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  1. It may have already been mentioned but I'm having inconsistencies with the number of subs allowed in the Championship 20/21 season. Some matches I'll be able to use all 5 subs as per the new rules, often it'll block me from making any more after 3 or sometimes 4 substitutions have been made.
  2. Hey Guys, sorry for the lack of updates over the past months... Uni work and a more active personal life has reduced my FM playing time right down. I try to answer any emails I get about the schedules, however I don't really check on all the individual threads I've made so much any more. I've tweaked the TT09 schedules a bit to come up with a set of TT10 schedules for FM10, and myself and a few others have been testing them out on the Gold demo. These schedules are available to download now from the usual website: www.tugstraining.co.nr and I'll be making a new thread on here tomorrow once I've been out and bought the game. They've been working quite well, but if you would rather stick to what you know, the old schedules from 09 are still available and still work. I'd imagine the 08 ones do also if you prefer them.
  3. If you give me your email address mate I'll send them to you in an attachment. If you don't fancy giving it out on here, email me at tugmyster@gmail.com A quick tip for you all as well, when you set your coaches to the specific areas... don't auto assign. If you take a bit of time to do them yourself you'll see the benefits
  4. I honestly couldn't tell you mate, I've got players improving rapidly left, right and centre. Alberto Paloschi's strength and finishing amongst other attributes have gone up by 3 and I'm only into November! I've always said throughout my 06, 07 and 08 training that if it doesn't work then don't use it! I don't want to ruin your save games, honest! There's other training schedules coming through all the time and it's not hard to make your own ones up if you apply yourself. It's like the tactics on here, if you prefer to download others then you're never going to get a perfect one for your team first time. I know that a lot of people see improvements with the schedules and i have full sympathy for those that don't... but there's no point battling on with it if you know it's not working. If you started losing games non-stop you'd change your team or tactics at least Some new screenshots for you all, this is with 4/5* coaches and Spurs' default training facilities... Youth Training: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2rqcdg7&s=4 Senior Training: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=zwgwgz&s=4 Outstanding improvements for Paloschi: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=20ppy4n&s=4 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2vnf34h&s=4 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=56979&s=4 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=ztixvo&s=4
  5. There's only one schedule this time round and it's a general Striker schedule, no more Tall/Fast! willz - I'll hopefully be making a part time set of schedules soon, but you could always try your hand at making your own in the mean time
  6. Tug's Training 2009 is the 4th edition of a training schedule that has graced your copies of Football Manager since November 2005. It is highly regarded around the FM scene and has hundreds of thousands of downloads to date. This edition like it's predecessors has not had rigorous testing and only builds upon the successes of older versions. You can use this thread and/or my email address to give feedback (positive or negative) that will hopefully lead to updated and more successful versions of the training. Screenshot This training schedule was made by me Mark Tugwell, and may not be redistributed without my permission. Please direct Feedback, Comments, Hate mail and death threats to either: tugmyster@gmail.com or simply reply to this thread. * * * * * WHAT'S CHANGED IN THIS VERSION? Fast Striker and Tall Striker Schedules merged, proving more effective. Training Intensity of all schedules modified slightly. A closer look at the training frameworks to hopefully make this training more successful than ever. General improvements and adaptations to all areas for FM2009. NOTE: At the moment there are no part time schedules, but they will hopefully follow shortly. WHERE SHOULD I TRAIN MY PLAYERS? If you think you have a player who doesn't fit into any of the schedules, put him where your best judgment says you should put him. For example If you have a left back who plays very attacking football, you might prefer to train him as a midfielder or even a winger. Also, if one of your Strikers is more of a flair based player, you might fancy training them on the attacking midfielder regime. NOTE: I use these schedules as an improvement on the default FM schedules, if you have a player who needs a lot of work in a certain area, copy their schedule and tinker with it. Eg. a well developed player who has disappointingly low pace, might benefit from a lower intensity on certain parts of his training in aid of more intense Aerobic training. Play around with them, training can be important! MY PLAYERS ARE GETTING TIRED! Occasionally, you may want to rest your players, perhaps nearer to the latter stages of the season. Or sometimes just clicking down the training intensity a few pegs can help a bit. * * * * * INSTRUCTIONS: Download the files and then copy them to: (My) Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\Schedules If you don't have a Schedules folder, simply create one. When you're on the training screen in game, click on Edit training, go to import, select the Training files and click OK one file at a time. * * * * * Download link: http://www.freewebs.com/tugstraining If you have any difficulties obtaining the schedules, then email me/reply to this thread and I'll help you get hold of them. Many Thanks, Mark x
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