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  1. When Aston Villa played Norwich recently they played 442 diamond with Weimann playing like a support striker.
  2. Is not having our best player available more likely to work?
  3. I don't remember him being injured much tbh but he just wasn't involved so if he was injured we probably wouldn't know about it. (i.e. if he had little niggles) Don't think he was injured when at QPR since he was involved nearly every match even if it was mostly as a sub. Outside of the box he wins headers although you never feel he has much control over where they are going so you shouldn't aim for him to have flick ons. Inside the box he is terrible in the air, you don't really want headed chances going to him. Yes he is exclusively left footed although a huge deal is always made of it by Albion fans and there are plently of players that are exclusively right footed and it's never mentioned too much. He is at his best when he is running at the heart of a defence and they are back peddling. In the Championship he finds himself in that position quite regularly as matches can easily get stretched because of the pace of the game. This is one of my favourite games of the 07/08 season. We'd just lost the FA Cup semi against Pompey 3 days earlier and we needed to win away at Blackpool to stay with the automatic promotion pack. I think Phillips scores his penalty in the 82nd minute. Blackpool still want to win, the game stretches and Miller comes to life. Look how where he picks the ball up for Albion's second goal and how quickly that transfers to Phillips having a one yard tap in. Poor Crainey
  4. He did his cruciate against Pompey halfway through (December '08) the 2008/09 season. He had been playing as a lone striker and doing ok. He missed the rest of the season. In pre season for 2009/10 they found that the op didn't go to plan. Seems like they thought the ligament would heal after the op but it should have been strengthened by taking a bit of one of his other ligaments to strengthen the one he ruptured. So he had a second op and had to go through 6 month rehabilitation period again. Then he made his comeback in the game you mentioned when he came on as sub. He ended up with 16 appearences in that season but almost always as a sub. He maybe started a few games but wouldn't last until the end. He did ok but only scored 2 goals in 16 games. Last season he, like you said, wasn't exactly first choice. Was used as a sub about 4-5 times in the first half of the season and then went on loan to QPR in January. He scored one goal in 12 games (4 starts) for them as they stormed the league. If we get £2m for him I am happy. He's scored 15 goals in 99 league games in his career and probably wasn't good enough for the Prem before his injuries (lots of Albion fans disagree with this and think he was good enough.) But if you get him back close to what he was you clearly have an excellent championship striker, who is more than just scoring goals. He stretches teams and scares them with the combination of pace and power. Kevin Phillips loved playing alongside him even though he could get frustrated with him for sometimes making wrong decisions, etc. But he created huge space for Phillips because defenders had to back away because of the threat. I hope he does brilliantly at Forest and since you have Greening as well I hope Forest have a good season.
  5. A good signing but a big if. HUGE if http://twitter.com/#!/chrislepkowski/status/100308389967572993
  6. Few other people reporting it tbf, although just copying Sky probably. Our local journo, who is reliable, says no bids accepted yet and he's been with the team and talking to Hodgson tonight as we had a friendly in Greece. But like I say we want to sell so you or Leicester (and maybe Middlesbrough) could be close to a deal anyway. Something should happen soon.
  7. It's not true... yet. We want to sell Miller but no bids accepted from anyone yet.
  8. We won't give you Cox, Hodgson likes him. How about Bednar or Miller? Seriously though £5m and Cox starts being valued at £7m+ again and we won't go there because he only has one year left on his deal, even if you think/know he'll sign a new one. We don't know that he will so won't act like he will. Actually if he will sign a new contract I think it's unlikely that we will get him. We need you to lower the fee so that we feel like we're getting value for money, else we will move on to another target. Unless Hodgson really pushes that he wants Long I guess.
  9. Yeah if you bid £7m then we will never match it. Although there are some sources saying a bid has not been made. It is a really intriguing transfer to follow because of all the variables. I'd like Long but am not desperate that we get him so I'm quite relaxed about the whole thing, but I still kind of think we might get him as we are the only Prem team that seems to have a serious interest at the moment.
  10. Darren Moore :*) West Brom are very interested in Shane Long but we just won't match any silly bids, whether they are from Championship clubs or Premier League clubs. We will just get to a point where we give up and move on to another target. I think £5m would be the very maximum we would be willing to touch although even that might be too high. Will Reading really take the option of not selling him? i.e. is it a realistic option or just something they're saying while transfer negotiations are going on?
  11. Does anyone know how much money is coming from the new Football League TV deal? All I've seen is a record breaking overseas TV deal but I doubt the record for selling the Championship abroad was that high anyway. From what I can work out Championship clubs get over £2m a season each from the domestic TV deal with Sky and also £2.2m from the Premier League solidarity payment from the Premier League's TV deal. The foreign deal could take Championship TV money to over £5m a season I'm guessing, which is quite good really. That's around the figure that Premier League clubs got from their first ever TV deal.
  12. I saw one of your local journos on twitter (Jonny Fordham) saying that he thinks Long will end up at West Brom, although he believes it could drag on for a while. Not a clue if he's reliable or not obviously.
  13. West Brom want Long if the fee is about £5m. Can't see us getting involved at £8m. The reason we became interested again is that it seemed like Reading were willing to lower their asking price.
  14. Exactly. I feel really frustrated that he has figured it out one game after the World Cup.
  15. The global repechage would be brilliant. Wonder how many fans travelled to this - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/world_cup_2002/1658167.stm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympique_de_Marseille#Bernard_Tapie_era_and_OM.2FVA_bribery_scandal