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  1. This. And anything else directly related to the way goals are happening in FM19. I have been playing FM 17 since late December. I bought it after trying the demo and watching youtube videos, because it had everything that FM19 doesn't in ME department. Since FM19 did not deliver it for me, I am still playing FM 17. I never meant to come back to this thread to repeat myself, but this one last time I want to add my experience from today. While playing FM 17, I saw 2 goals that looked completely different than most goals that I've seen in FM17 so far in my limited time with that game, and until these two goals I've seen countless different types of goals. Now that's the fun part, and it is completely missing in FM19. In FM17, when a highlight starts, you have no idea what is going to happen, and you still have no idea what is about to happen a short moment before a goal is scored. Completely opposite experience in FM19, making the game incredibly boring. I also quoted the above because in FM17 when you put a striker through on goal, your chance of scoring a goal is pretty good, and each time you feel/hope like he is about to score. And if he misses you react like 'oh no how did he miss that..'. In FM19? No sir. On the other hand, in FM17 if you see the opponent getting ready to take a shot from outside the box, right at that moment you are happy that they could not find an opening in your defense for a better chance, and they decided to try one from far. Whereas in FM19, when you see an opponent dribbling the ball and getting ready to take a shot from 25 yards, you are thinking 'oh boy, somebody block this shot fgs...'. For me this summarizes what is horribly wrong with FM19 ME.
  2. Totally agree with you. Watching games and goals in FM 17 is fun. And when I watch, I can see how I can potentially exploit the shortcomings of the ME in FM 17. But if you don't go that way, you can enjoy a very well balanced ME.
  3. I have yet to test the latest update myself, since it is still not out for FMT. However, I watched countless videos from youtubers out of curiosity, and boy, what a disappointment this ME turned out to be for me. So much promise at some point months ago, but so little delivered. I am sure SI tried hard to improve it, but what a massive fail I am not going to speculate about the reasons/sources of what makes this a poor ME for me - it has been discussed to death in multiple threads, with hundreds of pkm's provided. What matters for me as a user is the end result, and it is just ugly. I know SI and moderators prefer to see constructive criticism that will help SI to improve the game, I get that. But this is now the final product. And as a customer this is my feedback: The ME is so dull and boring in the final 1/3rd of the field, especially when it comes to goals, which is arguably the most important part of the ME. Most goals I see are ugly. Very rarely I see some nice movement that creates a clear cut chance, but those do not end up at the back of the net, in a very weird looking fashion. Instead, we have 30 yard screamers or wild volleys with a better chance of going in than a one-on-one with the keeper. This is not something that can be resolved with a few pkm's, because it is all over the place. Every match, every tactic, every formation, every combination of roles.. Most goals are just ugly/unrealistic (including the countless screamers and buggy looking fails by GK's or defenders), and that's that. The game is no fun. FM programmers are hands down the best in their job (in this genre), and if they can't make this ME fun, well, too bad. Maybe they did not take the best approach to improve the ME this time, who knows. I wish all those pkm's uploaded by devoted FM'ers had helped, but they obviously didn't for this version. Roll on to FM20 and hope for a better product this time. As a customer, I am not worried about the $30 I spent for FMT. I am more worried about that based on my observations, I see less and less improvements through patches in the newer versions of the game. Again, I am sure they worked very hard, and I wish we saw a more significant improvement after months of waiting. Oh well, through all this I discovered FM 17, so for me FM 17 is the latest version in a way, and I am totally enjoying it
  4. Fwiw, again I don't play the game where I keep tweaking my tactic until it starts overachieving (I think it is inevitable to run into some exploits that way). I stick to a few common formations and roles, and still most of the time overachieve a bit in FM 17 so far. My current team was expected to finish 7th in the league, and I am leading after 15 matches. This is my very regular tactic, nothing special (note that it includes regular WB and BWM roles): WB(s) - CD(d) - CD(d) - WB(s) BWM(d) CM(a) - BBM(s) W(s) - IF(s) DF(s) I play on counter mostly. If I go down, I switch to standard, and tweak the roles a bit BWM(d) ----> BWM(s) IF(s) ----> IF(a) If I am up I go defensive, and tweak the roles to: BWM(d) ----> HB(d) CM(a) ----> CM(s) DF(s) ----> DF(d) That's about it really, except some very rare occasions. And it works just fine.
  5. I am on the same page with you. I bought FM 17 only recently, after I gave up on FM 19, and enjoying it a lot - never played before. I think the game provides a healthy amount of challenge if you don't look for exploits. Like in every FM game, I think the morale is an overwhelming factor, and because of that sometimes I find it too easy when my team starts piling up W's against superior opponents, but it can also lead to continuous bad results for an extended period, so I experience a lot of streaks. In my experience, when you are in a loosing streak, the key is to tweak tactics a bit and aim for a draw or two to get out of a slump to recover the morale a bit, and wait for an easier opponent to get back to playing a little more aggressive and start a winning streak.
  6. How do we switch from Beta to actual game? When I go to steam, it says I am in beta still.
  7. I did not have a chance to do any testing since December because FMT has never been updated
  8. I still did not have a chance to test 19.3.0 yet. Any idea when the FMT version will be released?
  9. Unfortunately style does not matter in this FM when it comes to majority of the goals. Of course it makes a difference, especially noticeable when you watch games in comprehensive. But we are talking about how goals happen. And significant lack of variance is killing the fun. This is one that is not related to tactics at all. You just need to watch all AI vs AI games, many different teams with different setups and mentalities. Different soccer, same goals.
  10. Same here. The ME is very good, EXCEPT the goals. In terms of variety of goals this is the worst ME for me by far, which unfortunately makes the game unplayable for me. I have FMT, so I did not have a chance to test 19.3, but what I am hearing here is not encouraging at all
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