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  1. Oh yeah, there it is, thanks. Excuse me while I go and hit myself over the head with a wet slipper a couple of times.
  2. Two other things I've noticed: 1.) The player's height is not listed anywhere on the attributes page, which is a bit of an inconvenience. 2.) Anyone else find that players' attribute scores decrease far more easily and more often than they increase? I've noticed this with my Liverpool squad despite having four, four-and-a-half, or five-star ratings in all training categories.
  3. This may well already have been requested, but the full release would benefit greatly from the addition of an icon beside the name of each player which one can hover over with the cursor on the opposition instructions screen to view their attributes, similar to that which features beside each player's name in the squad, scouting, and tactics screens etc. At the moment you have to leave the opposition instructions screen to view a player's attributes, and then land back on the team talk screen and have to navigate back to the opposition instructions screen from there, all of which is a major inconvenience if you have to do it up to 18 times over while setting opposition instructions. The ideal scenario would be to be able to see a player's full attributes, preferred moves, and aptitude with their weaker foot by hovering the cursor over the icon, since all of this needs to be taken into account when setting opposition instructions. For example, I'd usually want to instruct my players to try to force opposing full-backs onto their weaker feet to prevent them playing crosses on their preferred feet/from more favourable positions, but if they happen to be almost as adept with their weaker foot, happen to be 15 out of 20 for long shots, and in the habit of shooting from distance, setting that instruction might be a bad ideal. If I'm able to see all of that information without having to leave the page it'd be a lot more convenient.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to get Alexis Sanchez on a free in the summer of 2018 but I'm just wondering: what's the earliest point at which you can offer a player playing for a club in the same country a pre-contract agreement to sign on a free?
  5. 1-4 = Very Weak 5-8 = Weak 8-11 = Reasonable 12-14 = Fairly Strong 15-17 = Strong* 18-20 = Very Strong* (* I know 15 counts as strong but I'm not absolutely certain what the threshold for 'very strong' is)
  6. Thanks for the reply How does recommended current ability work? I've never paid attention to it before. What's its function? And when you say not to worry too much about it, do you mean not to worry about improving the weaker foot using up too many potential ability points? Thanks again
  7. I've got Thomas Lemar, whose primary position in the game is that of left-winger, and I'm wondering about getting him to develop his weaker foot so that he'll can be more effective as a central attacking midfielder (his right foot is current 8/20) Anyone know how many current ability points each point of improvement in his weaker foot might cost? Thanks
  8. Apologies if I've missed this earlier in the thread as I haven't had chance to read through it, but does anyone else notice the whistle going for corners etc. a second or so before they've actually been conceded, ALL THE BLOODY TIME? For example, a low cross is aimed in toward the near post by a full-back, but looks set to go out for a goal kick or be gathered by the keeper. The goalkeeper moves towards it to collect it, but before he even gets there, the whistle goes and the commentary says that there'll be a corner. That's just one example but it happens in other instances (i.e. the whistle going and a corner being given before the relevant animation has even happened). Very shoddy and annoying. While I'm on the subject, goalkeepers mishandling innocuous crosses and spilling them behind for a corner or carrying them over the line accidentally happens WAY too much. Seriously, tone it down SI.
