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  1. You can suggest the board look for an affiliate based on financial gain, so why not suggest they pay the loan off? You don't have to have a button to pay it off yourself, but you could suggest it to the board. I'm sure managers irl can do that.
  2. Seriously? And the whole "Didn't know FM13 had this option..." when you knew full well he was talking about 14. Incredible. Cool feature. I'm sure lots of people will be glad to see this is available.
  3. They do! Manchester United paid off part of their debt in one go after selling shares. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1330087/Glazers-pay-220million-Manchester-United-PIK-debt.html
  4. Um, because it seems bizarre that they would think "Hmmmm, we'll give better terms on this loan to someone borrowing £100k who earns £20k per year than someone borrowing £25m who has the potential to earn that in a couple of years." Look, maybe i'm wrong, but surely you have to agree that your reasoning seems extremely unlikely considering all of the replies to the contrary. No disrespect, but it seems like you didn't realise that paying off early, without all the interest, was an option and when people have told you that it is you've just continued to disagree :s I'm not having a go or anything, I just think that it's plainly obvious that it is more likely that clubs can pay off early, without paying all of the interest, than being told they aren't allowed.
  5. On the occasions I have cheated in the past i've always found that it was a complete waste of time. You go on FM Scout and make a list of players with crazy PA and you have absolutely no chance of playing them all or seeing the majority of them reach their potential. In the meantime players become available who are worth buying, which again means that those high PA youngsters aren't going to be playing.
  6. No. I have a mortgage for 20 years at £x per month. I've signed it and agreed to the interest rate etc, but at the time of signing it my bank discussed my option for paying it off early and if I did I paid a portion of the interest, not the full amount.
  7. Do you shift the players when you click the new tactic? I.e. do you have them set, click on the new tactic, move them to the positions you want them in, then click the older tactic? If you do then this is why they are constantly changing. Your setup will be relevant to the tactic, each time you click from tactic to tactic the players positions will change. If you click on the new tactic and don't move anyone, then click back on the old tactic they should have remained in position.
  8. What makes you think that? Ever read anything that would imply that? If so link me up, because it shouldn't be the case and should probably be reported. Nope. I've seen clubs make money for ten years, be rolling in it and continue to pay off instalments of the £30m loan they had at the start of the game.
  9. You understand it correctly, wazza, and i've seen a number of instances similar to yours. Me being untouchable at lowly Olhanense and listed as 5,000-1 for Fulham, but 6-4 for Liverpool. Same goes for odds of being sacked, at the very start of the game the top teams are 6-4 etc, which means their manager is odds on for the chop. It's not a major thing, it's just really irritating not knowing what they mean. If SI said they were slightly off and not working 100% I wouldn't even be bothered, certainly not as bothered as I am by not understanding their purpose
  10. I'm not sure I understand the issue. You look at your youth CB and he has a 4 star rating, which means that for a club like yours he's going to be pretty good. You know how good your club/current squad is, so it's not as if you're blindly training youngsters. You can see your first team's star rating, under the assistant reports tab, so if your current CB is 3 stars then the youth teamer, whilst not up to scratch now, will probably be better than him. I don't see how that's counterintuitive, quite the opposite.
  11. Yes, but that's my point. If you're transferring DB over then all you're really getting is the new features and the hassle of changing your tactic to deal with the new ME. The people who want this would most likely be people who are well into a save, so they're transferring over newgens anyway i.e. the new database can't be an attraction. Are the new features so drastic and incredible that people couldn't seriously just continue to play the old game? I just don't see anything in 14, or 13 after 12, that sits out as must have and such a massive difference that you have to have it, especially if you're enjoying the previous game.
  12. One thing i've always wondered about the desire to have transferable saves is how it would even work. Don't get me wrong, i'd love it because I haven't enjoyed a save since FM12 and before that FM08, but what exactly would you be transferring the game for? The players couldn't change, the leagues couldn't change, competition winners couldn't change etc etc. Then you have all the issues with your tactic and the ME changes etc. Is it just new features that you'd get?
  13. People seem to put so much emphasis on PA and star ratings and it doesn't make all that much sense to me, unless it's a youngster. If the player is 17/18 and you're going by his potential star rating, fair enough, but someone like Behrami? He's 28 and unlikely to improve drastically so you shouldn't need to look at his PA or your scout rating because his attributes will tell you everything you need to know about him. The way I look at PA is this; my team plays determined football, closing down all the time and hassling opponents, there are plenty of players who have a PA of 170/180 who should be superstars, but they're PA is spread through their attributes in a manner that doesn't suit my style of play. Then I look at some players who might not be superstars and their PA might only be 160, even 150, but their attributes are perfect for my team and if I were to play both they would likely perform to a higher standard than MR PA180. An example in my current save is that Kovacic has a higher star rating than Honda, but whilst Kovacic may eventually be better Honda is the player I should be playing atm because his attributes are better. Even going back to FM08, I had a central midfielder who never averaged below 7.5 in 8 years, his PA was 143 and my scouts rated dozens of players more highly than him, but he ticked the boxes attributes wise and performed admirably. I'll trust my scouts for everything relating to potential prospects, youngsters abroad and in my youth team, but if i'm buying or playing anyone who is old enough to have hit their potential (or thereabouts) then I look at attributes and attributes alone.
  14. I did this with Chivu at Inter. He was earning £66k and agreed a deal with Twente, but wanted £20k per week in order to complete the deal. I was perfectly happy to pay this as the alternative was me forking out an extra £46k per week for a player who wasn't getting games, was unhappy and hogging my wage budget. I freed up £46k and was able to bring in two hot prospects as replacements. Seems like good business to me.
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