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  1. On Mitchel Bergkamp's player info screen, under Favoured Personnel - Dennis Bergkamp is showing as his son and not his father.
  2. Late in the second half of a match I got a pop up to alert me to a player injury, however he was my opponents. I clicked take him off to see what would happen. When the match ended I was giving my opponents team talk (which was bugged out showing person1 in the options. It then allowed me to do my team talk then the game froze "Awaiting Media Reaction".
  3. Not sure if this is the mod or FM itself but when I am playing in the English Prem with Man Utd, the downloaded kits display okay at the top and the 3D kit models show in the changing room and on the pitch - however as soon as I play in champions league the opposition kit is ok, but mine shows as the previous club I played and the 3D kits do not render either? In the screen grab i was playing Leeds in the prem previously and that is showing instead of man utd kit, it was the same in the previous champions league game, showed Newcastle kit instead of mine? Only seems to happen in europe?
  4. Just received a news item for top league player development and only the top club has a total next to the bar graph, was this not also the case at the start of FM20 and it got patched? The news item does tell you the figure for some of the the teams so it's not all blind but still feels like a bug.
  5. It would be handy if the group names on the Competition Review page of the champions league or any other competition were hyperlinked to the group so you could go directly there from that screen. I tried to click on my group to see the standings/if i had qualified after the other match was a late kick off, but there is no active link. This would be a good QOL addition in my opinion. I have uploaded the screenshot below for clarification
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