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  1. This really is helpful stuff. I have been using the simple 4-4-2 for sometime now in my save, and it is amazingly similar to what you posted. I sometimes change the DLF for an attacking midfielder, if I find I'm not finding a good route to goal. The DLF can tend to stay too high up for my liking at times, but I still use it mostly. Using the AM completely changes how the team play, I now know when to use it, and why, which is the biggest problem I have at times with the game, I see things work, but knowing why is the key to everything. Inverted wing backs are great for changing how things
  2. Was going to post my set up, but it is almost identical to the 5-3-2 one posted above, I only leave one player forward though, usually my fastest player. My best passer on the edge of the box, although I have found a player who is quick and can dribble to be useful on the edge of the box. Thing of note, be careful having players poor at jumping on the front post, I had my full back on the front post. I have two different right backs, one is good at jumping, one isn't. Noticeable I have conceded some goals on the front post, when the poor jumper has been on the pitch, so I have to re-arra
  3. It's a common thing with regens for some reason, low aggression, I'm not saying no players with aggression come through, but many players that have perfect stats for some roles, and just fail miserably in the aggression stat is a little annoying, especially as it is an attribute that is either difficult or impossible to improve. Any hows, that player looks perfect for the center of midfield in a 4-4-2, one of the biggest problems in a 4-4-2 is you are often outnumbered in midfield, and it's difficult to have the Destroyer/Creator/Runner combo with only 2 players. With a guy like
  4. Nope, I'm no Cleon, he is actually good at the game, and far better at writing than I will ever be. He has been an inspiration though many times. The problem is, people just want to copy him, and I admit I have been guilty of this before. If you actually just stop and read how he thinks about the game, you can learn much more. This has been my best save ever, because I came up with this idea all by myself, and knew pretty much what I wanted to do. It's a game, you are never going to get a complete replication of a tactic or system, but I have actually seen many things in my save t
  5. Wow. Yes indeed, it was 2 years later. We actually got relegated the following season from my story in the op. Fought bravely, but didn't quite have enough, took it to the last game though. The only time I can ever remember a manager getting a standing ovation after his team got relegated. Anyway, I just can't believe you are Jorge's cousin, Graydon signed him for £150,000 which was unheard of us spending that kind of money on a player. We had him on a trial before we signed him, went on a pre-season tour to Scotland, we didn't know his name, he was just marked as a trialist, we had to s
  6. The difference the smallest of changes makes is more than you think, any one change, can change the whole dynamic of your set up, so yes you can. In fact, too much tinkering can cause you a world of problems, if you don't know why you are changing, or changing things just cos you think you should.
  7. I have begun to experiment a little. This thread has been very helpful. I don't have enough to write a proper post as of yet, but I have had some reasonable success with some of the distribution options. - Long kicks to a specific player, often my big man up top, but if there has been a particular route I want to attack, I have changed it. - I also want to try the ball over the top, not given it a go yet, but I think it could work well in my set up, I have some real speed up top, I also have a young goalkeeper who has 16 for passing, not sure how that attri
  8. I didn't take too much time thinking about it, you can overthink everything if you aren't careful. I just maximise mental stats as much as possible, to gain respect from players more, get my own way with the board more etc, then maxed out Attacking and Technical, because defensive coaches are much easier to come by in the game.
  9. Fluid will do that yes, but my take on structured was players were more likely to stick to their positional role, for example "Forwards are only responsible for the attacking phase" Not saying they wont drop deep, but I would imagine flexible would be the one to choose.
  10. Personally, I think that advice is wrong. Structured would make the striker less likely to drop back (imo) As the players enter less phases of play. I have been using structured, and my defensive forward definitely stays forwards, more than he drops back, not saying he never does, but not like I expected. For the maximum effect, if we are talking team shapes, I would say Flexible is your best bet, but... I wouldn't expect it to make that much difference. As said above, nothing wrong with using the AMC slot if it gives you what you want/need.
  11. Updated in post 3 If any mods know why there is a large gap of space being left once I edit, could you please advise me. Thanks
  12. Yes, defensive forward is much the same, they don't drop as deep, as often as I'd like, it's still workable, and creates space in a different way, but I think you need to make the change you already have, if you want a player who plays in a deeper position.
  13. I changed the right back to a defensive full back too, and very occasionally I would change little things, which I probably should have mentioned, but was tired when finishing off that last piece. Sometimes I would change the defensive forward to a support duty, mainly against teams that had no defensive midfielder, this was to have him press the defenders rather than drop back and hassle. I saw little difference in his positioning when attack, possibly a bit deeper, but nothing too extreme, I would like him to drop just al little deeper, and am wondering if a flexible team shape would make t
  14. Yes, I understand, that not many people outside of Walsall will know much about it, possibly if you supported one of the teams in the division at the time, but it was almost 20 years ago, I am guessing a lot of players weren't even born. I know finishing 2nd and getting promoted doesn't sound like that much of a big deal, it is actually for us, but it was more the way it came around, the fact we were odds on for relegation,and somehow he moulded this team together, that looked better on the pitch, than it did on paper. My words can't really do it justice, it was just something very special, b
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