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  1. Germany kits problems

    Paste your config.xml here if you want. Be sure to not use capitals and before you paste it, doublecheck the filename used cheerio
  2. FM09 3D Kits - Template Here

    Mate great job. Just ginished a how to for having these kits in the game All we need now is to find the kit texture and get rid of that annoying grey background cheerio
  3. change kit in 3d

    Well a template is found here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=69752 XML file can be created using notepad. When saving the file set 'saving as' to all files and type config.xml in the name. Cut and paste the content of above message and you are halfway there. You don't need to insert colors. All you need to insert is the name of the file that represents your kit. The team id can be found in either the editor, or by making it visible in the preferences of FM2009. Hope this helps for now. Have to go somewhere. Little short on time (again)
  4. change kit in 3d

    This is a ‘how to’ in order to add a kit to the 3d game. This tutorial is not meant to explain how to create a kit using Adobe or the Gimp. This can be done later when wanted. Lots of people are a bit annoyed about the way the kit of their favorites look in the 3d mode. There is a rather simple way to add another kit that will be shown In the 3d match. Before we start a few steps we have to make: 1. Be sure to disable radestocks panel patch as this will make 3d kits unvisible in the team information view. 2. make sure the following tree is available on your computer: my documents\Sports Interactive\Graphics\kits\outfield Below this folder we will create the countries. It is not mandatory, but I creat this folder for two reasons: - I like a structured folder - when extracting graphics using the resource archiver, these maps will be used as well. 3. For tutorial purposes create the folders ned and premier in the above mentioned structure. You now should have a directory my documents\Sports Interactive\Graphics\kits\outfield\ned\premier on your hardddisk. 4. Go to your football manager application directory 5. Switch to the directory data\sigfx\meshes\shirts In this directory you’ll find several png files, Blue, claret, orange, black. 6. Copy two files to the just created premier directory Right now we are ready for business. Although not necessary for teams that are licensed, I prefer to create a XML file assigning kits to teams non the-less. First the starting point. This is the way my team information screen looks now. You see in this picture, that Feyenoord has the original shirts available. In my documents\Sports Interactive\Graphics\kits\outfield\ned\ you'll have to create a XML file with the name config.xml. The contents of this file is as follows (you can cut and paste this of course). <record> <!-- resource manager options --> <!-- dont preload anything in this folder --> <boolean id="preload" value="false"/> <!-- turn off auto mapping --> <boolean id="amap" value="false"/> <!-- logo mappings --> <!-- the following XML maps pictures inside this folder into other positions in the resource system, which allows this folder to be dropped into any place in the graphics folder and still have the game pick up the graphics files from the correct places --> <list id="maps"> <!-- Eredivisie --> <record from="premier/orange" to="graphics/pictures/team/1013/kit_textures/home"/> <record from="premier/green" to="graphics/pictures/team/1013/kit_textures/away"/> </list> </record> The most important lines in this xml file have the following format <record from="DIVISION/TEAMNAME home" to="graphics/pictures/team/UNIQUEID/kit_textures/KIT"/> All words in capitals are to be replaced by lower case names. DIVISION = the directoryname stating the league the team is playing in. In our example premier TEAMNAME = the name of the kit in the premier directory. In our case the home kits name is orange, the away kits name is green UNIQUEID = the teamid Football manager uses in the database. For Feyenoord this is 1013 KIT = can either be home, away or third If I now go reload the skin (be sure the skin cach is not tagged) you’ll see that feyenoord has some new kits These kits will show up in the 3d game. That’s it.
  5. change kit in 3d

    Actually creating a 3d kit would do the trick. Working on a howto and admins. I accidently reported this message. wrong button sorry
  6. change kit in 3d

    ok. Will come back on that. Found out how to add kits for unlicensed teams as well. No rocket science though. The detail of the kits is of course a strange discussion since the players are so tiny in the 3d match you can barely see any detail on the kit
  7. change kit in 3d

    Getting rid of the 3d kits is described by Radestock in this topic http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=63488 What I'm going to describe is how to change the 3d kit in the 3d match
  8. change kit in 3d

    Using the resource archiver (in the tools directory of you footballmanager directory) you can extract kits for the licensed teams from the graphics.fmf found in the data folder. Uou could actually extract these to the graphics\kits etcetera folder. Creation of the tree will be done by the resource archiver. This are the hated 3d kits which are visible in the 3d match engine as well. Default kits is something different. If there is interest, I will add a short and clear description on how to edit the kits visible in 3d so you can update it whenever you like.
  9. change kit in 3d

    Well possibly found out by someone ages ago, but you can alter the kit your team is playing in. All you need to do is extract the pictures of the kits from the graphics.fmf and place them in the proper graphic directory on the userdata (in my documents). This is 'graphics/kits/outfield/<country>/<team> Seen it and it worked. Bit short on time right now, but this means you can yearly change the awaykit rather easy even in 3d. So will have to find out how it works for non licensed teams though and a template is needed in order to create the 512x512 png files ourselves cheerio
  10. EDT and DDT Files - The Official Guide

    "BOOST_TEAM" "Real Madrid" "1500000" "6000" "35000" you need to put it all in quotes. But boosting Real Why????