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  1. Currently with Swindon 1st season. Locked in a promotion battle with 2 games to go. Using a 4-2-3-1 Tiki taka and a Custom 4-3-3 (DM) Counter attack. Has anyone got any recommendations on players who can do a job in the championship
  2. Fancy arranging a final on International week
  3. There isn't a specific rule on this I don't think, its not like the Europa League . IIRC Man City and Spurs played each other on a Wednesday then again on a Saturday lunchtime last season. There will be other examples of this so no sometimes your game won;t be moved .
  4. Thank you Both were transfer listed at Real, got no idea why. Isco was actually listed for £33 mill but at the time I couldn't afford him by the time I got my new budgets his asking price went up to £63 million. The negotiating was a bit tedious but I think its a very good deal. Iwobi just hasn't played enough for me this season- Man City keep bidding £7 million for him which of course I am not going to accept. So selling him is going to be tough.
  5. Approaching the end of my first season at Arsenal and this is the state of play in terms of competitions. Since this image I won the first leg against Benfica 1-0 Below is what in my opinion my strongest team is, although I do like to rotate often between Ozil and Fekir and also Nielson and Walcott. All 4 have been very good. Transfers are below. Busy summer window Two ins already confirmed for the next season. The board gave me a £101 million transfer budget to play with so these two took up the bulk of that. The two signings mean that I am now stupidly overstocked in attacking midfield. So there are likely to be at the very least two casualties- I think I will sell Iwobi ( Man City are interested) and also try and drum up interest for Ramsey. Has anyone had any experienced with Timo Horn? Need a replacement for Cech when he inevitably retires.
  6. Just finished my second season at Swindon and successive promotions mean I am in the Championship. A large part of that down to Matty Taylor and Keshi Anderson who got 41 and 35 league goals respectively. However this squad now needs a lot of work if it is to survive in the Championship. Top of my list is a new keeper( Vigoroux left in January) and 2 new Left backs but in truth this squad needs a lot more depth added across the board. My transfer budget is okay with £1.9 million to spend and just under £30k spare in wages to play with after Joe Williams signs. I have got one hell of a transfer window on my hands.
  7. 6 shots, 6 on target and 6 goals. Can't get more prolific than that
  8. It's from the skin I downloaded off the steam workshop the skins called Scorpio or something like that I'm not sure what the font is actually called though
  9. Mata and Fabregas make up the top two, only in FM!
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