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  1. And it's an ISSUE WITH THE EDITOR. So what do you want to happen?
  2. yeah, wasn't sure. Most of the ones I've seen didn't have either, granted I looked at only like 4.
  3. pretty sure the way it's built none of them have one, or a salary wage (which is not a complaint)
  4. If you actually get this done, cheers to you. Big task and even attempting it is admirable.
  5. The simplest way (and I'm using "simplest" pretty facetiously) is the building the structure from scratch and researching the rules for the leagues, cups etc... etc... and get by that way (yeah, not simple). The editor thing using the structures inherent with the game will likely just keep spitting out errors.
  6. Honestly with the way the editor is working, this might be your best bet if you had the time... Mind, it's a **** ton of time and prob. more annoying with the editor...
  7. 3-3 that's shockingly high... Sunderland lost a game 8-0, Birmingham lost a game 8-0, Man U lost 4-3 in real life IT MUST BE BROKEN.
  8. Also thank you for this. After using the fix for the rules warning, am enjoying having it.
  9. Yeah... I've played like 25 games total and have maybe 2 games where the score was like 5-2 and then the next highest games were like 3-3 just CRAZY goal totals... People don't seem to understand the majority of the time it's their tactics, and not an issue with how the game is built.
  10. yeah, it's a huge bug with the editor and files from it. It's ANY editor file, so untill they fix it editor is useless. The game is fine as long as there aren't any editor files. Serie D worked because all that info is already in the game. So play it without editor files untill they get it right. They released the editor while it is useless to use, which is pretty pathetic.
  11. yeah, fair enough. But saying things like that quoted part, is hilarious and blatantly not true. It's a little easier to take coming from someone that isn't SI, but the editor is basically uselless and littered with bugs. Even if clicking through works for a minority of people, the fact you have to and SI acting like that's acceptable (when it only works for a minority anyway) is incredibly angering. I'll try not to take it out on you, my apologies. They released a huge part of the game that doesn't remotely work.
  12. hahahaha Yeah, he's not remotely the "only one here with those issues"
  13. It's not going to, no matter what you do. Don't listen to apologists.
  14. Yeah, it doesn't work if you do that, and it's pathetic that SI report that it does as well as it being pretty pathetic that an entire aspect of the game doesn't work. The editor is a big part of the release and if you edit any files it makes the game impossible to play.
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