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  1. when does kewell retire? says 2014 in his prof but i keep getting news item he is due to hang the boots up at the end of first season and there is a option in his profile to get him to reconsider retiring at end of first season....bug?
  2. Will be playing as Melb for sure. Viva la Arry
  3. I am in second season. Finished 2nd in EPL first season , fa cup finalists but lost and champions league finalist but lost. I sold Cech he let me down to often on big games and brought in De Gea. Alex and ferrera is gone and I have brought in the great defender from Juve Chillieni for 53m. In midfield I sold Essien for 35.5m and sold benayoun and kalou. I brought in Mata for 37.5m but he had a poor first season (brought him in jan) was raviged with injury and was very inconsistant (was voted worst signing of the season lol). Also signed Mark van bommel and davide santon on frees. Also in Jan signed chamberlain and Lukulu. Torres was top scorer in EPL with 34 goals. Question - I am in serious debt now with signing Chillieni like 20m in the red , will Roman come in and fix it up soonish or will I have to keep selling to balance the books? Chiellini and mata are both on huge deals. Mata is 215k a week while chilleini is 225k a week with 20k appearance bonus and 50% yearly wage rise. As you can see I am determined to win the trebel - EPL , fa cup and ECL this season.
  4. Currently playing with Rovers in 11.3 playing a 4-4-2 formation. Kalanic , Samba and N'Zonzi have been great. Phil Jones , Potts , Josh Morris and Grant Hanley look the good as youngens.
  5. What year does Lamps and Terry retire in your game guys?
  6. Going to start with Pompey when the new patch comes. Squad will be a bit different (no utaka) and will be a good challenge. Anyone got a good idea for any free transfers for the new patch? Was thinking Olivier kapo? Sure there are more names out there cmon guys...
  7. does kewell retire early in the game like in fm 2010?
  8. so confusing , where is just 1 download with the whole thing?
  9. Go out the backyard , Put my first letter of my first and last name on my football jacket by stapling paper on there then proceed to have a training session with them pretending im talking to them and having a chat with the lads when low and behold....Im there by myself
  10. I turned on steam for the first time since i installed the game. It said it was updating....does anyone know what it updated? In update news it said something about direct x?? thanks
  11. Yeah i have pre ordered via steam and am waiting for it to be unlocked.....Alot of people have had issues with when its going to be released as Steam seems to go on where there person is from and sets it for that region which Sega said they were looking into it last friday but still no word from them.
  12. Reputation impacts on performance of your team aswell. Players respond to experianced managers and successful managers more then sunday league inexperianced managers. Me personally like to keep it realistic and put it as low as possible. Your experiance will probably go up if you get successful promotion to the premier league but you would have to be fairly consistant and get some good results to get approached from a big club. Again there is to many variables to know if you will get a offer of a top job though.
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