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  1. This is the first year since I can remember that I am not enjoying FM at all! I usually pick a random top level team in a league that I have never played before and play with them just to get to grips with all the new features until the final patch is out. Then I start a long term save witha more challenging team. This year I took benfica, lost every single pre-season match due to through balls and defenders not moving for anything. Was 4v0 down to porto inside 20 mins in my opening game of the season, I beat everyone else in the league up until my first champions league match against the team seeded 4th in my group. I was 1-6 to win and low and behold 5v0 down inside 30mins all through balls, one which was a defenders header from his own half past all my players.......... The final straw was playing braga in the next match and being 3v0 down inside 5 minutes. The defenders and the keeper seem to be on a different planet in the ME this year and the opposition seem to score every shot they take. So I'm not even going to look at the game again until the final patch is out and I hope that the ME is fixed in it. I don't know what has gone wrong this year
  2. figured it out, i moved my working folder to my fm12 one for my existing graphics and there is a skins folder in there, mustn't have liked that
  3. figured it out, i moved my working folder to my fm12 one for my existing graphics and there is a skins folder in there, mustn't have liked that
  4. Start, control panel, mouse, pointers, Windows black (system scheme)
  5. I'm the same mate hitting it 4 or 5 times a game. It's always brought up in my press conferences
  6. i had a similar issue when i was away with work, sometimes steam wont open in offline mode. someone told me you need to have opened and started the game at least once before it will. but i still had issues with it. seems a bit tempramental
  7. yes when you use the editor to create people it does not know of any other datafiles so will always hand out the same UIDs in the same order, i.e. 1394631469 to the first person you create, and so on. So if nik adds anymore agents to the file it will knock out any IDs in different packs. This looks like it will always be a problem unless SI can tell us a different way of coding the config files?
  8. im not sure, basically in the editor data folder it will load the first file into the database then the second and so on. If the agents are loaded first each time then that cutout pack will work as the agents will always have the same UID. What happens when it loads a second datafile and tries to assign an already used UID i dont know. I would suggest renaming the 2 files in your editor data folder so Agents are first then young stars are second. AAAANiksAgents AAABNiksYoung Stars Something like that, then start a new game, check the UIDs of each young star, then close FM start another new game and check to see if the young stars have the same UID again. I suspect FM will just hand out a random ID if it finds someone in the databse with the UID its trying to give so they may be different each time. Let us know what you find
  9. Morning All, Unfortunately the name and DOB method for coding the config no longer works so we have a bit of an issue. Each seperate Data File will assign the same order of UIDs to new people. Thats why in labidinc's post above the UIDs do not match up. Another datafile that adds people will have loaded by FM before niks Agents pack so those UIDs are already taken and the game must asign a random ID to the next person in question. I have done some testing and as long as niks datafile for agents loads first then this agents cutoutpack will work. What i did was renamed niks Agents datafile to: AAAAAANik33's FM12 Agents pack.dbc then started my new game. This way FM12 loads it first as its first in the list. Here are 3 different links to download the agents pack. This is Jumbertos cutout pack i take no credit for the cutout work i simply coded the config. I did however create the icons pack as i make the icons megapack that goes with the main megapack. Enjoy. Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?15x32yfvap16o02 Sendspace http://www.sendspace.com/file/faapol Gamefront http://www.gamefront.com/files/21356842/Agents+Cutout+Face+Pack+%2B+Icons.rar
  10. hi guys, just to keep you up to date, cant seem to get the name and dob function to work with the config, still working on it, have messaged rowan who originally posted the method to see if he can help
  11. Hi, I know there are mods to increase player, staff and agents faces. But I can't seem to find one that increases OUR picture size in game. Is there such a mod? Or does anyone know which panel requires editing if not? Thanks
  12. Hi, i have coded the agents pack and done some testing, at present we need to rename the agents.dbc file so that it loads first each time (AAAAAAgents.dbc for example) so that the agents are given their UIDs first, then any additional people that are added in other .dbc files dont "steal" their UIDs as they load before. However jumbo has just sent me the way to code the agents using name and dob instead of UIDs so shouldnt need to worry about this. i will try to code the agents using this new format tomorrow evening after work, and if i fail I'll send links to the current pack i have done.
  13. nik, i see there is an agents panel available on the same page as these downloads that increases the agents face size. I dont suppose you or anyone else knows of a similar panel to increase the players face to be the same size below the agents when offering a new contract? or a panel that increases the size of human managers faces to the 180x180 all other staff etc have a panel but i cant seem to find one for human managers..... FYI - i have coded the agents pack already but waiting to hear back from jumbo, he said i can re-submit when done but he mentioned something about coding the config to auto pick up the person by name and dob instead of UID as the UIDs can differ depending on if you have other people added to the game...........
  14. Jumberto (who made the pack last year) sent it to me before i went away on a business trip so i could use it in game. He says he does not have the time to code the config file. i never did use it though if you give me a few hours and ill have it coded tonight. ill PM jumbo and make sure hes happy enough for me to publish it once im done, cant see why he wouldnt be.......
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