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  1. Morning, Does anyone know if there is an unofficial update available yet with all the seasons promotion/relegations updated? Fancy a new save before FM20 but with next seasons divisions. Thanks
  2. Evening gents, I have an issue where my FM19 keeps being uninstalled from my Steam library. I have no idea why this is happening, whether it is to do with updates or whatever. I simply load Steam, log in and the game is in my library but asks me to install it. Has anyone had this problem? how can I fix it. Thanks Glenroy
  3. Hi Jimmy, Apologies if I have come across as rude, its purely frustration and I do apologies. I am going uninstall EVERYTHING and completely start again, hoping that this will solve the problem. Thanks for the advice provided, now time to start from scratch and re-install.
  4. Morning, Nothing works, continual same message when trying to reload the save. No idea why the game had to be installed? It was already on my machine and working. Wouldnt mind but spent hrs on the save. You wouldn't get this nonsense with FIFA etc but always seems to be OK with FM. Sorry just really annoyed.
  5. Once I clear the cash manager man is fine, but if I try and load my save it doesn't allow it and then manager man goes back to having two heads. So frustrating. Why on earth did it make me install the game when it was already installed with saves within it?
  6. I have just deleted my cash and my manager man on the menu screen has gone back to normal but my saved game will still not load, any ideas?
  7. Dear SI, I have just double clicked my Football Manager 19 desktop icon to load my FM19 save and it came up saying I needed to install the game, bizarre given that I already have it installed. I let it install and then when I attempted to load my save I get a message stating "Load Game, the save game could not be loaded". On top of this my manager profile in the background on the menu page now has two heads!! What is going on, I have spent hours on my save and then this happens!!
  8. Morning, Have just been flicking around the out of game editor for FM16 and couldn't see where it was possible to pre set players squad/transfer status. I just wanted to tidy the Forest squad up so that when I load the game it is completed. For example, players who are loaned out show in the senior squad, just wanted to have them in the u21's at the point of loading the game and set players like Danny Fox to U21 and available for transfer loan. Appreciate this can all be done within 15mins on the game but just wondered if it can be done in the editor. Cheers.
  9. any that have stadium pics in the background Cheers
  10. Cheers for the replies, all the images are in the graphics folder. Is there a skin you would recommend I download which the graphics would work with? After the easiest solution. Thanks again
  11. Don't suppose anyone can add anymore to the above? have downloaded the pack but just cant get it to work. Any support would be gratefully received. Cheers
  12. No luck, so frustrating, thank you for your help anyway, appreciated!
  13. It only went as far as SI - FM16 - Graphics I then created a folder in Graphics called Backgrounds but no change! It's not meant to be!
  14. It didn't work? am I doing something wrong, I extracted the graphics to the following folder SI - FM16 - Graphics I then went to preferences, interface and unticked use cashing and ticked reload skin.. Still no background pics, aaaargh!
  15. Apologies if I wasn't clear, happy with standard skin, mainly because I have never changed it, so I know no better! Happy to change skin if it helps... I just wanted stadium backgrounds when clicking on different squads etc
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