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  1. Default skin worked. Man, I feel like FM19 has had more issues with custom skins and facepacks than any previous version. All of mine are now obsolete compared to prior years. Hopefully it's working out better for others! Thanks for the tip.
  2. Whenever I'm using 2 different managers within a single save, I'm running into an issue with playing a match as one of the coaches. The match begins and immediately pauses itself at the 00:00 mark. Nothing I do can restart the match, and consequently I can never play through a match with this team. The other manager's team has no problems, but for some reason it happens in save after save - one manager's team freezes in match - and I cannot figure out why. Has anyone else run into this issue? Admins, ever seen this before? Thanks for your help.
  3. Anytime I play a game with 2 different head coaches and 2 teams, I can only play through matches as Coach 1. Whenever I try to play a match as Coach 2, the match automatically pauses itself at 2 seconds in, and the entire game freezes. This happened on two separate saves at different times (with different update patches.) Extremely frustrating to never be able to play a match with the second coach. Has this bug been reported before? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. To add to the comments about injuries, they're almost absurdly frequent in this beta. In multiple games I've had 4-6 players injured during a match. Sometimes I have to use all my subs during the first half, only to see 3 more players go down during the second half. Also, a crazy number of tackles are successful on top-level dribblers without fouling...it's HARD to tackle Messi and Bernardo Silva and Isco to win the ball without fouling them. In this game, it's almost flawlessly successful, no matter the level of the opposition and the player tackling. I like the new tactics setup and the training layout. Excited for the full release. Thanks!
  5. This is the first version where I've found the match AI to actually provide an unpleasant and frustrating experience. There just seems to be so little difference between world-beater teams and absolute minnows. I appreciate a good challenge, a hard-fought match, and the occasional surprise battle against a lesser team, but when Real Irun is as hard as Real Madrid, when the goalkeeper for Chesterfield is as good as Gigi Buffon, when a team like Manchester City or Barcelona can barely put 2 goals past ANY team...it's just madly irritating and unrealistic. There is discrepancy in real life. There needs to be more in this match engine. It feels almost like playing the same level team week in and week out. No variation in difficulty levels. I really, really hope this can be adjusted for the full release.
  6. I've started a game playing with two different coaches of two different teams. When I load the game, I can only Take Control of one at a time. Whenever I click on "Change Head Coach" on the menu bar, it does nothing. Unable to access the second coach now...any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.
  7. Ok, this feels like a bug because it's mind-boggling... Played through a season with Barcelona. Two dozens times at least, Messi would be on a breakaway, 1v1 with the keeper, and he never scored. NEVER. Either whiffed the shot or kicked it straight at the keeper. It was impossible for him to get a goal. This is a man with level 20 shooting?? Happened the same with Suarez. Even with pre-season friendlys against random Chinese teams. I mean, you gotta be kidding me...I'm about to pull my hair out on this one. It's utterly ridiculous, like it's rigged. Anyone else run into this problem?
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