beautiful goal This is how I want this team to behave,. My central defendes fins my left side inside forward. He finds my right-side playmaker who is drifting inwards to find space. He plays the ball to my striker who has time to put it into the net. Stats (Hednesford - Stockport) Shots: 8 - 11 Shots on Target: 3 - 4 Clear Cut Chances: 22-3 Possession: 44-56 Passes completed: 59% - 69% Average rating: 6,67 - 6,68 Game 2: Away against Mossley, A feeder them from the lower leagues. They lined up in a regular 442. 16: 1-0 Cross from byline Their winger runs for the byline, crosses the ball and their striker loses his marker to tap in. 36: 2-0: like a hot knife through butter again 2-0 down for a team several levels below me. And haven't I seen it before. Long kick from the goalkeeper, they win the header, heads it between and behind my DCs and their striker (much slower than my DC) scores. 39: 2-1 Corner 41: 2-2 Winning the header - scoring the goal This time around I win the goal kick from their goalkeeper, played directly through and this time it is my striker who can run from the stuck defender. 45: 2-3 Turning the game around just before half time This goal was created by my right side playmaker (Craney on this occasion, playing AMR (he is natural AMC). He plays a 1-2 with my Trequartista, and makes a through pass for my poacher Poor display against a poor team, but the last goal was comforting. This is what I want! For the second half I opt for å play narrower and hassle opponent to try to press them harder. 46: 2-4 Their goalkeepers loses his mind Their goalkeeper having the ball (with his hands) on the side of the goal decides to make a precise pass to my poacher having nothing but 20 meters and an completely open goal to hit. 48: 2-5 The pressure is on - This goal startes with my AML (Inside forward) playing a through ball to my Trequartista (SCL) - The trequartista runs with the ball down to the byline. I have players in the box, and a second wave coming. - Their DC wins the header, but it falls to my MC who shots. - Their DC blocks the ball, but this time it falls to my AMR. 60: 3-5 Free Kick A free kick from 17 meters is beautifully curled above my wall and 67: 3-6 Ripping them open My front men plays pass and run. - My Trequartista (SCL) plays it wide for my Poacher (SCR) - He passed the ball back to my Inside forward (AML). - He holds the ball up for a while before playing it diagonally. - My poacher has made a rund on the defenders blindside. - The poacher is free on goal, but could also opt to pass it to Trequartista who is also free. 72: 3-7 Counter attack Effecient play. My DL break up their attack, plays it to my left midfielder who passes the ball into space for my Trequartista (Antelmi at the moment) who is free to run with the ball to 10 meters and puts it past the keeper. 77: 3-8 The final nail in the coffin And my AMR-playmaker gets the final goal after being player through from the poacher (SCR). Stats (Mossley - Stockport) Shots: 10 - 22 Shots on Target: 8-9 Clear Cut Chances: 4-6 Possession: 46-54 Passes completed: 60% - 70% Average rating: 6,40 - 7,52 Observations so far?[/b) - My central defenders looks stuck to the ground when through passes comes (3 of 5 goals against) - Defensively unsound, even against poorer teams. - My attacking play can be entertaining, and many players involved in creating. - Play narrower and press harder seemed to work well. Any ideas to make this more solid, while retaining an attacking edge?
  14. Hi, I have player the CM/FM series, on and off for some years - but is quite new to experimenting with tactical stuff. (All those sliders were kind of a turn-off for me personally). So I wanted your opinion on my attempt to create a tactic here. I play FM Classic. This season starts with Stockport, newly promoted to The Skrill Premier. The team has a below average wage budget, a thin squad and is predicted to be 18th. The board wants a mid-table position. Attracting players have been difficult, with my main wishes left unfilled. I lack creative midfielders and quick wingers. I like playing quick counter-attacking football with pacey wingers - so I am kind of wondering what to do. According to my team report my team generally posses decent passing, first touch and decisions attributes, average teamwork while having a poor strength and work rate. DEFENDERS My team report says my defence have one of the leagues better physical attributes, coming 2nd both in speed, acceleration and jumping reach (but they come last in heading). They have decent strength, but have very poor defensive skills, with one of the worst values in tackling, marking and positioning. The above image gives some important attributes for my defenders. Having both speed and aerial capabilities should give me some flexibility in how high defensive line I would like to prefer? I have three fairly strong central defenders, the highest rated part of my ream according to my assistant. Ashford and Fagbola is fairly limited defenders with useful defensive skills and fairly good physical stats. Tunnicliffe is slower. but is more composed and have better passing skills. Ashford and Fagbole will also need to cover for my full backs when they need a rest, so all three will be needed regularly. My fullbacks will be Andrew (left) and Minihan (right). They've got decent speed. Andrew is the one with better attacking skills, with better crossing, decision and positioning. Minihan on the other hand have better tackling and marking skills and a higher work rate. But he has a poor understanding of the game (low anticipation, low decision and low positioning). MIDFIELDERS According to the team report my midfield I have a strong teamwork, good tackling skills, medium stamina, medium creativity, medium decisions - but poor passing and technique. My central midfield is supposed to be an asset for me, but that is mainly due to defensive strength. My flanks are thin both in quality and depth. On the left I have only one real option. Platt has a decent enough acceleration, but I feel it is not enough to make it an real advantage to make use of. He has decent movement, is a decent finisher and a good team worker. Poorer defensive skills. So he is better ssuited for an attacking role. Left-footed only, which makes him less effecient as an "inside forward" than I would have preferred. On the right side the only viable option is Briggs. He lacks very much the speed I would prefer for my wingers, but has other strengths. He is possibly my most skilled player. His defensive skills are devent, but he has better mental and technical skills. He is my best, passer, decisionmaker and best technique. He is one of my more decent creative players and scores well in team work. All of which makes him my most suited "creator" on the midfield. He can also play centrally. The central midfield lacks such creative skills. The exception is old man Craney, but who is better