  9. As was the case in FM14, and initially in FM15, the glaring inadequacies of the match engine are completely ruining the game for me, this despite the fact that, as in the past, my results are good. Before talking about how the match engine actually functions, a couple of queries and criticisms from an aesthetic point of view: where has the main stand view gone, and is it not possible to reverse the behind goal and behind corner views anymore so you get to see from the other end of the stadium? Another one: where has the radar gone? This was very important to me tactically and to see what was going on around the halfway line at set pieces, and it's disappeared. As for the match engine itself, Christ. I really don't even know where to begin with things that are glaringly wrong with it, but it brings back some harrowing memories of the FM14 match engine in which world-class attacking players performed as though they'd been overdosed on morphine, generally being slow, weak, easy to dispossess and dreadful in their anticipation. Goals in the box from second balls never seem to happen because of an abject lack of anticipation from attackers, elite goalscorers (players like Mauro Icardi and Mohamed Salah) will regularly miss three clear-cut chances in succession, no tactical instruction or combination of them seems to dissuade either set of players from looking to play inane low percentage in-to-out passes to wide forwards which are almost always gratefully intercepted by full-backs (my full-backs do this all the time while my centre forward and midfielders are similarly generous to the opposition full-backs in their witless attempts to play balls to the wide forwards that just aren't on); players will often look to play these passes off the ground for no reason, which makes them even easier to anticipate and cut out. This in large part seems to explain why my defenders' and midfielders' combined pass completion percentage can be well in excess of 80% while my attacking pass completion perecentage is often below 70%, regardless of the instructions I try. The volume of offsides at both ends (against the opposition more so than my team) is colossal, and makes it far too easy to play a high line (something I've benefitted from greatly but would gladly exchange for a better match engine), elite players often pass the ball wide and backwards when in prime positions to shoot in the centre of the box, players for whom 'shoots from distance' is a preferred move as well as a strength (high long shots attribute score) rarely even attempt long-range shots, let alone score them, direct free kicks are never scored, full-backs, even those who are good at crossing, mostly seem to produced slice daisy-cutters which bobble harmlessly out for goal kicks, and the volume of inane, attack-killing passes played backwards or behind players (inside forwards in the final third will often play a backwards diagonal to the full-back on the opposite side, who then has to run backwards to retrieve the ball, or just watch it go out of play), is both mystifying and infuriating. Sorry guys, but it's just dreadful. Please sort it out, because it's completely ruining a game which is a significant improvement in many other areas (dynamics, sports science and injury prevention, scouting etc.)
  10. Hi, been trying to set up a new career game today, and this has repeatedly happened. The load bar for setting up the new game database gets to 100% and then nothing happens. This has happened probably five times now, I've restarted the computer once and it's still happening, and it's happened despite me trying various different configurations of playable and view-only leagues etc. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  11. Hi, bit of a dunce when it comes to laptop specs, but my old one (an ASUS X550C, Intel i7, 4GB of RAM) has just breathed its last, and I could use a verdict on the suitability of either of these (don't particularly want to spend more than five tonne). I use the 3D match engine and the higher the level of graphics detail I can use with the match still running smoothly, and the quicker results process etc., the better, obviously: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (£449.99) Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-15-5000-15-6-laptop-black-10146383-pdt.html Lenovo IdeaPad 510 (£499.99) Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/lenovo-ideapad-510-15-6-laptop-black-10146352-pdt.html?intcmpid=display~RR Given equal specs besides, I assume the Lenovo with its dedicated graphics card would perform better in terms of the visual aspect of the game (not that FM places great demands in that respect), but I'm pretty clueless. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I purchase the in-game editor and download the data editor for each edition of the game, and I usually get the unofficial FMRTE editor as well. However, this year it won't correct the names of clubs in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, three-letter competition names/acronyms, or the additions of real-world journalists until the release of the full game, and the correction only works once a new game is start. I was just wondering if the data editor or the in-game editor offer any way around this, particularly in terms of correct the club names (main irritation). It's either that or wait until the full release to begin my save in earnest, which I'd rather not do if I can avoid it! Thanks
