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  1. Yep, buying players is a little bit weird sometimes, but selling? Never had any problems, too be honest. I recently sold one of my best talents to Inter for 50 million + a sell-on fee. The negotiations lasted basically the whole summer, but it works. First a couple of teams offered me some ridiculously low amounts of money (something between 6-10 million). I told them I wanted 80, of course they withdrew immediately. A week later some of those teams came back and now all offered something between 10 and 20 million. My answer was ok, 70 million or nothing. This went on for a while until Inter and Chelsea were the only teams still in the race. I came to terms with Inter and everybody was happy. Wouldn't surprise me if the same thing works the other way around. Start offering lower amounts of money and then gradually work your way up.
  2. Would it hurt them a lot to fire you and still pay your wage? Probably not. Another real life example is Hamburg, they are basically broke, but look at how many managers they fired and hired in the last couple of years.
  3. Job security is usually low if your club is rich. Real life example: David Moyes.
  4. Not the World Cup, but in my game Scotland/Wales had the 2028 Euros and England the 2032 Euros. Wouldn't surprise me if the 2036 Euros go to Ireland.
  5. If this happens I usually send this player to my reserve squad and start to bid for almost every player on the roster with ridiculously low offers. Works well especially if I am at a big club.
  6. I just remembered I used a similar tactic with Arsenal for a while. I hope I uploaded the right one. The CD duties might be off, though. I think you'd have to change one of them to defend. The set-up is exactly the same, but the player roles and instructions are slightly different. http://www.speedyshare.com/bEnbE/Arsenal-5.tac
  7. Nah, I am just too lazy to download it and look at the game myself. Will take a look at the screenshots. edit: I just saw that you have three playmakers. Maybe you should try Wanyama as a defending half back to help you clean up some balls, especially as you have your defenders push high up. Move Herrera in a AM spot as an attacking AP. Let them play much lower tempo and don't let them pass into space, so you will have a very patient possession game and less risky passes which might lead to counters. You should set you mentality to control instead of attacking. From my experience attacking works better with a rigid system, if you are going to use it as your standard.
  8. Reminds me of Nuremberg. http://fussballdaten.de/bundesliga/2014/17/
  9. Can you post a couple of screenshots of your tactics and players? Don't want to download the file to be honest.
  10. TV money is basically prize money in Germany. This explains it, but I'm not sure how this is implemented in FM, as I've never managed a German club before. http://www.tsmplug.com/news/bundesliga-tv-rights-money-distribution-2014/
  11. Yep, happened to me when I left Arsenal and the manager started to play without wingers and sold them, including a club legend. I just tried to pick up as many as I could.
  12. Like Mexico, Brazil and Argentina? In my game the US has started to produce some really good players after some years too.
  13. Van Wolfswinkel was a beast in my game too. Everytime I played Norwich he scored atleast one goal, most of the times two or more.
  14. Yeah, I wanted to use my CDs for general coverage, but maybe setting them all to defend might work better if I'm dropping deep. You think just exploit the flanks might work better? I considered making one of my STs a Trequarista and use the other one as a defensive forward. So I would have one man staying up front, while the other one tries to delay play, so my defense has a little more time to get in the right positions.
  15. I just had this idea for a tactic which I can't test as I don't have the players available right now. Do you think this has a chance to work? In theory I thought the team might park the bus and launch quick counter attacks by using the CWBs and the BBM to cover the middle of the pitch.
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