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  1. Some interesting thoughts here. I'll experiment a bit, and see if I can get something sensible out of it. I have tried having my DL as WBL with very attacking PI, while my DR sits narrow and stays behind. This accomplishes some parts of what I would like to do, but it still leaves too much a whole in behind my DL as the other three doesn't fully shift positions to cover the width. I am also working on the the attacking roles to avoid having my striker to isolated. With an AML inside forward (with PI to get him more forward and more centrally) and an MC with the role of advanced playermaker - attack (and the MCr as box-to-box, I seem to have got more use of the holding striker. About the "Raumdeuter"-option. In the lower leagues I have never seen any places who have this as a role they are marked by the game as being comfortable with. Is that a role that is only usable at high level football (as with some other roles too, which seems to need world class players, and not only players who are relatively very good for their level)?
  2. Thanks. That might accomplish the switch from 3 to 4. My DM can also play as DC so that might work well, I don't really want buth a Winger and a Wing Back keeping the width, but perhaps that can be dealt with the WBR set to inverted wingback? Although there is the issue of me wanting it to be det DR that enters the three-back-line, and not the DM. But while I have seen this done live, I see that it can be difficult to do in the game. I guess a new DR will have to be a priority.
  3. QUESTION One question about how to set up, if possible a tactic where: - I defend in 451 - but attack in 352 - But in possession, I want my ML/AML to work as a second striker, playing around my sole striker (an old-fashioned target-man type). - In possession I want my DL to work as a wingback and keep the width on the left, while my MR-winger does the same on the right. - My DR will tuck in to while my DC shifts a little to the left - to sit in a three man defensive line in possession. Before trying to build this, there is the question whether this is at all possible to set up? BACKGROUND The reason for this is due to using the strengths of my squad (lower tier). My best ranked players are a striker (target man), a decent playmaker (MC/AMC) and a solid DM who also can recycle possession well. My right back offers little going forward, whilst my left back is pretty much best when in attack... After reviewing my squad, this is how I am thinking at the moment. Defensive phase - I want to defend with a 451 (with a DM, 2 MC and 2 ML/MR or AML/AMR) - My central defensive is solidly strong and dominant in the air- but very slow. - So I need to sit deep, and I want my full backs to sit narrow, and play a DM, to avoid space centrally. I do not mind having lots of crosses and long balls against me. Transition phase - My striker is a strong and slow target man-kind of player. He can hold the ball up well, and has decent passing/vision. - My main transition players are: my left winger (amlc/fc) (decent pace and work rate, decent technique and likes to cut inside) my boxtobox midfielder (MCr) (a determined and fairly quick player, with good long shots and fairly good passing/vision). my right winger (mr/amr) (good touch, dribbling and crossing) - So counter attacks should involve this player on the run, with my SC as an outlet for holding up the ball and get these players involved before heading to the box.* - My DMC is a calm presence and could very well be the one starting the play. My MCl is an experienced, skilled and intelligent player, so he could also do that (but is another quite slow player, so the others will need to supply the movement) Attacking phase - I need to keep my sole striker with company and get players in around him. My left winger will have to be his main attacking partner. - From behind my MCr need to be another outlet for movements around my SC. - I would be happy with getting a good amount of crosses in as my SC is one of the best players in the league when it comes to aerial powers. - My DL and MR should keep the width and provide crosses. - My DMC and MCl is good passers and can pace the play and distribute the ball well. - If I can't get crosses in, the play need to be built around my MCl to work as the playmarker, my SC to play with his back to the goal and hold up the ball and get the others involved, and particularly my AML and MCr to provide the movements to which they can play.
