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  1. I need an advice, in a AF + CF(s) should I instruct the CF(s) to move into the channels?
  2. I have the same problem the user in this thread had and it doesn't seem to be adressed. The bug is that for all coaching staff (I say coaching staff because it doesn't seem to be an issue with staff like board members) in the game the Motivating attribute is in range from 1 - 6. Here is an album of random coaches: http://imgur.com/a/61fnc The data bases I checked for this issue are Default(2015), TBL Rosters v7.3 P-SoS (2014), TBL Rosters 2015-2016(v8.2). The bug exists in all of them. As I previously played using the TBL Rosters v7.3 P-SoS (2014) and didn't experience this, the problem is somewhere else.
  3. Thank you, kullipylly. So can anyone explain training? Firstly, coaches, here it's more or less clear, but I have to ask, which coaching attributes are responsible for Conditioning and Skating. Secondly, players, what attributes are each training schedule (Fitness, Skating, Shooting, Off. Skill, Def. Skill, Tactics) responsible for, I'm unsure about some of them, and there is no way to check in game, like there is in FM.
  4. Deflections, Hitting, Stick Handling, Deking. And an insight in what situations wristshot/slapshot attributes are important.
  5. What does every attribute mean? I am a FM player, so I understand a few of them but struggle with hockey as I don't know the terminology.
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