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  1. Adding to the coach report vs scout report theme: not only should coaches provide a report of scout style depth, it would be nice if they indicated how far the reserve was from attaining first team standard, if at all.
  2. I'm in charge of the reserves in my current save. Sometimes I can't muster a full team. If no U18 exists in that position, or at least not a fit one, I have to play someone out of position or select a first teamer. Why can't you either:- 1. Bump an U18 "grey" temporarily up to the reserve squad. 2. Have greys appear in the reserves when you're stuffed for personnel (doesn't happen when you're in charge). 3. Make grey players less fussy about signing contracts. I tried to sign a few U18 greys to the end of the season. They all refused and demanded three year contracts with squad status of a minimum of rotation! Cheek! If they are that fussy there should be at least a reasonable chance that they could turn out OK. At the moment they are invariably rubbish.
  3. Sort out the following in the match engine which really makes me wonder if I should be spending so much time on this game:- 1. An attacker runs down the wing - the keeper comes miles off his line and stands there like an idiot leaving a gaping hole at the near post - the attacker shoots....yes and there's yet another hideously unrealistic long range near-post strike. 2. Your attacker has the ball at an extreme angle near the goal - there's a teammate at the edge of the 6 yard box with an open goal in front of him - does your striker square it or shoot into the side netting? I wonder...why its the side netting option! Does the ai striker do this five minutes later? Of course not. (The fanboys will be out in force telling me its my tactics, I keep buying players with low teamwork and the ai can't "cheat". Yeah, right). 3. An opposition striker takes a shot, it bounces off the keeper back into the dangerzone - why...it goes straight to another opposition striker - it bounces off my keeper or the woodwork - why...look at that it's gone straight to ANOTHER one of their players - goal - what a surprise. Btw, on the rare occasion that a fumbled (why are fumbling keepers so prevalent?) save falls to one of my players he merely presents it genorously to an opposition striker, so as not to upset the flow, you understand. 4. These constant idiotic OWN GOALS! THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS!!! Generally, the match engine's brilliant but these are BUGS no matter how hard you might try to blame tactics. It just doesn't happen irl at anything like the frequency. I noticed the first three points on FM6, so these are long-standing things.
  4. More reaction after you've resigned to take another job. At the moment its like you've never existed. How did the players/board/fans/local press/local women take your sudden departure (only joking with the las one!). Also, greater player IQ to recognise when a new boss has arrived, when he's just been removed from the transfer list, when he hasn't been playing well etc. EG, a transfer listed player has "wants to prove his worth" in his screen. You take him off the transfer list to give him a chance and he's immediately moaning and groaning about first team football as if its a big surprise he hasn't been featuring.
  5. Scouting etc: The scouting pre-FM7 was poor not just because of the rudimentary information, but also because scouts, like assistant managers and coaches, talked ********. Nowadays, you get a large report, which is fine, but can you trust a word of it? After all, ******** is ********, whether its one line or one hundred. Moving towards my suggestion... I could be wrong, but I get the impression that the game has probabilities factored in to decide whether or not a coach (or whoever) will give you decent information or complete rubbish. EG: In FM6 (and for all we know in FM7) an assistant manager or coach report on a youth player would read something like “this player could become a class act†etc. You’d get all exited, load FM Scout to have a look and it turns out he’s got a CA of 5 and a PA of 8. You were given utter ********. Other times, however, they appear to be given decent information. Like rolling some dice, you ask a question and its mere chance whether you get crap or decent info’. The poor coach is more likely to talk rubbish (but not necessarily always) and vice versa. This is useless as you cannot possibly know if what they’ve said in correct or not. I know they are trying to replicate reality, where coaches etc don’t always get things right, some are better than others and all that, but there is a world of difference in judging this in the real world and in a game. In a game I think we should be able to trust the information. The quality of the staff member concerned should manifest itself in the AMOUNT of information, not the likelihood of it being complete garbage. So, a poor assistant manager or coach might give one line indicating the youth player with CA/PA of 5/8 is unlikely to make it. A quality assistant manager/coach would provide a report similar to the new FM7 scouting system that goes into more detail. Either way, you would have SOME idea about that player without worrying if the staff member concerned said the opposite to real truth. The same goes for physio reports. This stuff about “out between a week and six months†is laughable. Real life? A physio wouldn’t last 10 minutes in a job if he was that dopey. A bloke in the pub could give a more accurate time scale if you gave him the injury and when it happened. It’s fair enough for poorer physios to be a bit less sure of a diagnosis, but not to anything like that level. Instead, they should have a +/- accuracy of no more than 10% of the true time out and combine the “quality of staff factor†with the amount of information. For example, a good physio, in addition to providing accurate assessments of time out injured, could provide in-depth reports of the player’s condition. The poorer physio would give the usual one liner and a slightly less accurate time out prediction. I’d also like to see more physio involvement, eg half time and in-game indications of the injury a player has picked up (at the moment its just a green square – what injury is it? Is it likely to get worse if he remains on the pitch or is it the sort of injury that can be run off?), reports about future injury proneness, repetitions of former injuries etc. Again, a good physio would provide extensive information, a bad one minimal information. But GOOD information, NOT left to chance whether it was utter rubbish.
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