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  1. Can i change st role from poacher to another role?And which player takes corner?
  2. zhigalin

    For Knap please.

    Кnap,what is your best tactic today-!FM19VolanteBBM442KnapPressP101.fmf???Your recomendations for my AJAX?thx.
  3. Knap,what yours tactic(link plz),do you recomend for new start(full version game)for Spurs,Monaco,RB Leipzig.thx.
  4. Hi Knap,what is the best tactic(yours) after new patch update?(for Monaco,RB Leipzig,Tottenham)thaks.
  5. P 53- i dont anderstand.sorry for my poor english,link of the best tactic(p 53) plz.ill try it...
  6. Ok.thx.,where can i see the table with results of yours all tactics,and what is your best tactic in your opinion,,,thx.
  7. Hi,what is OI,Training,Corners takers,and which tactic- is best for Dortmund(many good insforwards).thanks,sorry for my english.
  8. zhigalin


    Very good tactic,4 games - 4 win,i am PSV,very good team,but no good ss(maybe a.correa or vietto) and cb,yours recomindations...
  9. Try this tacnic with my Atlenico Madrid.7 games - 7 wins....Good tactic.