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  1. Solo171013

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    Lots of goals for Fabinho and Milner. Lots of Penalties?
  2. Reserve Team. Lots of fines and harsh words. Individual training involving endurance, endurance and a touch more endurance. Punish until begs for forgiveness or contract runs out. Hope the board and squad stay on your side. Player power lol
  3. Solo171013

    FM19: Liverpool - Success Has Many Fathers

    Great start up thread. Will be interesting save this year. Going to be keeping squad till January. Transfers off. Interested to hear what others do with formation. I plan a 433 and a 4231. Similar to Klopp with the press. YNWA
  4. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    Not had much time to play recently. So since update started new save with Liverpool. Using the actual original set up. Have mirrored formation so IF is on right and Salah is exceptional. The key to this and any tactic which doesn't expolit a ME loop hole is to have it fit your players. Previouslyi had altered roles but since update went back to basics and watched. Team plays the way I want. Players are happy. Still have the occasional loss. This isn't a win all tactic but a framework that if it fits great but if it doesn't gives you a great starting point. The loss was to Utd. 5 nil. Oops. In my defence though Salah, Cann and VVD all injured so spine was weak. Thanks for the work you have done @Cleon. It has really helped me out and got me to look at things differently. Football is a simple game and FM is simple where you keep it simple and build up your tactic. Too many instructions conmplicate it at times.
  5. Solo171013

    ME loophole

    It comes down to how you play. Quick check in tactics forum. A lot of successful tactics have 3 strikers. Its how you want to play. I prefer to build a tactic and whilst it takes time it's how i play. Other want the quick win. Some may have unintentionally stumbled on the fix. Each to their own. One day we'll have ME with no expolits and people will say it's too hard as they have always used or stumbled upon the hole. Until then play the way you want and hope you don't come across another player or AI who loves 3 up front!
  6. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    @Cleon. What level do you do your testing at on a whole? Myself don't get a huge amount of time on FM these days so really stay on my Liverpool save. If I get chance I would like to do Tamworth, local club, with this as a base. If i get chance will feedback on how it plays. Gut is it might struggle going forward but solid at back. Just wondered. I see you do Sheffield United but wondered if you went lower league at all?
  7. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    Try it and see how it plays out. My thoughts would be who is the winger aiming for? Will you have enough in box to have a good target to aim for? Will the midfield get forward enough to link up? Watching the game should show this.
  8. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    Have found this tactic to be very solid at the back. Probably jinxed it now. Think its because of a couple of reason. The mentality which is meaning we aren't just launching balls forward and losing possession. We are build as a team. We do counte when the opportunity arises but not just looking to get ball forward at first opportunity. Linking to the above the team is a unit. We keep the shape and apart from when I see my DM and SV going a bit gung ho chasing ball and not winning it.(Think players rather than system) defend as a unit.
  9. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    I play as Liverpool. Have kept the winger and IF. Have made 2 version. A mirror of each. So depending on who is playing the IF is either on right or left. Other changes are: GK set to roll out. AM Is APa. DLF Is F9. Dropped the defensive line one notch. Works very well and actually plays like we do in real life apart from defene is more solid.
  10. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    I founf an APa and a F9 work well together. They play close but link well. Have Coutinho and Firmino and it like a piece of Brazil on the Mersey lighting up.😀
  11. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    I found leaving it default the keeper kept giving away possession and was more beneficial to roll it out and build. As i said before due to players. I'm not strong in the air and don't think Mingolet is good enough to distribute for that style. Maybe when i upgrade him may change it
  12. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    @Cleon. Did you add the GK to distribute short. One tweak on initial setup was to add him to roll the ball out. Found the long balls were not working. Playing as Liverpool so not the best in the air anyway. Using the roll out option built from the back and using standard or even a defensive mentality pulled teams onto us. Then a couple of passes and could send Mane or Salah away with pace. Really works well for me.
  13. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    You'll have us all painting fences and waxing cars soon @Cleon. It's very noticeable how standard builds play and it's more about the team advancing together. Attack can feel rushed. Even when chasing a game sometimes patience is the best option and maybe a player sub or a player swap can be better than attack as it loses sight of the play.
  14. Solo171013

    The 4231 Explained

    Was just about to ask the reasoning behind the change. From the IF position i thought that looks like the winger. Seeing the positioning and linking that together. God never would have done that back in the early days. Things you pick up eh
  15. Solo171013

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Watford are flying on my save. 9 games in and 3rd.