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  1. As described above - one player's name was listed twice as a selection option for penalty shootout candidate
  2. Tamworth v Biggleswade Town.pkm 62 minutes. It looks like the goal was disallowed because another player was offside when the shot was taken direct from the throw-in, but even so that would only apply if he were intervening, which he isn't.
  3. I've noticed that if my team score direct from a throw-in, it's being called offside, with the offside line being drawn at the point at which they player makes contact with the ball. Obviously, this is against the current offside rule. Wonder if anyone else has experienced the same?
  4. Seconded - I think this is something that fell out of the game a few years ago, but I'd love to use custom databases in Create a Club
  5. No worries - does that mean that (pending transfers etc.) the changes will appear in the March release with the Jan transfer updates? Yeah I'd love to be involved - TFC fan for some 20-odd years, get to most home games and the odd away game. Broke my heart when we dropped out the Conf North and so were no longer in FM; god bless modders for making the leagues accessible! Feel free to pm/email me with what the role involves
  6. oh - and home kit is listed in-game as all-red shirt, when it's red and black distorted stripes. (Admittedly, the distortion effect is probably not possible to achieve, but it should probably be at least striped!!)
  7. Tom Tonks now plays for Tamworth, listed in-game as playing for Stourbridge instead. Right-back Chris Cox missing from the Tamworth side, was Stratford Town's player of the year 2018/19 and went on trial in league 2 so should probably be included. Shaquille McDonald is also missing from the Tamworth side, my game currently has him at Redditch. He is also probably more natural on both wings than he is in-game too. Evidence of squad here: https://www.tamworthfc.co.uk/1st-team-squad . Bilal Yafai listed as an AMR/AML, should also have AMC as that's the position he's played the last two year
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