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  1. I saw a few that are not on the ground too, but they were still hit low. Did you see one that went to the upper corner, of better some that went over the bar? I remember something like this happening in one of the earlier FM's too, and I also remember it taking long time until SI acknowledged it and fixed it.
  2. Oops, I thought you were in the development team, sorry
  3. Hey there, these are just two more that are hit low. I still have yet to see one that is not hit low. I hope you guys looked into this and it is fixed for the release.
  4. This is THE BIGGEST fundamental issue with all the FM installments up to date for me, that the roles and tactics define how the players behave in the ME more than their attributes. I always said, at some point SI needs to get rid of the player roles. Player specific instructions can stay, that part is realistic, but those should only have marginal effect on how the players behave. A player with low work rate and stamina should NOT be able to run all over the field just because you put him in box-to-box midfielder role for example. If a player has the fitting attributes, then he should play like a box-to-box midfielder if you put him in there as a central midfielder. Same goes for those green circles about the positional versatility. If they only define only familiarity with a certain position, and have some marginal effect on the performance, that's fine, but if the player has the right attributes to play on both wings, you shouldn't be retraining him for months for him to play on the other wing. Let the attributes decide.
  5. Agreed. This is actually related to what I was saying about the imbalance in shots / stronger teams absolutely dominating weaker ones. When you play more attacking, more pressing style, there is no threat from the other team to punish you. A few times in some ME builds SI got it closer to real life (in early builds of FM 19 for example I was able to play defensive and hit the stronger teams with high pressing style on counter attacks and punish them), but towards the 19.3 match engine this kept getting worse, going in the wrong direction. Too bad it is still there in FM 20.
  6. Way too many games with the better team ending with 25+ shots and the other team with no shots or only one or two. This was in FM 19 too. It just almost never happens irl, so common in FM. I understand the lesser team playing with more defensive mentality, but still, it doesn't mean that they will not even attempt anything. What happened to beautiful counter attacking that I see in FM 17? Some stats (number of shots) from today's games where one side was significantly stronger: Liverpool: 17 Genk: 6 Napoli: 24 Salzburg: 11 Barcelona:12 Prag: 4 (this would for sure be a Barcelona 32 Prag 0 shots game in FM)
  7. A question for those who ran a test game: How do the newgens look? And equally important, how does AI perform in terms of developing them? My favorite FM is FM 17, but my major issue with it is the lack of versatility in how many different position the newgens can play. You can retrain players to overcome this issue somewhat, but AI almost never does it, so what is the point. It really takes some of the fun away in long term saves.
  8. About the number of shots: what is the goal to achieve here to reflect real life? I remember commenting on this in FM 19, and majority thought the number of shots was spot on. I just don't get it. When I look at the stats of real life matches, they are typically around 10-12 per match per team. In FM games it seems to be closer to 15 or more on average, and many times the better team in a match gets around 20 or more. Sure it happens irl too, but on rare occasion. Apart from the numbers, it doesn't pass the eye test either. Irl, once a team gets into the opposition 3rd, the defense gets tighter, and it gets significantly more difficult to find space to receive a pass, control, dribble one or two touches and then shoot. I don't see that in FM (not just one version, but in general). Also players in FM are in general more trigger happy, whereas real life players typically won't shoot until a very good chance presents itself.
  9. High number of shots is a known issue I guess? And the super accurate long passes across the field. Sorry if these are mentioned many times already, but they are some obvious things that are screaming at me while watching youtube videos.
  10. Just bumping this up, because I have seen a few more penalties, and those were all hit low as well. Definitely something wrong here. I am always surprised whenever I run into something like this in the game, because while watching the videos I feel like it is such an obvious thing, and yet it has not been noticed by the testers? After watching 4-5 penalties that are all hit low more or less the same way, it should be impossible not to be noticed by a tester, and I would expect at that point a tester should start paying attention to it. And I am sure SI runs countless soak tests, all you have to do is go through 15-20 penalties, and you will know if it was just coincidence, or a bug.
  11. Sounds good, thanks. Just wanted to share it since it caught my attention.
  12. I have been watching youtube videos today, I believe I have seen about 15-20 of them, all hit low. There was also a penalty shootout in the official SI video, and all 10 penalties were hit low.
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