as an AMC than a MC - and have a complete lack of fitness. My highest rated central midfielders are Izzet and Harvey. - Izzet is rated as a ball-winning or Box-to-Box MC (or DMC), but far from any playmaker. His strength is a decent pace for an ageing man (and good natural fitness and stamina) and has a strong combination of great aggression, bravery, determination, teamwork and work rate. He also comes with good anticipation and positioning, and is naturally a good tackler. The downside is terrible passing skills, poor technique and low creativity. A destroyer - not a creator. - Harvey, also a MC/DMC best suited for the same roles. He is another strongman, not so much as Izzet - but then he is clearly the more skilled player of the two. Though without impressing anyone compared to most. - Barrow is similar to Harvey, but one step below it seems. - Craney is a lethargic AMC. - Moke is a natural central midfielder, but might have to cover the flanks. He has near-decent technique and creativity, but does not possess high attributes important for wingers. - Wolstenholme is a talented youngster on non-contract terms. He has a better physique, a creative mindset and has technichal skills to be built upon - but not set for a regular first team player yet. ATTACKERS Then there are my forwards. A bunch of mostly slow men to be honest. Relative to the league I expect them to take their chances well - they rank fairly high when it comes to long shots, finishing and heading. Movement and anticipation is average - but are they slowest line of forwards in the league. - Gray is rated the best one according to my assistant, best roles being poacher and target man (somewhat surprising, having only 10 in jumping reach). He is and slow old man, but his mental and technical skills look decent at this level. His skills there are balaced on a decent level, without any particular attribute being very strong. - Doble is the second best rated of them. Best suited for a false-nine or a target man according to my assistant. He has a good physique and is a towering person (191 cm - 13 jumping reach). He is also a hard-working player. His intelligence on the pitch and his technical attributes leaves more to be desired. - Antelmi is similar to Doble, though somewhat less of a physical presence, but have better technique and finishing skills. - Then there is Jevons. Being the most creative and have the best passing skills among my forwards. He is also a good finisher (finishing and composure), but is awfully slow. He is no aerial threat either. I assume he is best suited as an creator from a deeper position. - Turner is quick - but is more of a sprinter then a footballer it seems. - Griffin is an old man on non-contract terms, picked up mostly because of name recognition for one who have been following Newport County... How to play? Lacking pace up front, I don't see myself doing a fast counter-attacking kind of play. Having a range of decent passers apparently (according to team report/comparison), I might go for a more short-passing style. My defense is fairly quick, so I assume I can try pushing my defensive line up too, while my central midfield is quite combative (they can also be placed as both DMC and MC). The task is to get a viable route to chances. My main creators are my right-side midfielder Briggs - and forwards like Jevons (or Gray). To make use of that I want to try a two-striker formation. To make use of my right winger as my playmaker, I need to play my wingers in the AM-band. So it will be a kind of 4222. To make room for my AMR-Playmaker I've opted for exploiting the right flank and play wider. Based on that I am thinking of setting up something like this: Defenders: - I want to get my right back high up the pitch, to offer support for my AMR-playmaker. - I want Tunnicliffe (DCL) to be the one doing the passing play from defense, so I set my DCR as a limited defender. - I assume there will be left space behind my right side, and I need to cover for that. So my DL has a less attacking role and is set to SIT NARROWER to avoid too much space when my central defenders need to cover the right side. - To keep the team closer together, and knowing I have little speed on top - I choose to push my defensive line higher - hopefully trusting the pace of my central defenders. Midfield: - My to central midfielders are more protectors than creators. I've set them up as MC, not DMC, which is something I need to think about I guess? - The MCL is set to a ball-winning midfielder role - which is his speciality. - The MCR needs to be more disciplined in his positioning, and is set to a central-midfielder (defend)-role. Hopefully he might still be available for my AMR-playmaker for a supporting pass. - The AMR is set to an advanced playmaker (support role). To support him I have an attacking fullback behind him, a central midfielder for a backpass, and hopefully he can link up to my strikers. - The AML is set to an inside forward to make him too a part of my attacking play, hopefully he will drift inwards in the room between opposition defense and midfield. (He is also set to SIT NARROWER). Strikers: - To make best use of my players I have opted for a poacher/trequartista pairing. - The poacher (Gray) is set up as SCR. - My trequartista (Jevons) is set up as SCL. - Hopefulle that will make Jevons seek space between the lines, while Gray is in front - both being available to my AMR-Playmaker. - It seems essential that Jevons and my AMR-playmaker links up, so Might switch the two up front if that doesn't work out. Having a number of "specialist" i have opted for rigid and balanced. So does this seem like sensible thinking? How can it be improved? With the squad available, would you rather choose a different kind of play? I've tried to follow the rough guide in the "Asking for help - PLEASE RED THIS"-thread. But if there is anything left out, that would be helpful for giving an answer - please say so!
  15. Thanks again. After reading your last post, I checked the team report/comparison view. As expected my team is rated amont the best in "strength", and low in technique. My defenders have brute force (nr 1 at strength), marking and position as relative strengths, while their speed is rather poor. This fits with what I had imagined. My midfield is surprisingly highly rated, being the most creative and fairly technichal. This, I guess, is due to some rather lightweight attacking midfielders. This is where I had to choose between my strong (but "basic") defensive midfielders, or playing my more talented midfielders as MCs (which I found unsound defensively). My main attacking asset is two quick wingers and a slow but skilled and sensible veteran striker. So I want him to work much like the description the game gives of a False Nine, creating space for my fast wingers to move into or to get involved as my possible best creative player. Somehow I have not got that to work yet.