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  1. lallana couldnt finish his dinner.
  2. lallana and sterling should just get on the first plane home and kane might aswel pack his bags. whats the point of your main striker taking corners? Would have brought kane off and stuck vardy or rashford on for abit of pace cause russia kept pushing up
  3. has macheda done anything since he scored that goal against villa?
  4. just seen the replay. how was that not a penalty? Clear shove in the back And you have 2 people who hate united 'analysing' bit of a joke
  5. no. you not playing it anymore? you got attacked a few times i think if you didnt know.
  6. ah gutted. nah ive not edited it. shame
  7. Yeah so im still playing fm07 and didnt know where else to put this. Im in 2027 and my game keeps crashing on the 4th July 2027. I have 3 saves all on the same date and it just doesnt go past that date. really annoying as im quite far into the game and now i cant play on. Its not saying the file is corrupt just that its crashed because it loads up just fine. I've tried holidaying it past the 4th but still does the same. It has saved a file to the SI folder but i cant seem to open it and i dont think id know what i was meant to do with it anyway. so is my save nackered?