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  1. ok. ok. ok. i tested on holidays 20, mb 30 tactics with teams from top leagues + rostov from russia. I tested the symphony 3 times with the game "on holidays". (Milan 1st,2nd+Lazio 2nd). (Liecester 4th+City 2nd+Everton 4th.) (Rostov(russian mid team) 1st, 2nd,4th.) i tested the piligrim 41311 two times with the game "on holidays". (Lazio 1st, Milan 1st.) (City 2nd two times.) (Rostov 1st and 5th.) after that i decide to start my career with rostov by my manage with 41311. after 20 games i was 6th and abandoned this career. next my try was fm20sympa
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