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  1. It would be handy if the group names on the Competition Review page of the champions league or any other competition were hyperlinked to the group so you could go directly there from that screen. I tried to click on my group to see the standings/if i had qualified after the other match was a late kick off, but there is no active link. This would be a good QOL addition in my opinion. I have uploaded the screenshot below for clarification
  2. sorry for the delay - I have been travelling. I messed around during the beta then started this save on launch day
  3. seems off to me that you would play the same team twice in 2 days in the league?
  4. Does this response apply to Farokh Obaidi's nationality too or was that just for the scheduling post that you quoted? You had both of our posts in your quote so I am unsure. Thanks
  5. When on the leagues in focus screen, when ever I click on an item it opens with a white line across the whole screen. Save game uploaded - tigresnews.fm
  6. Farokh Obaidi - Antwerp Under 18s is posting on Reddit right now asking how he gets himself changed in game as he is from Afghanistan and not Azerbaijan
  7. This is the first year since I can remember that I am not enjoying FM at all! I usually pick a random top level team in a league that I have never played before and play with them just to get to grips with all the new features until the final patch is out. Then I start a long term save witha more challenging team. This year I took benfica, lost every single pre-season match due to through balls and defenders not moving for anything. Was 4v0 down to porto inside 20 mins in my opening game of the season, I beat everyone else in the league up until my first champions league match against the team seeded 4th in my group. I was 1-6 to win and low and behold 5v0 down inside 30mins all through balls, one which was a defenders header from his own half past all my players.......... The final straw was playing braga in the next match and being 3v0 down inside 5 minutes. The defenders and the keeper seem to be on a different planet in the ME this year and the opposition seem to score every shot they take. So I'm not even going to look at the game again until the final patch is out and I hope that the ME is fixed in it. I don't know what has gone wrong this year
  8. figured it out, i moved my working folder to my fm12 one for my existing graphics and there is a skins folder in there, mustn't have liked that
  9. figured it out, i moved my working folder to my fm12 one for my existing graphics and there is a skins folder in there, mustn't have liked that
  10. Start, control panel, mouse, pointers, Windows black (system scheme)
  11. I'm the same mate hitting it 4 or 5 times a game. It's always brought up in my press conferences
  12. i had a similar issue when i was away with work, sometimes steam wont open in offline mode. someone told me you need to have opened and started the game at least once before it will. but i still had issues with it. seems a bit tempramental
  13. yes when you use the editor to create people it does not know of any other datafiles so will always hand out the same UIDs in the same order, i.e. 1394631469 to the first person you create, and so on. So if nik adds anymore agents to the file it will knock out any IDs in different packs. This looks like it will always be a problem unless SI can tell us a different way of coding the config files?
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