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  1. What if the players are coming from the youth team. Says Inter's B team. It will still get 1 Appeal Point? In fact my case on the above, except the US new gen, they are all eligible to get enough appeal point. (ok, you may say the dutch league is not in the top 6). Reyneso - 10M, 40K p/w, from Argentine league Dutch new gen - 14M, 10K p/w, from Dutch league (Senior Squad) China new gen - 18M, 8K p/w, coming from Serie A (B team)
  2. May be I should have just stop playing FM then. Anyway, thanks all your replies.
  3. I think mine is a harder one as yours will consider player's potential when appeal bid.
  4. Thanks mack4ever! I will be quite disappointed as that will only limit my choice of player in my db. Given there are 211 national teams and each team has 23 players and the maths will be 4853 possible choices out there. However, if your player db is not big enough and you choose few leagues to play and view (in my save, i make UK and spain playable and Germany/Italy/France/Netherlands viewable), I guess only about 20% of total possible choice (i.e 1000 players) will be ok to sign. Most of them have already signed by the big clubs (in 2018, there are 32 teams playing European Champion League group stage and 48 teams are playing Europa League group stage) and the overseas club like FCP could sign the young and promising talent. The game setting is actually leave me no choice but focus on the players from local league. And if then, the choice of GK will fall short in the first place. You just play 1 GK in each national team and you won't change the starting lineup very frequent. In the case like De Gea will not gain his WP as at the time he joined Man Utd, Iker Casillas was still prime. G. Buffon was in his prime for more about 20 years and so you won't be able to sign any Italian GK in the past 20 years. Not mentioned that the big team will take away your best player from your team as they are playing ECC/Europa. It's really not rocket science! Yes, but it is tough and not realistic.
  5. Thanks mate. However, my team is Newcastle and I will not able to afford high salary. For E. Reneyso (from Boca) I have spent 10M and pay him 40k a week. For Dutch wonderkid I have spent 14.5M and pay him 20k a week. For the Chinese new gen, I tried to pay him 18M (!?) and 10k a week for a just 18 yrs old boy (who is now with Serie A's Inter). I am just trying to understand the line. I accept to play and train more with my local youth. But when I need to improve my team, it seems the only choice is the capped player and that is non-sense. I bet Reneyso is a lot better than a capped player in some experience internationals coming from Asian or Mid-America countries, as they are just different class. I have read some articles in other forums, some said the salary is the line and offering 3k/5k (or 5k/8k) to the youth/senior. If then, from your reply, is that mean it depends on the case of Brexit in each save?
  6. In my save the new Brexit WP's are already in place. I was trying to sign a Netherlands players Ryan Gravenberch (18 yrs old, no cap) but it is WP application is rejected. Some said if the club is offering a 3k per wk contract for youth squad player and 5k for senior squad players, the system will give it a go eventually. However, my case is quite something. E. Reynoso - 24 yrs old, 1 cap from Argentine in 2020 summer. WP rejected A US new gen - 18 yrs old, 4 caps and 2 goals, WP approved. R. Gravenberch - 18 yrs old Netherlands Wonderkids, offering backup role and 20k per week. WP rejected. A China new gen - 18 yrs old, 2 caps, WP rejected. It is a bug or the requirements are just too tough as the GK will be a big problem here. And I am quite confused on the approval guideline. The system has given the US new gen a go, but he rejected Reynoso and a China new gen's application.
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