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  1. Unfortunately, what you consider ok isn't necessarily considered ok by your board. Being over the wage budget even for the first time, might be a step too far for the board, similarly that one application might be treason in the eyes of your board. Letting your ass man take team talks and press conferences will always adversely affect your hands on approach Chairmen, like players and managers, have attributes that affect how they approach/react to certain things. One chairman might look at your record and let you away with being over wage budget, whereas another might be more interested in th
  2. Oof. Well club/player loyalty is poor, and financial control and hands on approach, that's pretty bad. Sounds to me like you've been applying for other jobs or selling loads of players, not handled you budget very well and going on holiday/letting your assistant do things a bit too much. I'm not surprised they want rid You need to sort your finances and start taking control of more aspects of the club, you could also do with being a bit more loyal to your club and players i.e. not so many sales/signings or applications for other jobs. At the moment you're a disloyal, debt ridden, lay abou
  3. Hopefully you won't get the sack, but you never know. One thing you mentioned is that you don't really use the press, this could be considered a bad thing and a lack of respect for the press could lead to them and other managers not thinking much of you, which in turn will affect their perception of the club. That might sound a bit of a stretch, but in previous games there was a "media interaction" attribute for human managers, and the board would become upset if you didn't handle the media in an appropriate manner.
  4. Well I assume it means exactly as it says; before you took over people obviously thought more of the club. Perhaps you haven't been performing as well as the club/fans/everyone else expects and it's made the club look bad, or perhaps you haven't covered yourself in glory with the media and it has led to the club gaining a bad image.
  5. Should probably be in the tactics forum; http://www.community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=&f=18
  6. There's one of these threads every other week, yet my choice seems to change every time. My vote is for Giuliano Grazioli, he was awesome for me when I first started playing the game.
  7. How did you get Pasanen, Gordon, Edman, Delp Piero and Mascherano with £105m to spare?
  8. None spend a fortune on an entirely new under 19's team for the future and you'll be sorted for years to come. I spent all of my £40m in my 3rd season on youth players and they are amazing now.
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