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  1. There appears to be no compromise when not hitting a boards targets. Playing as Hearts and challenging for the title (Expected to qualify for Europa but am 23 points ahead of 5th and only 3 behind 1st) but have been sacked for getting knocked out the Scottish cup in the 1/4s rather than reaching the semi. Seems a bit drastic to say the least All it takes is an unlucky draw with any team and you could get sacked :/
  2. I've just had Brexit announced on mine with the following rules: Does this really mean I'll be unable to play any youth player in my first team ever unless I give them 8k p/w And any youth will need to be on 3k or will be unable to play any games What does the maximum of 5 players mean exactly? Having to give any kind of decent youth a ridiculous wage just so you can see if they progress. Well played
  3. I can't approach any Scottish, Welsh or Irish based players either though
  4. I've had Brexit in my game and I'm now unable to approach any UK based player when their contract is expiring (Playing as Forest). Is this something to do with Brexit? I can still offer players from Europe a Bosman deal
  5. I have the exact same issue with fullbacks tucking in and leaving the wingers an insane amount of room. I've went into the player instructions and have them set to play wider or whatever the option is. It's helped a little but they still tuck in far too often
  6. Is there an issue with finances? I've continued a save game in Scotland, qualified for the Champions League group stage without upping my wages significantly from last season but other expenditure has gone through the roof meaning I'm almost worse off having qualified for the CL Lasts season totals: Wages - £2,944,969 Non footballing-costs £1,216,749 Match day expenses - £1,866,767 Ground maintenance - £1,271,738 Other - £1,228,530 This season (only 3rd March) Wages - £2,587,539 (So maybe £4m for the season?) Non footballing costs - £3,527,179 Match day expenses - £1,814,027 Ground maintenance - £2,696,743 Other - £4,701,151 Basically what are the non footballing cost wages? And why so high? It's more than my playing squad :/ Why has my ground maintenance trebled over the full season? And what is 'other'? And why has this multiplied by 5 over the course of a season?
  7. Was excited to see there was a new patch with updates to the ME. First game and the opposition keeper drops the ball at his feet, allows my striker to close him down from 20 yards away before smashing it straight off my striker. He then turns and chases the ball towards his own goal, catches up about a yard from goal, picks it up but carries on into his own net
  8. Definitely impressed with the new layout. Easy to find things and it makes more sense the way it is. The scouting system is much improved as well and has a feel of having to work to find players. If they can just sort the ME the game will be brilliant. It's not unplayable but the same things happen repeatedly. Players shooting from ridiculous angles when a cross/square ball is on Keepers palming balls straight to the onrushing attacker instead of pushing it wider Keepers sort of saving it but turning it into their own net Strikers not hitting the target when one on one. I'd say they hit the target about 1 out of every 3. Long balls catch out the defence and they fail to react as attackers 10+ yards behind get to the ball before them. This happens occasionally in other areas of play and it looks as though the game has decided who is getting the ball and it is just a error with the 3D representation. Same ting with players dwelling on the ball turning in circles whilst players run and take it off them. I tried playing 1 at the back last night and putting my tactics to just route one. I should in theory get absolutely hammered but I competed in games and even had more possession in a couple of them. It would appear they are working on the ME at the lower levels so this could all be fixed and end up with an amazing game. Let's hope so
  9. Not as bad as you'd expect, few more goals but I'm somehow still dominating possession. I also made it a 1 man defence. DC, WBL, WBR, DMC, MC, AMR, AML, AMC, SC, SC 2-2, 5-9, 5-2, 4-6, 5-4 2 of those games were away to the current champions as well(1 in the cup)
  10. I never post here anymore but I have to acknowledge the number of goals in this game. 1st season - 145 goals in my league games during the campaign 22 games into my 2nd season and there's been 108 goals already in my games. I can go 2 goals up/down and still know the game is just starting. I'm going to try out a 2-4-4 formation just to see what it does
  11. Need to really be able to kick 'new network clients' during online play. I host a clan and the amount of times I've had to take the game down and reload due to this is ridiculous.
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