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  1. It is still impressiv that something like this got into the official release while having a pre buy Beta and that this mistake also got mentioned a couple of days ago in the forum. To bad for the people that are starting long term saves and will wonder some time in that something doesnt feel right.
  2. And I was about to buy it this year on release Good that I first checked what bugs are currently in.
  3. Hm, okay. I will try to test it myself to see if I have the same problems,... if I find some time in the following days.
  4. Thats a strange picture of notepad. Does the strange display of it had something to do with the language you use? It should look like that: <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <boolean id="preload" value="false"/> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <list id="maps"> <record from="filename1" to="graphics/pictures/team/clubnumber/kit_textures/home"/> <record from="filename2" to="graphics/pictures/team/clubnumber/kit_textures/away"/> </list> </record> Also did you deleted your cache? I am now just guessing for the normal stuff, but it sounds weird that the home kit is showing but the awaykit not.
  5. Did you checked the xml file if the path and names are correct.
  6. He said that the Costa Rica and other nation files arent updated yet. So I guess first leave them out or just wait for the full update? Or donate some shekels to motivate him
  7. Finally tried the solution with the Kit Outlines. So if anyone else has the problem skin/fonts/kitname.xml comment out the line <!--<real id="stroke_width" value="1"/>--> If there isnt a kitname.xml create one with the following content (pretty much from the base skin with the comment out line) <record> <string id="file_name" value="GT-America-Standard-Black.ttf"/> <string id="capitalisation" value="upper case" /> <integer id="extra_spacing" value="1.5"/> <!--<real id="stroke_width" value="1"/>--> </record>
  8. Indeed, that makes sense now. Too bad I couldnt find where to change it. I also used different skins to see if someone changed it. But it looks like nobody did it. Regarding 2. there isnt anything to find. Looks like it is from the game it self? Since the Ckit integration in all the skins I looked at is pretty much the same. Btw is there any wiki that is explaining the whole data structure and all the panels of the basic skin?
  9. Hello Community, on Sunday I startet to adjust a skin to my liking. I went deeper into the xml files and I think I kinda understand the system behind it. 1. One thing that I want to change is now a struggle for me. The bottom button of the sidebar is the button for the next game panel. It looks like its default color is green and not the primary color (Playing as Armina Bielefeld it should be blue, and not the default setting of the green in the standard skin). Which file is doing the "green" setting for the "next match" panel? 2. Some skins show the Kit with the name and number of the player in the playeroverview panel. But it looks like for certain combinations of colors (example here BVB, Leverkusen), there is a weird outline around the name or the number on the kit. Can sombody explain me why this is happening? I attched some screenshots for a better understanding. I hope someone can bring me some light into these topics.
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