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  1. I take it I'll still have to change from the 2D pitch to the Split View each time?
  2. Good point - do your preferences change each new game? Or are they generally always kept?
  3. So there's no way of stopping it going to one of the 3d views automatically?
  4. will give it a go then and see if I can get it out of the TV view - cheers
  5. Don't get what you mean I'm afraid - I want it to go to the Split View, but it still goes to the TV view. Didn't have this problem on my last game, so I must have done something but can't remember what it was
  6. I've just started a new game and every match I play it defaults to the 3d TV commentary view. How do I change this so it goes to commentary only? I have changed the options for 'Highlight Mode' and 'Show Highlights in' etc but it doesn't seem to matter.
  7. Cheers. Will give it a look then
  8. Cheers for the quick response. Is it worth the update?
  9. The last one I got was 07, so what's been added/upgraded since then? I know there's the 2D pitch, but is that new to this version or was that an 08 addition?
  10. Cheers. Was just me being dumb and not looking closely enough then!!
  11. Didn't it used to be under Information on the Team screen, or am I remembering wrong? I can't seem to find it.
  12. Laptop advice for FM09

    Cheers all for the help. Does anyone have an idea when the spec will be out?
  13. I'm thinking of getting a laptop, and about the only game I'll get will be FM09. What sort of machine would you all recommend and where's a good place to buy from?
  14. These forums

    I've not been on the forum anywhere near as much as I used to be and it's probably for this reason. I agree with the main consensus that a larger (and possibly a bit stricter) mod team would be a good first step.
  15. Only 3 players have managed to break the CA180 mark too. What are the odds that Chelsea will be made up of at least a team worth before the end of season 4?? The idiots are doing OK for themselves money wise too - maybe that's where I'm going wrong! lol