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  1. A little bump. I just can't figure out how to change the colour of the goalscorers. I've tried changing a couple of lines in the settings.xml but none have been the correct one.
  2. Which option in the settings file will change the colour of the goalscorers? Using light base skin. They are in black against dark background, as seen in the screen below:
  3. There seems to be a mistake in the light base skin. The social media feed looks like this:
  4. Is there some way to get rid of the "highlight key attributes for role" permanently? Even if you clear it, it comes back when you return to that player's page. In FM16 you could get rid of it by just reloading the save, but that doesn't work anymore. I know it may seem like a small thing to complain about, but I find it very annoying.
  5. I agree, the text is too small. I have a 27" 1440p monitor so playing FM in full screen has never been an option, I play in a smaller window instead. Generally I think the games has always scaled poorly on higher resolutions. On FM16 the text size was alright, but the text is really too small on FM17, or maybe it's not sharp and dark enough (I play with light skin). I agree with the previous statements that 110% zoom would be good, otherwise I must probably do some tweaking when the base skins are released later, but I'd rather avoid that hassle.
  6. Am I blind or is it not possible to see exactly how good a players weak foot is anymore? Now you can only know the preferred foot. There used to be a separate screen where the positions and PPMs were, and there you could see how good the player's feet were.
  7. It has been like that for several years now, and it is something I don't like. I feel that, generally, the game is bad at distributing the CA points for newgens, especially for the attributes that are important for a certain role. Too often you'll see defensive players with low bravery or aggression. Offensive players with great technique but horribly low flair. And then you get these odd instances where really short players, who have like 4 in jumping, get 18 in heading right off the bat. So, there is definitely room for some improvement in this area of the game.
  8. Yes, I will try telling him to play narrower. Not a big fan om the Raumdeuter, because I've never gotten that role to work. And besides, the Raumdeuter will stay more wider, which I don't want. I've tried with the wingback on attack, but I find that when he's on attack the whole team tends to play the ball to him and effectively making the tactic into a "crossing tactic". My main concern is mostly if the highly structured shape will make the IF more cautious and not try to move into dangerous areas. Because even with roaming as PI he's a bit stationary imo.
  9. So I'm playing this system: http://i.imgur.com/4Pz553b.png But we are not scoring as much as I would like, although I find that we are creating a lot. Most teams we face play defensive against us because we're predicted nr. 1. I would like my IF-A, Eilers, to score more goals, but I think he is playing too wide and rarely gets in goal scoring opportunities. So, what I'm wondering is, should I perhaps change the team shape from Highly structured to Fluid perhaps, to get more movement? I'm just a bit apprehensive to change something dramatic and ruin our good form in the middle of the season, that's why I'm asking for input.
  10. Could you upload the file to another site, like Mediafire? I get a malware warning when I try the download link.
  11. Win Bundesliga. Check. Win DFB-pokal. Check. Win Champions League. Check. 19/20 season just ended. And I am lost for words. I won the treble! I beat Juventus 3-0 in the CL final at Old Trafford. And if you know your history, you'll know that it was Juventus that HSV beat when they won CL back in 1983. This made the win ever more special. This was just one of those seasons where everything clicked. I used a new tactic for most of the season which proved to be amazing. A possession tactic but with Counter and Structured. FC Bayern had a good season, but to beat Bayern you have to be better than Bayern, and we were just that. Otherwise they would've been champions again. In the DFB-pokal we beat Schalke and finally I could win the damn thing again after losing two straight finals before, although I won it in the first season. Also nice to see Dortmund claim a CL spot with Diego Simeone at the helm, after struggling with Lucien Favre for three seasons. Competitions 19/20 Squad 19/20 Aside from the tactis I have one lad in particular that I owe the success to. Belgian wonderkid Tomas Boucher. In november he put Nicolai Müller on the bench and he just started to dominate the league. The highest avg. rating in the Bundesliga, most man of the match in CL, and he won player of the year in Bundesliga. In january Juventus bid 30 million for him, but I declined of course. And now his value has skyrocketed to 39 million! Tomas Boucher attributes Career stats The only transfers I made before the season was bringing in wonderkid Barbosa from Vitesse and Daley Blind from Man U. Both have been amazing, especially Blind. Heiko Westermann is retiring but what a way for him to end his career, winning the treble. And he started both the DFB-pokal final and the CL final. What a legend!
  12. Nice signings! Timo Werner scored 22 goals for Stuttgart in 16/17 and then Wolfsburg bought him and he scored 25 goals the first season and 29 the second, before Bayern bought him. Ferati is a monster in my save also, but he is still at Stuttgart.
  13. Indeed, it's very though. And it's not like they're getting weaker. After this season they bought Timo Werner for about 54 million. He has become one of the best strikers in the game, scoring around 25-30 league goals every season. But Leverkusen is almost as good. After winning the title they brought in players like Kingsley Coman, Isco, Douglas Costa and Antonio Rüdiger. So, yes, I have very though competition in the league But I have confidence we will become a major force in the coming years. My academy has produced so many good talents that will become, and some already are, great players.
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