  4. Hi folks. Thanks for all advice. The season has now passed - and I saved myself from relegation, barely - but with one game left to play. It as a struggle all the way, so no break-through. But we grinded out a few good results against medium teams. My strategy has been through some changes. - Retain possession is turned off, after the discussion here. - My defensive line is changed from much higher to slightly higher. This in an attempt to draw the opposition a little bit out, so that there is a bit room in behind the,. - My AMR has been turned into a IF as suggested here. How this works is that both my wide attacking players are moving into the center of the pitch. This has some advanteges, my players closer together, and it opens up space on the flanks. - To utilize that, my fullbacks has changed into wing back roles (support) (also suggested by Jean0987654321 here). It does look more suspicious defensively This however all leads to me controlling possession very well - although it still lack attacking punch. That might be down to my attackers being quite poor for this level. I dominate games, both in terms om possession, shots and chances. Though, not so easily in terms of goals. Now, I could complain about the unfairness of the match engine or something. But in reality it resembles a pattern I have seen in my real life favourite club. An amibitous style of playing, relying on possession, clever passing, triangles and pass-and-move. This all looks very nice, but you need really high quality players and relations to make it work. The end result is often that same lack of penetration that I regularly see here, and the opposition chances - with lots more space to work in - is perhaps fewer, but of higher quality. But it does feel like a struggle - when this feels like the typical scenario (I, Bath, lost this game 0-1). I have a few things to do before next season. - I really have to get a decent striker, with reasonable off the ball skill and finishing (it would be helpful to not have PPM about long shots, which they never succeed with). - I have to take a look at my wide men. Particularly the AMR, which on paper is one of my better player - but does not fit the inside forward role (and did not play very well with neither that nor the winger role). - I want to see how my AML will work with other roles. - I need at least one stronger central defender. - Ideally I should upgrade my wing backs, because they turn very important it seems, as they now needs to be my wide options also in the attacking phase. I looked at the reply. It doesn't really take the path indicated on the map. It is a throw in that changes direction (slightly, and almost on the edge of the box, not as indicated on the map) in a situation where it is hard to see if it my or the opposition player who touches it).
  5. Well. Another game - we took quite a beating - playing away against the league leader. 0-3 after 20 minutes - in a game that felt quite even in terms of play. But they scored on their first corner, their first cross into the ball and then from another set piece. They had 4 shots, 3 on target, 1 clear cut chance, 0 half chance - and 3 goals. One of those games. So not too easy to see if my move (i went with normal tempo and retain possession off), had any positive effect. I was also against a formation I rarely see in this league, a 433 (3xMC and 3xFC) - so comparing is not always easy. I clicked retain possession again after 0-3, and the rest of the first half was uneventful, but that could just be them taking off the gas. They were stille the best team. I still created very little until one of my many long shots finally went in towards the end. Same stuff happening in terms of attacking though. You pass it along well until you try to reach your strikes. Lack of movement, and everytime there is a through ball - it seems to be an offside. They gave away a lot of room on the flanks, leading to quite a lot of crosses. Not 1 out of 15 was completed. So it was unhelpful for the most part. Then the game took a strange turn, without me doing much else than lowering the defensive line in the second half. First, after 78 minutes - one of those crosses actually came to my striker who hit the target. Hope was rising, and after 90 minutes we put the ball into the net again - loud cheers in the living room - and then an offside decision :-( One question related to meeting such a 433. On more than one occassion - none of my fullbacks or midfielders cared that they kept three men forward, against two of my central defenders. Is that just them being not the brightest footballers, or is it something in my settings I should have done to keep them from leaving my central defenders outnumbered?
  6. I tried to watch for the difference between retain possession on and off - playing the first part of the first half with in on - then off. 0-22 minutes (with retain possession on) 23-45 minutes (with retain possession off) Hard to see a much of a difference. While looking at it unfold I got the sense that they took more long shots (hopeless ones, most often) more with retain possession turned off. With it turned on, I felt they would be more likely to turn backwards and sidewards. Hard to be very conclusive watching the analysis. When it comes to shots though, it was 4 shots in both parts of the first half. With retain possession off, three of those where from 20-25 meters - while only one from outside the box when it was turned on. Of course too short timespan to make much out of it. More of an anecdote. Possession percentage was pretty much the same througout. Apart from than - I can happily say that I got my first victory in this match. Finally. 1-0. The goal again not from open play, but in the aftermath of a corner. Stats: Possession 62 - 38 Shots: 15-7 On Target: 5-0 Clear Cut Chances: 0-1 Half Chances: 1-1 Defensively fairly sound again. Offside trap and last-ditch tackles important to avoid chances against. Their biggest chance come from a set piece (throw in). Attacking play still rather bad. Misses the movement from the attackers to get away from their defenders. Sooner or later you'll have to play through the defense to score, even in possession-based football :-) EDIT: Posted this before the last reply. The only change here was the retain possession. Did not change tempo. It seems like a sensible idea to try those things. I think I'll first try to give personal instructions to some of my more visionary qualified players, and let the others keep playing it as safe as possibly.
  7. Well, I don't have a very strong reasoning for it. I can only explain the train of thoughts leading me there. It really started when I was still thinking that counter-attacking football was my path to avoid relegation. But as my team just didn't cope well when inviting opposition in - I started to take counter off, increase defensive line and use retain possession, just to try to get some breathing space. Then it just followed along as I started there to build a possession based style. I felt it would be risky to take it off, because even with shorter passing I felt my team tried to much semi-long passes and lost possession. I might be far off here, but I believed that retain possession would help me playing safer passing options. But as I write this, it seems a bit out of place to have it on while I am complaining about the lack of attacking penetration. In a way, I think this is a part of the starting point for this style I am trying - to defend by having possession. So it is really a part of my defensive strategy.
