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  1. This is a very interesting thread guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has used this in conjunction with wwfan's TT&F tactics and if so what were the results.
  2. Has anyone else had difficulty getting the best out of Tevez? He just doesn't seem to get going for me. He'll have one good game and then 3 or 4 average then a couple of bad games.
  3. Thanks wwfan, it makes me feel less of an idiot knowing that someone like you still feels they are learning! By the way I got my fist victory against either Arsenal or Chelsea last night with a brilliant 1-2 win away at the Emirates after going a goal down!!!Mind you I then promptly went and lost 0-3 at home in the CC to Blackburn! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I never stop learning. I know exactly how to beat certain formations, but others drive me nuts. Don't get to play them often, but when I do I try to make the most of it. The narrow 4-3-2-1 is really bugging me right now. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Unbelievable, are you phsycic or something? I got in from work last night and as usual started playing FM08, the first game I played was against Blackburn (again) in the F.A Cup this time and what formation did they use........ The narrow 4-3-2-1. It confused the hell out of me, I tried to continue with the Attack tactic as I was at home, didn't seem to be working as despite having loads of posession I wasn't creating any chances so I continued to switch between Balanced and Attack, couldn't make the break-through and possibly should have tried Control but didn't. Managed to get through extra time (it was a replay!) and went through on penalties!!
  4. Thanks wwfan, it makes me feel less of an idiot knowing that someone like you still feels they are learning! By the way I got my fist victory against either Arsenal or Chelsea last night with a brilliant 1-2 win away at the Emirates after going a goal down!!!Mind you I then promptly went and lost 0-3 at home in the CC to Blackburn!
  5. Ok so another update: Mid-way through the 08/09 season and things are starting to get better in the league. After a poor start of losing to both Arsenal and Chelsea in the first 5 games I have only lost another 1 by the end of November. I think that I realised I was not putting enough pressure on the players and also not being brave enough with my tactics. I tended to always play Balanced at home unless I felt I was playing a v.weak premiership team. I have started to play attack as long as they have no farrows and it appears to be working. I have found that I am creating lots of opportunities but my strikers aren't taking as many as I would like. I may have to give them shooting practice. Still not sure that I have the team talks and media interaction sorted yet so will continue to work on that.
  6. So went through the whle season playing with Man Utd using the five tactics, produced some quite brilliant results (6-0 at Home to Spurs and 4-1 at home to Liverpool are the two that stand out!) However I only managed 5th in the prem, 1/4 Finals of CL, 1/2 Final of F.A Cup and an early exit in Carling Cup. I realise that I probably have to keep tweeking the sliders regarding Mentality and CF but I can't seem to do anything when I use either the Attacking or Control tactics. All the decent results have come using Balanced. I think that I may have the M & CF set too high (they are both on 19 or 20). Any advice???
  7. Right so I spent hours (and I mean hours) adjusting all my tactics last night and have made a note of every single setting so that any adjustments will be easy to understand and keep a track of. I spent so long adjusting things that I could only play three games before I had to get some sleep or risk still being awake when the mrs got up for work! However I got three good results, two good wins in the Premiership and a great 2-2 draw away at Inter in the CL to go through on away goals. Early days yet and I'm sure I'll still make mistakes with my team talks etc but very positive. I think that the main thing about TT&F is that you feel so rewarded when you get the right results as you know that it's not a 'super tactic' or that you've used flaws in the AI to get the result. Great work wwfan, probably the best, most informative thread on FM.
  8. Guys, I need your advice, just getting towards the end of y first season and I am still in with a shout for the league, Cl and FA Cup. That aside, I have bought J Moutino (spelling!) from Sporting as (hopefully) a replacement for Scholes who seems to have deteriorated quiet quickly this year, I'm not sure what budget I have for next season but guessing it won't be much so wanted your opinions on what to do. I feel I need to replace or improve in the following positions: GK, RB, AML, FC could also do with a back-up for Ronaldo on the right but not vital at the moment. So who should I buy and who should I sell?
  9. I have been away on holiday for a couple of weeks so was itching to get back and start playing FM again, I have found the same issue as before in that I am drawing or losing games that I am totally dominating. Ironically after 15 games into the season when the media give a report on your management the report said that I had got my team firing on all cylinders, now I can't buy a goal!! As before though the players morale and ratings for games is still good with mostly 7's & 8's!! I think that I may have to re-jig my tactics as I'm sure that it's down to that!
