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  1. How many Beckham do you think the soccer world have? Most of my beautiful regen have decided to quit my team and join Hollywood team, man that team paid really well, I can't compete in salary over there man.
  2. So by now, many of you probably have a save where you have a world class team with all the best newgen, and assume you are playing in one of the competitive league. How many goals can you score? For example, my ManUtd team can score in PM alone: 128 goals in 38 matches, which is about 3.36 goals/match. I just want to check whether it is already very good or below expectation of a world class team? Is my tactic already make the best out of the team or can I tweak it more to score even more goals. Just want to gauge the experience other have. World class team can be seen as all your 22 squad players is about 3.5 stars+, or CA is 170+.
  3. If you got a strong team like PSG, ManCity, then definitely it is a tactic problem. You can try out some tactics that ppl have made and you should see the results, after that, try to understand the fundamental of why that tactic works and tweak it to suit your style
  4. Mine is 2 wingers and 1 AMC, right now my idea behind this is to stretch the "park the bus" team out and put in a lot of cross instead of try to go in the middle. I haven't tried 3 AMC, I think there could be merit in that way, but to be effectively Tikitaka in this narrow formation, I would need very good passer and intricate tactic modification to make it works against defensive team.
  5. I'm using 4231 with 2 mcs, I'm still finalizing tinkering with it, I have the basic structure right, but just want to be more balance between goals and defensive.
  6. I just a fan of MU so I always start with MU and due to time constraint, I don't think I will try anyother team to be honest, beside I'm also impatient, so I hate it if I can't have the "prestige" to attract the best coaches or the best young talent to my team. However, I do believe my tactic should work well with most team, I just haven't tried or no intention to try .
  7. I have a strong squad, 2 team A B rotation, and my strikers for both team got 24, and 23 goal each, oh and that is counting all cups, if PL alone, may be only around 16 goal each. The rest are done by wing man, AMC, and DC.
  8. Actually this is not the first year as someone already pointed out. This is already year 2021 and I have a very strong squad. Relating to Kagawa, yes, he was my key member, not anymore, but his stats was very good.
  9. Hi, Just want to brag :o, this is my best season yet: How about you guys ?
  10. It's all about Tactics man, select the right tactic is better than having the good players. You say it is impossible to play well, Well, I use Man Utd and I can't stop my team from winning at least 3 silverware a seasons now.
  11. Very nice, interesting finds, I will definitely try it out next time
  12. The tactic you have could made the striker feel pressured even on 1on1 easy chance, the morale in the match, the team talk are all aspect that could affect the striker. You say you don't care about winning or not but if your team keep losing even the best striker is not in the mood to score, he would lose all the confidence in the world. You better win first, then your striker will score.
  13. So are you saying Longthrow +1 does not take as much PA as Finishing +1 for the striker?
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