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  1. haha yep! i tried auba on the left but again didnt contribute... i have a feeling there is something to do with the game rather than what im doing seeing as it is in beta phase
  2. i was playing 4-3-1-2 but changed to 41212 now and still no real change
  3. just noticed too that the best pass completion rate in my team is guendouzi with 102% of passes completed.. impressive
  4. there are loads on there... i emailed but they said post in a forum... which at the time had thousands of posts.. they wont see mine just sitting there,
  5. ive done all that, has been same all season... ive played FM since championship manager 98... so not like i dont know what im doing... in terms of status they are AT MOST first team... mostly rotation.
  6. my team after every game are on like 60 fitness... havnt really touched training but they shouldnt be that low... the players also complain they aint getting played if they dont play like 3 in a row...
  7. i mean if you look at the photo it shows you who is getting the goals...
  8. i honestly dont think i have ever got ozil to perform on any FM... hes always a useless sack of **** in every game i have played lol... shame really
  9. thanks for the reply guys, i use a 4-3-1-2 formation, wanted to get laca and auba in the same team without playing with wingers... i may sell ozil in the summer and get SMS from lazio... what formation have you guys used to good effect?
  10. So im playing as Arsenal in my Beta save and one thing that stands out above all else is my strikers. Lacazette and Aubameyang half way through the season are being outscored almost by Guendouzi and Mustafi? both have average ratings of 6.5 throughout the season? it doesnt make any sense, i signed josef martinez too and he is also having same issues? Is this a known bug or is lacazette and auba useless in this game??
  11. Hi, i have done all of them and my GPU mode is on software already. I think there was a problem with Steam as it seems to be working now thanks
  12. the whole of today it has been that when i go into a game it takes ages to load the game and say if i make a sub or change an instruction then it freezes for ages
  13. the save game has been updated can you take a look please Thanks
  14. uploading now to the thing. what happens when it is 100% downloaded? do i just exit?? its called - Arsenal Main Game (Maybe Test) thanks
  15. Hi, I am really fed up of steam and football manager at the moment. Since the update when i go into match day the game freezes and it quits the game... i go into steam and try to verify game contents but it keeps quitting also... its really doing my head in! all i have had with FM14 is problems, no enjoyment just problems! what is going on?!?!
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