  10. Thanks gunnerfan I normally watch in extended (always have done) but will watch the whole game when things start going wrong again (I'm sure they will!) As I said it was more puzzling how the ratings, morale etc etc was still good and I kept losing!
  11. I must be doing something wrong..... I started using TT&F tactics for beginning of 08/09 season with Man Utd. In all competitions my record so far looks like this: For the first 14 games (inc charity shield) I won 12 drew 1 and lost 1 (away to Villa 4-1 when I couldn't do anything right. I then went on a winning run of 7 games lost the next 6!! then drew a couple before winning another! The problem that I have is that whilst I accept going on a 6 game losing streak was probably due to my inept use of the tactics, according to the match stats after each of those games I had more possesion, more of the ball, more shots etc. Player ratings were always 7 excluding two players who I dropped for having a 6. My team morale was always at least V.Gd and even the fans (apart from two games against chelsea & arsenal) were please with the possesion etc. I can't understand losing that number of games and practicaly throwing away the league but still appearing to play well, the fans (especially at a title challenging club like Man Utd) staying relatively happy and the board stating I should be doing 'slightly' better. Please let me know your thoughts...Confused!
  12. wwfan Firstly I must say what a brilliant thread this is and how much you are helping all of us understand the tactics in 2008. I can only speak for myself but I imagine others feel the same in that by understanding the game better our enthusiasm for the game has returned. Anyway I just wanted to throw a bit of a curve-ball to your problem: You may have already tried this, but why don't you fight fire with fire and change your tactic to Balanced or (a real curve-ball) Attack, the reason I say this is that you mentioned that the opposition are a better side but performing worse than you in the league, you are 1 or 2 up away and they start going long and narrow. All of the above points to the fact that they are low on morale and vunerable, try hitting them where it hurts again rather than backing off and inviting them onto you. I must admit that it's not the usual way to go about it but then sometimes it's the unusaul that works. You may also want to set the OI's on the MR & MCR to tackle hard and show onto weaker foot. I hope it works!!!
  13. I would like to see an option when loaning out young players (Maybe those under 23) that you are doing it so that they can get 1st team experience which will aid their development to your 1st team. Also the selling of players needs to be sorted out. I can't coment on what it's like lower down the leagues but when playing as a top premiership club it is so difficult/nearly impossible to sell your fringe players.
  14. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by DRBailey: <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"> The selling part isn't a prolem. I have had 10m bids for Foster who's calued 3.5m The problem for me is that the other clubs seem to get players a lot cheaper than me. When frey goes for 15m to Milan but is rejected when I offer 35m. That is just something I do not understand.... It seems clubs are more inclined to sell players to Arsenal, ManCity, Liverpool, Tottenham, Pompey, Milan, Inter, Juve, Barca, Real, well most clubs in fact than ManUtd. I mean, the cheapest I could get Ochoa, who's valued 1.2 was 15m. And that deal got canceled without explination (which is a cool, but frustrating feature) And ackter, I understand that, but instead of repeating that phrase all the time, how about you give us an alternative sollution eh? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Canabary I'm Utd on my game (pains me to be them but need easy game to start and live round corner from ground). I had no probs getting Garay for 15, Aguero for 22m , and others. However I sold tevez because he was moaning. The good news is that everyone else is right and you seem to be making this into a 'Even FM has an anti- MUFC bias' which isn't true. The game knows what to bid or thereabouts and therefore will be more accurate than you. Do what I do, bid what you need to get accepted and haggle down to what is just above being rejected. Or wait til CPU teams bid and get accepted and match their bid. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Just out of interest how much did you get for tevez?
  15. I think that the transfer system is a problem in such that it is virtually impossible to sell your players as a top side. For example s Man Utd if I feel that Park is not needed then I put on the transfer maret and set to 'not needed by club', then I offer to clubs and no-one interested. Whilst I admit that there may not be many clubs in the EPL or a-n-other top European league that wanted to pay £5M (his apparent worth in the game) then at least a few would make some kind of offer. Especially when I have set the offer to negotiable. Lets be honest if IRL a player of his ability came on the market there would be at least a few clubs after him. I am more inclined to accept that teams don't want to sell their star players (who does) so teams end up paying more than their market value, however if the AI teams get a bid accepted then unless it's a direct rival such as Man Utd to Liverpool/Arsenal/Chelsea then a bid of same value should be accepted. Another point is that you will often see that an AI team is interested in one of your players but when you offer him to them they say that couldn't attract a player of his quality to the club! How do they know if they don't make an offer?