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  1. Hi! I want to play game with Wycombe from league 2 in England but I want to know will they expand stadium or built new one when I reach Premiership and I win Champions League. Is it depend on how city is big, or you can have stadium for 60,000 in every club when you reach Premiership and play in Champions League for about 15-20 years from now
  2. Hi! I played this game for so many years and I must say something and it is nothing new. Football Manager 2014 is disaster. How is it possible that game is, once more, totally unplayable? Some people will say that game have bugs but it is ok. But I cant no longer tolerate that irresponsability towards customers. Every year I buy a game from hard-earned money and every year it is unplayable before two or three patches. Samo will say that all other games also have patches but most of them (not all) have patches to improve some aspects of game, not to make game playable. And something that is most annoying is that there is no public excuse, there is no hour to hour giving information about patch, Instead, when you ask something on forum, you are boring. I know it is not easy to make a game but relationship with customers has to be better. This game is BOUGHT, somebody gave MONEY for it. So, thank you and goodbye!
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