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  1. I have seen fullbacks become wonderkids but attacking fullbacks stay with same description their whole career. They will never become world class fullback, strong fullback, decisive fullback etc.
  2. It seems that an "attacking full-back" description can't become a wonderkid. I did a test with in-game editor and changed the positon of a wonderkid right back and he became attacking fullback.
  3. How Messi always has average rating over 8? I really hoped Dybala will win Golden Ball and World Player of the year. I won the league, FA cup and Champions League with Chelsea last season and Barcelona won nothing [second in La Liga and got knocked out by Juventus in the first round in the Champions League]. Dybala has almost double more goals and assists than Messi. Does the game only takes into account the average match rating and not titles won with the club?
  4. But it may be confusing for new FM players. When they see the description they will think: "This guy is one of the best defenders in the world, I must buy him now for my Chelsea and sell Kurt Zouma who doesn't have world-class description."
  5. Man City bought him from Ajax in my save. Maybe his reputation got boosted and suddenly he became world-class centre back. His squad status is rotation, not key player. The point is no player with 150 CA should be described as world-class. If he is world class then half of the Premier league teams should be full with world-class players. I suggest only players with more than 170 CA should have that description.
  6. I never said Messi shouldnt be world-class, but players like Veltman (i posted his profile above).
  7. Yes, I know it is just a description, but it annoys me that average or slightly above average players are labeled world-class
  8. I don't have a problem with Hazard and Courtois being "world-class" but players with average stats like Veltman.
  9. Hi, I noticed after the patch that many players have 'world-class' description. For example in my Chelsea save Hazard now is described as world-class winger and previously he was flamboyant winger, Courtois is world-class goalkeeper and so on. Many teams now have players with world-class description in their squads. I used an editor to check their CA and many of them have like 150-160 CA. It seems when players world reputation is > 7500 they are described as 'world-class'. For me this is wrong, because only the elite players like Messi, Hazard, Ronaldo, Neuer, etc. should have that description. I understand that 150 CA player is a good Premier league player, but world-class? I think that only players with more than 165-170 CA should be labeled world-class.
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