  8. Hi, Intro - tactical noob disclaimer! Just to be honest here. I have player Football Manger in between for years. But I have been one of those who usually watches highlights only. I usually reviewed my squad, identified my best players and strengths, decided for a general type of strategy and formation - and searched around for a tactic to use... I found most joy in the progression of seasons, developing youth players, expanding the club and so on. Now I wanted to do something different... The challenge! I have taken over a poor team far down in the level 6 of english football. We were in february, and my team is in the relegation zone. No one can blame them for underachieving. They are just where they were expected to be - and have a thin senior squad, low quality players, the 4th lowest wage budget (which is already maxed out) and no tranfer funds. At my arrival they were on a 10-match run without wins. They had 3 draws and had scored 3 times in that period. They played a kind of 451-tactic with wingers and a rather poor target man striker. He had 3 goals in 28 appearances - and was the only striker... No funds and maximized wage budget meant little scope for getting many players in, although I have secured a couple of decent loan players, and added another striker - after releasing two players deemed not needed. Thinking so far At first I tried to build a counter-attacking strategy, reading among other things the art of counter-attacking thread here. I abandoned that early because of two main reasons. My defenders are a weak bunch of players (they are the worst team in the league for both heading, jumping, marking and strength!). I would not fancy my chances inviting pressure and risk lots of long passed into the box. They are, however, fairly quick - so I believe I can guard reasonably well against runs behind my defense line and counter-attacks. Secondly I saw no path to goal playing as such. With my new loaned players I now possess a fairly decent midfield, with good passing and playmaker abilities. They are also a hard-working group of players, relatively speaking.... All of this meant that I wanted to try to save myself from relegation through a possession based game. I also wanted to defend high up the pitch to limit my defensive hopelessness, and also to find a path to goals hoping to catch my opponents off-guard through high pressing. This has worked reasonable well defensively the last games. I concede less than 1 goal per game, which is good progress. There is still a distinct lack of goals, though. Which is worrying. It's been mostly draws and narrow losses. my players My squad is rather small, so there is few players to chose from. My backups are mostly young lads without much to offer - so this is how I basically view my squad; GK (2 star): Inexperinced and very average guy. Decent reflexes and handling, poor aerial reach , communication and command of area. DL (2,5 star): Strengths: Good speed, tackling and team work - poor marking and jumping. Best role: Full back DR (3 star): Strengths: Speed, two-footed, work rate - poor strength, marking and tackling. Best role: Full back DC (3 star): Strengths: natural fitness, tackling, average+ pace - poor strength, poor marking, poor work rate. Best role: Ltd Def DC (1,5 star): Strengths: Positioning, determination, marking and tackling - poor strength, heading and concentration: Best role: Central defender DC (1 star): Strength: Work rate, aggression and tackling - poor jumping, strength, marking: Best role: Central defender DM (3 star): Strenghts. Acceleration, Stamina, Work Rate og Teamwork - poor strength, jumping, all kind of technical things... Best role: Ball winning midfielder. MC (3,5 star): Strengths: Teamwork, Decisions, Passing, Speed and Jumping - poor positioning. Best role: Central Midfielder / Playermaker MC (3,5 star): Strengths: Stamina, Determination and decent passing - little speed, poor marking. Best role: Box-to-box, ball-winner, Central Midfielder MC (3,5 star): Strengths: My most creative player, good passing, and vision - poor positioning and slow. Best role: Advanced Playmaker / Central Midfielder ML/AML/MC (2,5 star): Strengths: Decent technique, passing and vision for this level, determination and aggression. Low stamina and strenght, and fairly slow: Best role: Winger/Defensive winger. MR/AMR (3,5 star): My "star player": Strengths: Speed, work rate, team work and crossing - poor passing- Best role: Winger MC/AMC/ST (1,5 star): Good stamina, technique and vision - poor decisions, jumping, strength Best role: Advanded Playmarker / Deep Lying Forward/Poacher ST (2 star): Strength, work rate and first touch, jumping - poor pace, heading and passing: Best role: Target Man I show my two strikers here Tactical setup Mentality: Counter (seems to balance things better than control or standard) Team shape: Fluid Team instructions: Retain possession, Play narrower, Use Offside Trap, Much higher defensive line, Higher Tempo, Close Down Much More. This is all bit of a mess, trying to adjust from what I have seen in the matches. - To get pressure on opposition I felt it was more effective to play my wide men up in the AM band. - I have tried to play just one striker, having one AMC but this seemed to isolate my striker to much. How I concede, last five goals 1. 2. Corner 3. Throw-in headed to goal: 4. Cross, two of my players lose the header against one opposition, no one follow the players running in behind: 5. Penalty - a long ball behind my high line - my right back kicks down the opposition striker But generally I feel that my defensive plan works fairly well. Help needed The how we score goals part is more or less not available (the last two both coming from corner kicks). So I need to score more goals. Take my last game - a 0-0 draw. I have 63 % possession 7-4 Shots (2-1 on target) (5 of my shots - 1 of theirs - come from inside the box). I had 1 clear cut chance - opposition only one half chance. My passing seems to mostly be passes down the flanks, and then much from side to side from about 30-40 meters out. Hopefully there is some advice here - because I don't know that I'm doing! What would you try here?
