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  1. Great tactics sir, just finding a bit more enjoyment by tweaking your bloodlust tactic from balanced to attacking mentality and changing the wingers from support to attack. Thankyou.
  2. Would you consider, Paul McGrath, Peter Withe, Brian Little and Dennis Mortimer please, all worthy of inclusion in my opinion. Many thanks.
  3. Slightly digressing, I'm finding the whole new training overhaul for FM 2019 quite overwhelming, I know the easier option is to just let Assistant Manager and coaches take care of it all, but it is nice to tinker with from time to time myself. I know SI have implemented a more realistic training engine, more true to life and I'm sure it will evolve fully during future versions, for now reading up on it and following in game tutorial are probably the best options. P.S with good coaches and leaving it to the assistant manager to run I do find players attributes do improve over time.
  4. Thanks for the reply, this didnt appear in my news inbox, Might appear if I start a new game?
  5. Since the winter update, when managing a national team in fm 2018 has anyone been able to vote for there world player of the year? Not been happening on mine, or have I missed it? Anyone else been able to vote? Many thanks.
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