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  1. a few goals of my current walkthru of Serie C with Pro Vercelli
  2. rightclick on FM in steam, properties -> Betas -> opt out
  3. pretty crazy first game after the update, lets see where this goes :o
  4. The only shouts i find works are "Show some passion", "Demand more" and "Get creative".
  5. Look at 59:42, starting out fine, but Koumetio (the NCB) then decides to leave the penalty area and instead leaving my much smaller WB to defend a potential cross in the box. After the throwin, he then decides to play as a MC for a while, for no reason... Never seen this before :o PKM attached NCB thinks his MC.pkm
  6. i have seen it too and in this case cost me a goal. keep an eye on Baquie the RB, runs across the pitch to closedown, instead of holding his position and picking up the run from opposition. and a minor in this case, my 2 DC switch position for no reason, Kuntz DCL and Lees DCR PKM attached poor RB movement.pkm
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