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  1. Oh yeah, there it is, thanks. Excuse me while I go and hit myself over the head with a wet slipper a couple of times.
  2. Two other things I've noticed: 1.) The player's height is not listed anywhere on the attributes page, which is a bit of an inconvenience. 2.) Anyone else find that players' attribute scores decrease far more easily and more often than they increase? I've noticed this with my Liverpool squad despite having four, four-and-a-half, or five-star ratings in all training categories.
  3. This may well already have been requested, but the full release would benefit greatly from the addition of an icon beside the name of each player which one can hover over with the cursor on the opposition instructions screen to view their attributes, similar to that which features beside each player's name in the squad, scouting, and tactics screens etc. At the moment you have to leave the opposition instructions screen to view a player's attributes, and then land back on the team talk screen and have to navigate back to the opposition instructions screen from there, all of which is a maj
  4. Hi, I'm looking to get Alexis Sanchez on a free in the summer of 2018 but I'm just wondering: what's the earliest point at which you can offer a player playing for a club in the same country a pre-contract agreement to sign on a free?
  5. 1-4 = Very Weak 5-8 = Weak 8-11 = Reasonable 12-14 = Fairly Strong 15-17 = Strong* 18-20 = Very Strong* (* I know 15 counts as strong but I'm not absolutely certain what the threshold for 'very strong' is)
  6. Thanks for the reply How does recommended current ability work? I've never paid attention to it before. What's its function? And when you say not to worry too much about it, do you mean not to worry about improving the weaker foot using up too many potential ability points? Thanks again
  7. I've got Thomas Lemar, whose primary position in the game is that of left-winger, and I'm wondering about getting him to develop his weaker foot so that he'll can be more effective as a central attacking midfielder (his right foot is current 8/20) Anyone know how many current ability points each point of improvement in his weaker foot might cost? Thanks
  8. Apologies if I've missed this earlier in the thread as I haven't had chance to read through it, but does anyone else notice the whistle going for corners etc. a second or so before they've actually been conceded, ALL THE BLOODY TIME? For example, a low cross is aimed in toward the near post by a full-back, but looks set to go out for a goal kick or be gathered by the keeper. The goalkeeper moves towards it to collect it, but before he even gets there, the whistle goes and the commentary says that there'll be a corner. That's just one example but it happens in other instances (i.e. the whistle
  9. As was the case in FM14, and initially in FM15, the glaring inadequacies of the match engine are completely ruining the game for me, this despite the fact that, as in the past, my results are good. Before talking about how the match engine actually functions, a couple of queries and criticisms from an aesthetic point of view: where has the main stand view gone, and is it not possible to reverse the behind goal and behind corner views anymore so you get to see from the other end of the stadium? Another one: where has the radar gone? This was very important to me tactically and to see what
  10. Hi, bit of a dunce when it comes to laptop specs, but my old one (an ASUS X550C, Intel i7, 4GB of RAM) has just breathed its last, and I could use a verdict on the suitability of either of these (don't particularly want to spend more than five tonne). I use the 3D match engine and the higher the level of graphics detail I can use with the match still running smoothly, and the quicker results process etc., the better, obviously: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (£449.99) Intel® Core™ i5-6200U Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptop
  11. As was generally the case with FM14, it's routine for a fixture between two decent Premier League teams to resemble a error-strewn hoofing match between two hungover Sunday league sides, with pass completion hovering precariously above 70% for both teams. Players hoof mindlessly when they've got several easily achievable short passes on, the vast majority of goals seem to come from crosses (unrealistically easy to do) or errors, some of the best finishers in the game actually shock you when they don't fluff a one-on-one or any other clear chance, and it's rare for an attacker to dribble past o
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