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  1. Is it any less goals from Corners now? Set pieces in general was a little OP before.
  2. Hey As the title says, what counts as an important match in the game? An example, if i am Liverpool and face Man City in the first league match of the season, does that count? We are not rivals in the game and the match is very early in the season but it is still very important in my view, so how does the game look at it? Thanks =)
  3. I have a huge problem defending indirect free kicks. My players consistently takes a a quite high defensive line and try to do some type of offside trap. Opponents are always aiming the freekick to the far post, and they always have a player who runs into the open space and unmarked finishes towards goal while my players will remain in the high defense just standing there. I have tried diffrent instructions for my players, like go back and man mark but the same thing happens over and over again. And no, i dont have offside trap as a TI and usually plays with a deep defensive line.
  4. Ask assistant to recommend loan players, where do i find that option?
  5. Can someone please post a screenshot of Ibe 4-5 years in to the game?
  6. Could someone be nice and post a screenshot of Henderson a few seasons into the game?
  7. Hi All! Can i download the real fixtures to Premier League anywhere?
  8. A little off topic but can someone post a screenshot on Luis Suarez attributes? Thx
  9. Hey guys! How much does acceleration and pace improve? Take Sterling for example, his acceleration is 17 and his speed is 16 at the start of the game. How much faster will he be when he is 25 years old? Will his attributes be around 18-19 or will they be about the same?
  10. Hey guys! I need your opinion on a thing. I am editing some player attributes and i gave Suarez 16 in finishing and composure. Is that good? Should be be better or worse? And i am not sure about Sturridge, should he have 16 in finishing and 14 in composure or should i give him 15 in both?
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