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  1. football manager 1982 on the spectrum has less bugs...S H I T
  2. do u like licking holes called miles Spartacus?
  3. This game is a total disgrace, how you get away with It I will never understand: Online network games- S H I T Last min goals-S H I T Assistant manager-S H I T crashes and bugs-S H I T tactics-S H I T steam-S H I T superman keepers for CPU-S H I T finances-S H I T FFP-S H I T First touch on players-S H I T need I go on...your game is S H I T and doesn't work...you've updated it more times than I can remember...your team of TESTERS is S H I T. cheers.
  4. aw has foth not been showing you his boabie on Skype cam
  5. why do these jokers get to spout this in the main forums..when others get told "to follow the rules" jokers.
  6. Long term Network game has a Vacancy!! there's a few conditions to play though...preferably over 30...no kids who cant stay up past 10pm and then take there phone to bed and ask for the results on Skype! we play 4/5 days from 8-11pm (1 season in a week) game is up all day Saturday for scouting and sorting your team...in and out as you like.. we have our own transfer windows to keep the speed going..holiday between games and use other games going on to do the managing stuff! chat on Skype is a must as its part of the game..if your up to the challenge and bored of single...theres 8/9 of us at the moment... New Managers start in the Champs..we are just finishing the year 2021...New Pre-Season Starts this Saturday from 9am...8pm Kick off! add me on Skype kevy3480 or reply here..NO kids please!! (this will be our 56th season with Fm13...and now 14.) mostly EX FMlers!
  7. Id pay for that 3.99 for the editor...id pay 5.00 for classic tactics back...great idea mr skeletor..luv you.
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