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  1. Well, it's what i hope. For my experience, 2 teams on 2 pretty invincible. By the way, happy that is not an absolute game-destroyer, obviously i can talk only for my personal story.
  2. And maybe i'm wrong. Anyway, that's not the problem with the game for me.
  3. My point is not that with "Apex Predator" my team realize too many shots - that happens anyway, in the game. Point is that with "Apex Predator" my team is invincible, i win always and it's boring. Of course i can avoid to use it, but the fact remain: can i enjoy to play a game when with the "right" tactic you can win regardless your ability and - top of that - the abilty of your players? And if i use a "wrong" tactic and lose it's my fault? Or just that i don't find the "right" cheat? I love football, and i think that everybody will agree if i say that there is not a "right way to win": every tactic is good and every tactic is wrong, depends by your players skills, lucky, the day, all the casualties that make football exciting. Now i think i can say that if there is a "invincible" tactic the point of simulating football is missed. Plus, sometimes my feeling is that players skills doesn't count. If i miss the tactic, seems that my players forget about how to play football. With the right tactic (like "Apex Predator" in my story) every sunday league footballer plays like Zidane. Surely sometimes FM players complain too much about winning, or losing, or shooting, or finalizing or something. But on the other side saying that this game doesn't need fix is, for me, wrong in the same way. My 2 cents, i'm not a great player and i know, but fact for me is not to win or lose (over 1000 hours in 2014, never won a Champions) but HOW this happens. Again, sorry for my english, i hope that my idea is clear after all.
  4. Don't remember where i found it, but remember the name. It's "Apex Predator", a plain 4-4-2. Thank you. Any hopes that the AI will be improved with the new patch? Surely i will not use it again, but play a game where i know that "the system" can be broken...you can understand.
  5. Thank you Svenc, really. I've got another point, if you can. One - I found a tactic (i downloaded to learn something, i'm a "not so good player" also if i play by ten years) that make my team invincible. Litterally. I always win, i don't do nothing like OI or Team Talk, i don't care about form or injuries, i sell players without buying better players...and i win. I can't believe it, but i end cheering for my opponents, hoping to lose. That's killed my will to play. It's correct to think this and to think that it's a wrong Match Engine considering this? And can i think that when at first i lose with my tactic maybe it was not entirely my fault? Not ironic, really. I need to understand, need to love this game again because really, it's the only game for me. Thank you- also for your patience
  6. Yeah, but in football generally 56 (fifty-six!) shots, 12 CCC, means you have played well. What's the point with the CCC if not to see how may clear occasions you're able to create? I understand that sometimes match like this can happen, but the point is that in this 2015 happens way too much. Surely Zio_Luca can do better, but i think that this not means that the game works well. I write about football, i love football, i can't remember match with this results and stats. Maybe one?
  7. Yes, but without doubts it's still really hard to understand WHY a "wrong tactic" bring 56 shots...that are way too much anyway you see. In my career i win every single match with a "plug & play tactic", but what i don't understand is why right or wrong tactics turns into good or bad technical play by the players. I mean, fact is that (in this screen) Debrecen do one shot and get one goal. Can happen? Of course. But in this game happens too many times. I mean, bad tactic sometimes can turn intono bad performances...also in shoots, possession ecc ecc Point is not winning or losing, i'm leaving the game after ten days because i win every match. Point is HOW you win or lose, and you must admit that in this game there is something wrong in the match simulation. Sorry for my english.
  8. Played 1300 hours in 2014. Not the best game, hard like hell for me. I'm not so good. Played one week in 2015. Enough. Really (REALLY) too easy. Once you find the tactic, it's all over. With my Honved i played 25 match without losing, winning 23. Sometimes 7/8 to 0/1. People like Ayub Daud (winger) scoring 4-5 goals in a match. No fun, nothing. I thought that buying the game in january prevent me from the absurd ultrabetatesting. I was wrong. Sad to say, maybe it's time to say enough. And it's incredibly sad - i played 10 editions in a raw, and before i bought my first PC just for CM. I know that someone will say that it's not like that, but this is my experience. Terrible.
  9. Ok, but im playing the game and im not trying to destroy it. I take a look into the detailed stats, only 9 shots was on goal. What i wanted to say it's that i try difficult to figure out a match where one team shots 50 times and only 9 times hit the goal. Scoring 1 goal, with the opposite keeper rated 6.7. That's all. It don't happen in my match, but hard to believe that can happen at all. I play the game, only seems strange and then i post it. That's all.
  10. 50 shots, 1 goal? NB: i'm not managing Ukraine, still this seems to me very unrealistic.
  11. One thing i can't understand. Why my wingers, everytime they reach the position for crossing, prefer to cross the ball outside the area to a midfielder instead of crossing to the forwards? I swear, i struggle to remember if once they served my striker... So, when the opponents play on the wings like Real, also if it's Verona (bad thing) i think that maybe it's tactic. What can i do?
  12. I just can't believe that we are next March and the game is still in the actual conditions. Really, i find this unacceptable.
  13. In my current save Ibrahimovic (aged 34) plays for Norwich, while Xabi Alonso play for Metalurg Donetsk.
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