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  1. Agreed. That's why I think the problem is with the AI defense, and not the shots being too accurate. And I fear that if SI decided to decrease the shot accuracy as a workaround, we may this time almost never see these beautiful goals. Balance is the key
  2. Agree with this too. That's why it is difficult for SI to find the balance, and how to reach it, because I am sure with each approach there will be potential huge knock-ons. Personally I think biggest reason is AI defenders always staying too deep and never stepping up to the opponent player who is about to take a wide open shot from just outside the box. Human managers can mitigate this, but AI doesn't, and it kills the ME at this moment imo.
  3. It is great to get a response from you about the progress. Much appreciated. As a customer that's all I want to see.
  4. That's normally how I decide on the performance of the ME - by watching countless AI vs. AI matches. Current FM 19 ME feels great if you watch 3-4 of your own matches in comprehensive. Then you start seeing the terrible trend of type of goals. Can't miss it really. I still enjoyed it for a while, until I realized it doesn't matter what style you want to play, goals always come the same way. I still think all it needs is a few minor tweaks, and that's why I will be even more disappointed if SI will not even attempt to improve it for the latest patch.
  5. I have not seen any reply/comment for weeks from SI on what is the plan of action on the ME. And it is frustrating if you let it get to you. Instead, I discovered what a great game I missed by not buying FM 17. I bought it after trying the demo recently, with the goal of playing it until an update on FM 19 ME comes out, but now it looks like I will be playing it until 2020 March lol
  6. Still nothing here? Is there some testing going on in house at least before the latest ME is released here for public testing, or is there any intention/possibility to call 19.2.1 the final version for FM 19? I really hope not, because all it needs is some minor tweak on the known issues to make it the best ME up to date. It is already a very good ME, but IMO without tweaking the current issues it will be borderline broken. You watch 2-3 matches, it looks just great. I had a blast watching my first 5-10 matches with the latest ME. However, when you watch 50, it gets boring because majority of goals are the same. My excitement completely died after playing (and enjoying) 1 season, because it became so predictable. Most goals (also AI vs. AI) look the same, regardless of quality of players. If at least the AI can be taught to step up to stop those wide open long shots from just outside the box, that will not only keep the amount of goals from long shots at a more reasonable number, but probably provide the midfielder with an option to play a pass to the now slightly less marked striker. Personally I expect at least an attempt to improve the current ME in that direction, before moving on to FM 20. Keeping fingers crossed.
  7. No I don't think it is. Not sure how you picked above matches. I just went to random gameday instead of selecting specific matches, and the average I see is around 19 in EPL. In Turkish league it is even much lower. There is big difference. Edit: Just checked some other european leagues, like Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga etc. They all have averages around 15-20, whereas FM 19 is approaching 30. I may be wrong, but I think FM 17 was very close to real life in that sense. That doesn't mean that I prefer FM 17 ME of course, this is just one criteria where it was more realistic. Overall I prefer the FM 19 ME.
  8. I got curious and just calculated the number of shots in my game. 7 match day in, and in EPL teams (all AI controlled, on full detail) are producing a little over 28 shots per game (2 teams combined). In this last EPL match day the number is 19. Not double, but still a significant difference. I believe FM 17 ME was closer to real life, but could be wrong. I am not taking a shot at the game, just doing an objective comparison.
  9. Lol, I am not trying to beat FM with anything. Man you really get offended any time somebody has something slightly negative to say about FM, relax, I love the game. Personally I have not seen any match in FM with only a few shots, but yes, it is slightly rare in real life too. However, just go through ANY match day in real life and look at the average number of shots, then compare it to FM. Not even close. Real life games typically end with 5-12 shots per team per game. What do you see in FM? I see typically 10-20 per team per game. Probably double the real life. Pretty significant difference, but that's fine. But if the goal is to reflect real life, there is room for improvement. The numbers are facts, and stating them is not taking a shot at game by any means. Lol...
  10. I am watching the Man City - Liverpool game right now. First 45 min is over, and there has been a total of 3 shots between the two teams, 2 of which were on target. I hope one day the ME can reflect a real life football game in terms of number of shots. I think FM 17 came closest in that sense. There are still way too many shots in FM 19. It should be significantly more difficult to get a shot at goal. Then again, I feel like many gamers would be bored to death in that case, because typically the only exciting parts of the FM match engines are the highlights that end with an attempt on goal. However, I must say that FM 19 comes closest to have entertaining and realistic looking comprehensive highlights, and it is not even close. This is why I consider it the best ME so far, even though there are clear issues with the frequency and effectiveness of long shots and set pieces. Reduce those (which should significantly reduce the average number of shots per game) and slightly improve the central play, and it will be a beauty.
  11. bleventozturk

    [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Hey no problem. Hopefully it is a quick and easy fix.
  12. This does sound like a serious issue. I hope it gets looked at by SI asap. The last FM game I played long term was FM 15, and some of the issues you mentioned existed there as well. I especially remember the lack of fullbacks with decent dribbling and crossing attributes, and I remember how annoying it was. I thought they would have fixed such things by now, as I think this should be one of the relatively easier things to code in this game. Sometimes I really wonder how effectively some modules of FM are being tested in house. The imbalance in attribute distribution is something that should be picked up rather easily.
  13. I like leaving the control of training to assman. In previous FM Touch versions, he would react to which position on the field I was playing the players and he would train the players in that position. In FM 19 Touch, he just ignores where I play them, and he keeps training them in their strongest/natural position, so I have to interfere and take control. Please take care of this easy fix. Thanks.
  14. I just bought and installed FM 17 last night, to get me going until the next fix of FM 19 ME. This actually gave me a chance to compare the ME's. The current 19 ME is imo so much better, and it feels so much more like watching real football, it is not even close, again imo. YET, it also made me realize/confirm that the most important thing in an ME is the balance/type of goals. The 19 ME looks and feels great maybe 80 minutes out of the 90, but the way the majority of the goals happen from set pieces and long range shots, no matter what team, what tactic, just kills the enjoyment. The 17 ME is significantly more primitive, but the variety of how goals happen makes it more enjoyable for me. FM 19 is so close to being great, I am nervously waiting/hoping for a little tweak.
  15. bleventozturk

    [Turkey] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Not sure if this has been reported, but I am managing Altinordu in Turkish 1. League, and I noticed that there are very few Reserve league matches scheduled throughout the year. My reserve team had 7 matches only. This is in FM Touch by the way, not sure if that makes any difference.