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  1. Not sure if you managed to figure it out but have you looked at the tax? I realised in one of my seasons at Brentford I'd earned too much in the PL one season and the next I was being taxed heavily.
  2. First thing I done this next transfer window was to buy a keeper...
  3. So I have managed to get Brentford to the Europa League final and due to play Arsenal. I run a slim squad to manage squad harmony but have ran into a huge problem - my main keeper got injured days after the 2nd leg of the semi final and now my reserve keeper has been called up for international duty. I literally have no keeper! Anyone had bad luck like that? The reason I run the slimmer squad is because every season I get players moaning about not playing despite all my players contracts being first team or backup squad status upon signing. So I literally run to a 22-25 man squad. I have 2 keepers, call me foolish if you wish, and have never had a problem as with regards to international games I've never had a game. But the U20 players have all been called up and that includes my keeper. So I have now got no keeper to play in my biggest game so far.
  4. Would prefer it to be worldwide but otherwise the whole of England.
  5. I tried to search the editor, and the internet/this site, for ways to remove loans for players for good. I want to play a game where teams can no longer loan out players, and also loan in obviously. For me this would mean players would want to leave the top clubs more if they are not playing and happy to play further down maybe (so using Chelsea as an example, their many many reserve players keep going on loan to Championship clubs like Tammy Abraham & Mason Mount etc, now they can't be loaned but eventually will want out and be willing to join them permanently). Does anyone know how to do this or has it been made already? I can not find anything anywhere, either that or I haven't typed in the search box adequate search requirements. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I recreated the English League just so I can edit the FA Cup (adding all preliminary rounds etc), and added a couple of extra cups too, but the only problem I am experiencing with my new file is the Transfer Window. I insert (via the editor) the dates as 6th June - 31st August and 1st January - 31st January, but they never appear that way in game. They always appear to end mid September, and the January window always starts mid January, and finish mid February. Please someone help me. It is bugging me like mad. Everyone else seems to get it right when I've played their games, but this doesn't want to work for me. I have left them blank too, to see if its hardcoded as a FIFA regulated window, but then the league starts with no windows at all and you can transfer whenever you like. Once again, please help. I'm pulling my hair out!
  7. I managed to create an Anglo Scottish cup by doing it as a domestic competition. Basically, I wanted 32 teams in the competition, picked from 3 divisions. I picked teams from League 1 of England, and SPL and Championship from Scotland. To make it work, I originally selected the English equivalent and the number of required teams from each division required (8 from Prem, 10 from Championship and 14 from League 1). When I got to the created competition part (where you can add the rounds, prize money etc, I used the search icon and changed EPL to SPL and Championship to Scottish version. This is also done successfully in game. No need for continental rules.
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