  9. Exactely. It would be nice with a rethink of player interaction in my opinion, so to avoid being stuck with no viable options for answers...
  10. I have a couple of "complaints" about the player/team interactions, complaints as in I can't find a reasonable answer to chose as my reply. FIRST EXAMPLE I've got a player who complaints about lack of first team matches. He was always in the mix, and we went into a busy part of the season - so I promised him "a chance to show what you can do in the next few weeks". Since then, we've had 9 matches. This player has started 4 of these, and come on as a sub in 3 of them. In my eyes he have been given chances to prove himself. The player - a striker - has been among the weaker on the team on all those games, and has not contributed with assists or goals in this periode (in which the team itself has done reasonably well). But now he complains that I haven't kept my promise. I disagree, and would in addition like to tell him he haven't taken the chances he has gotten since we last spoke. But my only options are: - Apologise and promise him to start the next few matches. - Explain that circumstances change and he must be patient. - Agree to transfer list him - Say that he does not have what it takes if "you don't think you're cut out to earn your chance on merit". - Say that I will arrange a loan deal. No alternatives fit? So what to do? EXAMPLE B: Having taken over a team that was relegated last season, I got a team with bad morale, lot of unhappiness and a bloated squad with lots of old, poor and high-earning players. So it is reasonable to say, it's not been only harmony in the first part of the season. I've done my mistakes as well, being inconsistent with tactical choices and rotating to much in search of a solution, as the early resultas were bad. In a international break I did a reset, in where I arranged a team meeting which boosted morale, decided a first eleven I was to go with for the next stretch of matches and adapted a tactic suited for this group (though in a for me not so familiar style). I adapted training to focus on match tactics to get this tactic into the team. This seemed to go well, and after that I had a draw and three wins - and we were again closing in on the top teams in the league. Then my players want another team meeting because they are unhappy about underachieving and demand that I do change something to turn things around. Which is exactly what I just have done - and got good results with for the past few weeks. But my only options to reply with are either to accept to change things - or to talk my players down for saying something at all and I would not change anything. In all cases - no alternative would communicate a reasonable answer (to point to our clear uptick in form lately). I like the thought of interaction, but when you are stuck without any alternative that you feel is reasonable or covers remotely what you feel is the right thing to say - then it's all a bit of an annoyance!
  11. Thats too bad. But thanks for the quick response.
  12. Is the in-game editor for full game only, i.e. not FM Touch?
  13. Would you say there is an upside in changing (down) player status for players who will not have as prominent position in the team as they did the previous season, before the new season starts? Or is is just a downside with upsetting players?
  14. A couple of questions regarding player status. I took over a team 1,5 seasons a go. Having shaped my squad, I managed to squeeze into promotion from playoff. For these reasons there is now a lot of differences between "official" player status and what the reality is. - A number of players with "first team" / "key" status before my arrival have been used mostly as squad players / bacup players. - A number of players who have been first team and key players will be less important after the transfer window after being promoted. (1) Should I change player status to reflect reality? Or does this just make people unhappy with no real benefits coming from it? (2) Is there a "good" time to make such changes. For example after the summer break, end of season (or first day after arriving at a new club?) (3) Does it matter at all? This questions is because my board only gives reasonable wage limits for "key players", even though I am well below wage budget. In reality I can only attrackt key players, because anything else have wage cap only a fraction of this. So I can get "key players" - or none at all. Seems rather stupid. (4) I wonder why young players (obviously bought for the future) will demand backup status rather than hot prospect?
  15. I have not run any such program while FM have been running, so I guess it is due to the Antivirus. Exception set. Hope it's enough! (You should have a notice about this in advance, so that you don't discover in in the midst of a game!)