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  1. Modric to AC Milan Mutu to Arsenal 100% of the times for me
  2. Okay, so I need an AMC for my FC Kobenhavn side (season 1). I have browsed and scouted a little, and have found two players that i want to sign. But i just can't decide wich one: Walter Centeno for free or Marek Sapara for about £1.6M? Other suggestions (In the price range of £1,5-3M, is of course also welcome. Cheers
  3. Best thing I have ever read, right there Oh, I only drink water or milk while playing. Anything else is bad luck. (Based on lots of research) And if I lose a game I have to do 20 push-ups. I bet I have more, but I cannot recall anything at this moment
  4. Short term game

    Then I'd say Blackburn or Bristol C
  5. I have never noticed this on myself before, but I have some things I alwas/never do when I'm playing: <UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> I never ever sign players from Brazil <LI> Eastern European players > other players <LI> I can't manage a team if I dont have the correct kits and logos <LI> From Africa, I only sign players if they are from Togo or Angola <LI> It's impossible for me to play with two up front <LI> I can't play a D LC on left back Well that's mine. What's yours? I know you have them!
  6. Individually I think English players are top draw. Maybe it's the Greece and Polish managers that should be better than McClaren?
  7. More positions = bad?

    In lower leagues i like to have players that can play on lots of positions. In the better leagues, I look for wingers that can play on both sides. I don't really think about it that much. As long as the player has the stats to fit into my type of play, I'm satisfied
  8. I'm playing as BK Hacken in Swedish First Division elite, and I have about £580k to spend. Any suggestions?
  9. 4-2-4 = Goal

    Every action should have a reaction, i guess
  10. Caretaker Manager?

    Yeah, he's a coach now, and it's working out good so
  11. Caretaker Manager?

    Well maybe mutual termination of his contract is the best thing to do if he doesn't contribute with anything.
  12. Just started a new game with Sturm Graz in Austria and noticed they have a Caretaker Manager. Heraclas Almelo has one too IIRC. What do they do exactly? Anyone know? Simo Maric, Caretaker
  13. skins

  14. I've played with Red Star in Serbia for a couple of seasons. It was OK, but no challenge really.