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  1. Yes. But it will take too long to upload it, report minutes of unrealistic crosses, etc. My free beta testing days are over, sorry. Posting a feedback here takes 2-3 minutes. Reporting a bug with details take 30min. I don't have time for it. SI will tweak it or not, whatever they do, it is up to them. You ask for feedback here, well, this is my feedback No harm done, right? Just played my final match until another patch: I was leading 2-0 from two crosses. My opponent wasn't trying any crosses this time, they were forcing it through the middle and were creating nothing. Then they switched tactics and the crossing bombardment started. They scored from two crosses met by their men in back post with all my men just watching, game ended 2-2. The defenses are horrible, pretty much transparent. In slow motion it looks even worse. This is an unfinished product imo, like it typically is before the third patch in every version last few years. I am confident the third patch will be better but I think 16.2 is worse than 15.2. Let's wait and see.
  2. This is not a bug. It is a feedback on what I think is a fundamental weakness in the ME.
  3. Just played another match where the opponent scored 3 goals from crosses and won 3-0. Throughout the whole match it was a cross bombardment. They did nothing else. One of their wingbacks finished with 24! crosses all by himself. They had the ball for less than 40 minutes, so that means this guy crossed the ball more than once every two minutes they had the ball. This is insane amount of crosses. Some of the crosses also look completely unrealistic in the way how it was a first time cross, where the ball goes with rocket pace and super accurate, even though before it is crossed it comes towards the wing bouncing really high from a long ball. Everything happens in a second, the ball movement reaches an insane speed, it looks like a pinball machine rather than a soccer match.
  4. Also, I didn't have time to do much testing after FM13 myself, due to my daughters being born Just started testing again recently on my own.
  5. I remember something about the fullbacks leaving too much space for the wingers to attack, but don't remember the crosses being so effective. The end product (15.3) is definitely much better than 16.2 in that sense, no comparison imo.
  6. You are right. Didn't think of that before. But still something is just not right. Maybe the accurate few crosses are too accurate, and combined with my other observation in those highlights (attacking side players reacting quicker) this results in an unreal conversion rate. Last night I played a pre-season friendly where I lost 4-3, and all four goals were from 4 successful crosses from opponent. Sure this can happen in real life maybe 1 in 100 match, but it is more or less the norm in this ME. One thing is for sure, this is something we have never had in any ME before FM16. There is a reason why so many people are complaining. It definitely needs some adjustment, which I believe SI will address in 3rd patch.
  7. Sorry, but no. There is nothing you can show me that happened in real life that resembles anything like we see in that video. You are just trying awfully hard to make any sense out of things that you see in ME that are terribly wrong. No use in doing so, really.
  8. My initial thoughts about the new ME were fairly good. However, as usual, the more I play, the more I discover the flaws. But only two of those flaws makes the game borderline unplayable for me: 1) How key passes are determined and how it effects the ratings, especially those of the wingbacks. Any time a wingback moves close to the byline and makes a cutback pass to a midfielder entering the penalty box, it is registered as a key pass, which results in inflated wingback ratings. 2) The dreaded crosses! They are just way too accurate. The ball is pulled towards the attacking side's players like a magnet. Every single cross looks (and is) very dangerous. Moreover, the attacking side's players' reaction time is always quicker than the defenders, which makes crosses even more dangerous. Anything else, I can live with. I am keeping my fingers crossed that SI will do a good job for the third and final patch, which they do as usual, and until then I am going back to my save in FM15 in my free time, which has its own issues with too many goals and near 100% penalty conversion rate, but otherwise providing a much better gaming experience with its stable ME.
  9. Come on now, let's be frank, no soccer player IRL would EVER do that in that situation. It is either a bug, or it means the PPM's can sometimes completely illogically have an influence on how a player behaves in a certain situation, and it shouldn't be so. Definitely something to be fixed.
  10. I scored a weird goal last night, which actually supports some of the complaints I see here about the goals from crosses being far too many (not saying I agree with this or not). My attack developed from the center of the field, and it was a semi-counter attack, where the opposition defense didn't have time to completely get back in their shape yet, when with a lobe(ish) through ball my DLF(s) lone striker controlled the ball somewhere very close to the penalty spot, where he was one on one with the keeper. With his first touch he dropped the ball in front of him, and when I was expecting him to blast it to the back of the net, he passed the ball all the way to the wing, to my wingback coming in. The wingback immediately (single touch) crossed it back to my attacking midfielder just outside the box, who also with a single touch blasted the ball into the net. It was a superb goal to watch, one you would probably see once in a few years IRL, but my reaction was of course 'this should not happen!'. My striker was wide open, 1-2 yard to the side of the penalty spot, with only the keeper to beat, no defender bothering him, and he kicked to the wing for a cross. This is just not right.
  11. Man, I got old waiting for ratings to be fixed I was in my 20ies when I first started complaining, now I am nearing 40 lol.
  12. Ok. Thanks for the correction; I learned something new about the TI's and sorry for the misleading advice
  13. The first thing I would try is to remove pass into space TI. In all of the above examples your player with the ball decided to pass it to the only guy who is wide open.
  14. It is hard to tell without seeing, but maybe your tactics and how your opponents defend against it leaves a lot of space in front of your fullbacks, and since you have pass into space TI, instead of trying a through ball into a cluttered area, your MC's chose to pass the ball into that free space in front of your fullbacks. It also depends on the roles you chose for your front three. Try a raumdeuter for example, who may find some space in that clutter. Another factor is your build up. If you are allowing enough time for your opponents to settle with a deep defensive line, the natural tendency of your players will be to play the ball to the wide areas rather than forcing the issue through the middle, and as I said above, this will be probably amplified by your TI 'pass into space'. Again, just guessing here mostly. If you can maybe post some screenshots from those instants where you expect a through ball, we can look at it and try to understand why that is not happening.
  15. I enjoyed reading this thread from the start, but I must admit that it was disappointing to see you giving up on the flat 4-4-2 so easily, before even the PL season kicked off. Kind of beats the purpose of the thread. But still interesting read I wonder if your DLF(s) would drop deeper if your MCR was a CM(d). In my experience, whatever role you pick for them, your players' behavior will always be affected by their teammates. Simply observe the behavior of a FB(s) when there is an MR in front of him, vs. when there are is nobody there on the wing. He will step up to the midfield to support the attacks a whole lot more when he has nobody ahead of him. Or observe a BBM, with a single striker ahead of him vs. 2 strikers. He will enter the box much more frequently when his running path is not blocked by his own teammate. Maybe a similar thing is happening with you DLF.