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  1. After starting a new save, can you not use the same information and 3D model of the manager you created in an old save?
  2. Hi, I have been trying to find some information about this over the internet but have been unable to do so. So, I have checked the "Use Saturday and Wednesday matchdays to ensure managers play simultaneously" under the Online Game Preferences menu as I was hosting an online game. However, I just started a new career save and I have found out that all the fixtures in the game are now located on Saturdays and Wednesdays! Of course there is very little implication on the game itself, but it doesn't seem realistic, you don't get those fixture congestions, and you don't get that mind game of I am playing first and you next and so on. I know the fixture probably won't change anymore in the current season, but does anyone know if it will go back to normal in the next season? Especially now that I have unchecked that devilish box?
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