  13. Okay, time to hold my hands up. I wasn't intentionally exaggerating, and I certainly wasn't trying to "get attention", but I went back and looked at all the goals in the 11 games I've played since the update and came up with the following, and when taking open-play crosses and set-piece deliveries together, it turns out I was exaggerating by a factor of about 100%: 'F' denotes a goal scored by my team (Liverpool), while 'A' denotes a goal scored by the opposition. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea A: Far post tap in from low ball across six-yard box. F: Sidefooted finish from about 9 yards after square ball from left of box into centre of box. Liverpool 2-0 Gent F: Close-range far-post header attacking cross from left byline. F: Right-back finished from tight angle after short diagonal through ball from central midfielder. Liverpool 2-0 Man City F: Close-range far-post header attacking stood-up cross from right byline. F: Volleyed finish from 15 yards after centre-back's clearing header was short. Everton 1-1 Liverpool F: Loose ball bundled over the line from a yard or so out by Coutinho after Alvaro Morata (Striker), one of the better strikers in the game, kicked the ball straight at the goalkeeper from point-blank range, setting off a series of ricochets. A: Half-volley from 12 yards after attacking player won a far post header from a corner. Liverpool 2-0 Napoli F: Side-footed finish from ten yards after receiving a short square pass from a team-mate. The manner in which the scorer, Christian Benteke, was left unmarked as both centre-backs rushed towards the man playing the pass was quite bizarre. F: Side-footed finished from seven yards attacking out-swinging free kick delivery from about 23 yards out on the right. Liverpool 2-0 Wolves F: Sturridge picks up the ball on the right-hand edge of the box, goes past a man, and passes the ball into the net from a tight-ish angle and a distance of about 10-11 yards. F: Markovic with a left-footed, first-time half volley after a knock-down header from Benteke just inside the box. Real Madrid 3-0 Liverpool A: Side-footed finish from six yards attacking out-swinging free kick delivery from deep on the left. A: Ran past centre-back from outside the box to slot past the 'keeper. A: Passed into net from about five yards at the far post, attacking cross from deep on the right. Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool A: Diagonal pass off the ground over about 20 yards from Oxlade-Chamberlain left of centre to Ozil on the edge of the box, who controlled the ball unmarked, and finished from about 12 yards. F: Sturridge arrived from the right of the box onto a square pass across the box from the left to finish from about 11 yards. F: Finish from around 12 yards as defender's tackle on getting onto through ball just inside the box saw the ball run loose. Liverpool 3-2 West Ham F: Coutinho finishes from a distance of less than a yard after an initial shot was pushed onto the post by the goalkeeper, who then inexplicably fell over while trying to gather the ball under no pressure as it slowly came back off the post, presenting Coutinho with a simple finish. Slapstick, and not even in an especially realistic or plausible way. A: Right-midfielder ran past left-back onto through ball from striker and finished well from inside the box. F: Midfielder received ball on the edge of the box after a lofted pull-back from the left-back near the byline, took a touch, and struck the ball into the bottom corner from about 15 yards. A: Midfielder plays a cross diagonally off the ground from outside the box, centre-right, for left-sided midfielder to finish at the far post from about nine yards. In the build-up, the man who should have been covering that area, Nathaniel Clyne, somehow went from right-back to left of the 'D' and well past my right-sided centre-back. F: Low strike into the bottom corner from around 30 yards by Coutinho. I'd say long-range goals are slightly too rare in the game, can't think of any in 11 games besides this one. Brighton 0-2 Liverpool F: Right-footed finish from Sturridge from five yards at the near post, coming onto a cross from Benteke from the right byline after a counter-attack from a corner. F: Benteke strike from about seven yards, but tight angle wide of the perimeter of the six-yard box on the left takes a deflection off a full-back and in at the near post. Given as a Liam Rosenior own goal, perhaps harshly, but such debatable calls happen in real life. Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace F: Sturridge, right-footed, far-post finish from about four yards after cross from Moreno at left-wing back about 12-13 yards from the byline. I make that 26 goals in 11 games, with a breakdown as follows: Goals from open-play crosses: 6 Goals from corners: 1 Goals from indirect free kicks: 2 Goals from through balls: 3 Goals from a pass inside the penalty area: 5 Goals from defensive errors/goalmouth scrambles/loose balls: 4 Unassisted goals from inside the box: 3 (including the own goal given to Liam Rosenior after deflecting Benteke's shot) Goals from outside the box: 1 So I hold my hands up to "two-thirds of all goals coming from crosses" being an exaggerated statement made in exasperation - not with any intent to exaggerate or lie, but without analysis. I would add, however, that crosses remain comfortably the single biggest source of goals at slightly over one third of all goals across a reasonable number of games, while four of the five goals scored from passes played inside the box were from passes played from the wide areas of the box into central areas, so sort of bordering on being the result of a crossing game. I'd be interested to know how this corresponds with reality, and also whether the number of goals resulting from defensive errors, goal mouth scrambles, and loose balls, at four out of the 26, isn't a little high, and also whether only one goal scored from outside the box in 11 games isn't a little low. I haven't been the only one complaining that an inordinate number of goals seem to come from crosses - it's one of the most common if not the most common criticisms of this year's game to date. In addition, I'm not in the habit of complaining about the match engine or blaming it for everything. For one thing, my results are about as good as they usually are, albeit with slightly smaller winning margins that I often got in FM12 and FM13 to name a couple. I have, however, been critical of recent match engines, FM14 especially, and in its early stages, that in FM15. Still not keen on the FM16 match engine at all. I'm starting to see *some* improvements in the latest update, but still see elite strikers missing far too many easy chances, and far too many mindless 'Hollywood' balls and brainlessly misplaced return passes into touch after a throw-in or an attempt by two players to combine in an advanced area out wide.
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