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  1. I understand tactics and familiarity with them make a difference, but I just don't understand why I'm struggling so much in FM21. I'm Ebbsfleet in the VNS , predicted to finish 1st but am sitting in 12th with no obvious explanation. I have the 6th most goals in the league with the most shots and the 5th most expected goals. I have the 10th most conceded, but it seems like nothing but rotten luck. Because I have the fewest shots against and have the fewest expected goals against. Is this just really bad luck? Or am I reading too much into the stats? I dont un
  2. In my first season with Derby, and I've hit a mid season blip and am currently doing awful at the moment. My strikers arent scoring and my defenders arent defending. I was conceding a lot from corners. So changed my corner tactics to one I found online. I know I need to train it, but I conceded from a corner in the very next game.... I played what was my last game in charge before being sacked. I lost 4-1 at home to 9th Blackburn despite having more shots and shots on target, and more possession. Their striker got 4 goals, also despite me telling my vice captain central defender, w
  3. Yes! Thanks. I know it was a stupid question, but I just couldnt remember how to do it for the life of me.
  4. Is there a way to delete a tactic in FM20? I swear I've done it before but for some reason just can't see anywhere to delete it? It's frustrating me because I normally let my assistant take over training, but I'm trying to be more involved in it and eventually take over it myself completely. And I've stopped using a certain tactic completely because it wasnt working, but my assistant keeps setting training schedule to train that tactic. I'm changing it whenever I notice it, but I still keep missing it and it's a waste of training. Thanks in advance.
  5. In the last 2 days I've abandoned 2 saves with 2 different teams. The first one in my second season, and the 2nd one in my 1st season very early on. In both cases, I dropped points, and wasnt harsh on my team at all in the team talk. But the morale dropped significantly. As we all know, morale can have a huge effect on performance. But it becomes almost impossible to resolve the situation and it becomes too frustrating for me and I end up abandoning my saves because nothing I do works. My team score no goals because they create barely any chances. And when they do get chances, they
  6. In the loan agreement I made it so that my player was a regular starter, and they had no problem with this.
  7. So, it was the last few days of the transfer window and needed to sign a central defender. Put in a bid in for James Tarkowski of Burnley and had it accepted. Was then told it needed to be delayed for them to sign a replacement. They didnt actively try and sign one, so I offered them a young central defender of mine on loan. They accepted. But then the game was still saying that they hadn't signed a replacement. So is it that loan players dont count as replacements? Or is this a bug? Or is it just a broken game mechanic? It was very frustrating as I couldnt sign another defend
  8. I'm Norwich in 19/20 season, 4th in the table with decent form, about to play Bristol City, 22nd in the table and have lost their last 7 games. I play the game and lose 3-2 because my keeper boots it up the pitch to their defender when I have specifically instructed him not to, and the go on to score a 25 yard volley. The other 2 goals were a 20 yard goal and my RB scores an own goal by passing it to my goalkeeper who had his back turned to the pitch and let the ball roll in. My goalkeeper got a 6.8 rating for that match by the way. Furious with this after training defending all week, I h
  9. Why do my players in every save I do follow my tactics and instructions, but 1 times that they dont it results in an opposition goal?!? For example, I've just conceded because my goalkeeper kicked it 50 yards up the pitch to their defender (none of my team were nearby, so an ridiculously stupid choice), despite having my team to play it out of defense and for my goalkeeper to distribute to my defenders. My goalkeeper was also under nonoressure whatsoever, he had the ball in his hands. How am I supposed to avoid conceding these type of goals if it's down to players being absolute moro
  10. So I have my corner tactics set to pass it to the player on the edge of the box. I have 2 players at the edge of the box. My players do not follow my instructions and it's very frustrating. Can someone tell me why this isnt working. Am I missing something or is it a fault with the game?
  11. So I have my corner instructions set to play it to the edge of the area, where I have 2 players stationed. However I can't recall at time I've seen my players follow these instructions. I have trained 'attacking set pieces' and there was still no difference in their approach. Can someone help with why this isnt working for me? I have noticed that the players on the edge of the box are marked by opponents, but not always, is this the reason? Or am I just missing something obvious? Or is it the game? Thanks
  12. Into 2019/20 season with newcastle and my strikers are Origi, Edouard and Haland. This season Origi has 6 goals in 26 appearances, Edouard has 5 goals in 17 appearances and Haland has 3 goals in 26 appearances. Halands last goal was nearly 3 months ago, Edouards almost 2 months ago and Origis I cant tell because the record doesnt go back thay far, but it over 4 months ago. I'm reliant on my midfielders and wingers to score my goals, and thankfully they have and I'm actually 3rd in the table. It just doesnt make sense, it's not like they dont have shots or chances, they get plenty. I
  13. So I've signed a player in January and one of the promises he wanted to was that I would improve the coaching team before the end of the season. After signing him I got rid of my goalkeeping coach and signed someone significantly better in every relevant attribute. Currently its virtually impossible for me to improve my coaching team any more as there would be very limited staff available to replace my current ones that have better attributes. My assistant manager got taken from another club (for the 2nd time this season) so I promoted one of my coaches to assistant and without realising,
  14. I completely agree. On a previous save I signed Willian Jose for Wolves and one of the promises I made him upon signing him was to appoint him free kick and penalty taker. I did so straight away so that I didn't forget. I made him first choice for penalties and for every type of free kick. But come the end of the season he wanted a transfer because he was angry I hadn't kept my promise, despite me doing absolutely nothing wrong and keeping my promise. The only thing I can think of causing this is that there were some types of free kicks that he wasn't able to take having not been given the opp
  15. Playing as Derby County in my first season and top of the league, have been for 95% of the season, but with about 10 games to go I'm struggling to get a string of wins together with 5 points out of my last 15 available. After getting dominated by automatic promotion hunting Blackburn I drew 1-1 at home to Bolton, bottom of the league with 5 prior losses, I save the game to see if a team meeting will up morale a bit as its not good at the moment. I criticise them slightly by saying we need to get over this blip to ensure promotion, but every single player reacts negatively and I get told not to
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