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  1. I think something that needs to be improved is feedback from the board. Instead of randomly getting a news item saying "We're building a new stadium", there should be more build up to it, and news items such 1. In the board meeting this week, the board will look into the expanding the current stadium or building a new one A week or 2 later... 2. The board have decided a new stadium is the best option A week or 2 later... 3. The board are making a list of sites that could potentially be used to build the stadium on 4. The board are meeting with the local council to discuss the options etc etc Something like that anyway, with feedback being spread out over the next few years to keep the manager in the know about what's happening. It could even go as far as giving us news items like "The foundations have been laid for the new north stand". It might be annoying for some people to get news items about it, but at least it keeps us informed.
  2. Epic Find

    FM08. My favourite of the lot so far, hence why I'm still playing it
  3. That's the main reason why I might not get FM11. I don't have as much time on my hands nowadays and I'd rather be able to pick the game up and just play a few matches, save then switch it off. There's just too much to do and take in on FM11 making it harder to have a quick 15 minute session here and there.
  4. Who still plays FM08?

    I'm still playing FM08. I've not had any problems with regens and the save I've got going with Villa has been the most enjoyable save I've ever had on any version of CM/FM.
  5. FM08 is my favourite one yet. I'm still playing it now as FM09 and FM10 wouldn't run well enough on my laptop, and I'm in 2029 with Villa, dominating everything. I haven't had any problems with regens and it's been the most enjoyable (and almost stress free!) save I've had.
  6. Agreed! Whatever happened to the green grass? Bring it back!
  7. The skin

    The patch on release day will include a darker skin.
  8. But wouldn't it be better for the game to switch back to another screen like league table, player ratings etc, in between highlights like we had in FM 05, 06, 07 and 08, rather than looking at an empty pitch?
  9. This bugs me a bit. In the old days I used to set a match day up so that I was looking at a split view of the league table and my player ratings, with key highlights. When a highlight was shown, it switched from the split view to the pitch, showed me the highlight, then switched back to the split view, then showed me another highlight, then it switched back to the split view etc. Will it not do that now?
  10. One of mine, not great, but it's the only one I have a screenshot of lol. http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/5075/biggestcomebackj.jpg
  11. FM on a HDTV

    Well you could put the laptop by the TV, therefore, not on your lap. TV = bigger screen, so can sit anywhere in the room and still see FM.
  12. FM on a HDTV

    Someone who doesn't want to have to sit at a desk to play it? Or sit with a laptop in their lap?
  13. Best save you had on 08

    I had my most successful save on 07 with Spurs, winning the Prem around 15 times in a row and the Champs League 12 times. However, my favourite save is on 08 with Villa. I've almost been as successful as I was with Spurs but I enjoyed the Villa save more, probably because it was a bit less predictable. I had Jimmy Briand and Billy Sharp up front, unstoppable they were! I'm still playing 08 and just started a game with Stafford Rangers, my local team.
  14. [Release] Skin - Flex09

    SmurfDude you are a legend! I can now go and buy FM 09