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  1. Wow he looks great on your save kulprit. Need to keep developing him on mine. 4 and half star potential so hopefully will turn out great.
  2. How has Henriquez turned out for others? He looks pretty good on mine. Improved quite nicely.
  3. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Nantwich Town - Blue Square North - 2010/11 End of the first season, which was a quite tough one for my side; League Table From the beginning I knew it going to be a long hard season, hopefully we will do better next season. Would have posted more screenies but I stupidly deleted them Career Overview Season League Position Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 Blue Square South 17th none Hopefully I can improve the squad and have a better second season.
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Won my first 2 games and now haven't haven't won in 10. Looks like a long hard first season
  5. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Decided to start the challenge here's my manager screenie: http://img91.yfrog.com/img91/7112/11072009140632.png
  6. Right I've finally invested in the game and just starting up with Man Utd now. Will update later
  7. Excellent thread jonahno6 Anyway finished the demo and did rather well. Bought iin David Silva, Dzeko and Rafinha who all did brilliantly.
  8. Official Off-Topic Thread

    Wembley ifb when you win
  9. Good ins and outs Hulk. Like Spike said you robbed Man City
  10. Force Ben Arfa is excellent. Don't be fooled by his stats as they are lower because he is two footed. £9m is a snipe.
  11. Official Off-Topic Thread

    Not really as they have Nevland, Kamara and even Dempsey who can play up front. However I think Andy Johnson plays better with a TM type ST alongside him which is why they have persisted with him.
  12. Matty I sold Keita at the end of my first season. Tbf he performed very well for me on the right wing but I got an offer of £15m that I could not refuse..
  13. Pjanic has broken into my first team this season in the AMR position; he's stats have shot up aswell.
  14. Andrea Barzagli is an old favourite of mine . But I think he's been toned down. It's your call Purefun; do you want a player that is ready now (Barzagli) or a young player who is happy to be back up and has a lot of potential (N'koulou)?