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  1. The visible stats of the Leicester players look way overdone for me, while Mahrez is still rated as being as 'left-footed only' player - didn't the SI scouts see his goal against City? Why is Vardy suddenly on the same level as Lewa and Higuain, and is he really better than Muller at finishing (16 for Vardy and 15 for Muller)?
  2. Thanks for the heads up, Barside. I turned off the update files and the clauses from hell had gone. The only thing I'm wondering is how this only seems to have affected me. No-one else seems to have have reported the same problem, not even on the Susie forums.
  3. The version number is 16.2.0 (750447). I'm going to try reinstalling the update, and also try starting a game with the files turned off to see if that does anything.
  4. 16.2, and yes, I forgot to say I am using the Susie transfer window update. But said update has never added such horrible clauses to contracts before.
  5. Yes, I'm sure. I made some edits to my original post which might paint a more detailed picture of my perils.
  6. I've just got FM16 and for the first time ever, there are £0 release clauses. I'll start a new game with any team, and soon enough I'll get a piece of news saying an offer of £0 has been accepted for a player. Has something gone wrong in my game or what? Edit: For example, I just started a game with Liverpool, and Tiago Ilori, Balotelli and Mignolet all have this... and on their contract screen, they have active every possible contractual clause... and each value is £0.
  7. Couple of things: On the point raised by Jimbo and Hunter about average heat maps: it would be great to be able to see these for each 10 minute period of a match too. Don't know how realistic that is, but it's something I think would be helpful mainly because it's hard to interpret what a sub's average position means in relation to a team of others who have been playing for the whole match. Anyway the main issue I was going to raise was about tactics. Specifically, I think it would be really, really helpful if the player instructions could be illustrated to us graphically. For example, my brain would be less fried if it could be shown to me which rough area of the pitch the instruction 'get further forward' actually got a player, depending of course on whether the player is on support or attack duty. Other things which could be illustrated are what kind of movement we could expect of a certain role and duty (independent of get further forward), what range of passing we could expect, and also what areas of the pitch each player presses/closes down. The last examples especially would be extremely helpful. (Just on a separate tangent - I also think we need greater control of pressing in the game - I'd love to be able to set time limits, i.e. to set a player to stop closing down after a certain number of seconds after possession has been lost, for example). The zones could also be used to try and set up areas of the pitch in which you really don't want (certain) players shooting, attempting to make ambitious passes, etc. I think this could only be done though with a complete overhaul of the descriptions of the roles, duties, mentalities and fluidities. It's so confusing. I still don't know to what extent the roles are 'coded' in the match engine - i.e. it is clearly the inner-workings of the game that makes the half-back drop in between the centre backs (rather than a player instruction that the user sets), but then does that mean that if you take a defensive midfielder on a defend duty, and set him player instructions so that he has all the ones the anchor man also has, does that make them identical in all but name? Or is there something we don't know about that differentiates an anchor man from a defensive midfielder on defend duty and the appropriate player instructions? Other pot-holes in the tactics interface include the glitch (?) in which you take a look at the player instructions of a winger on support duty and see that he has 'more risky passes,' although I can set him to be on 'fewer risky passes.' But what if I want neither of those instructions and just want him to make his own mind up/follow the general team instruction? Does that mean I should set him to be a wide midfielder on support? But then the player in question doesn't "lack either the explosive pace or exciting dribbling skills of an out-an-out winger" (to quote the description for a WMs). Aaaargh. This sort of confusion rears its ugly head in my final point. It seems wrong that I could feasibly dominate and win a match on 'counter' mentality (and that's not just a semantic point). And sometimes I really question myself on whether I've actually correctly grasped the nuances between the team instructions shorter passing/lower tempo/more direct passing/higher tempo etc, especially when applied to all of the mentalities. Let us take the description for the attacking mentality: "it aims to exploit space in the final third by employing a fast tempo and direct, attacking supported by a defensive mentality aimed at recycling possession." I use this mentality only when I have really strong teams, but it's only worked with 'shorter passing' and 'lower tempo.' How does that make sense? Oh and maybe one more thing... an aesthetic point... please can we just remove the tips after you see when you press the continue button. Half of them don't even apply anymore. At least remove the dud ones. But not a priority.
  8. I had a question. To what extent are the roles in the game hard-coded into the match engine? I.e. there is no player instruction which makes a half-back drop in between the two centre-backs. On the other hand though, if you take a defensive midfielder, put him on a defend duty, then make him attempt fewer risky passes and close down less... then what makes him different from an anchor man?
  9. Fine. But the point I am trying to make is that if tactics are faulty, why does that translate into strikers missing chances which my centre backs can convert? Surely if tactics are the problem then the striker shouldn't be finding himself in striking positions. The other quite annoying thing I constantly (yes, constantly, easily once a match if not more) is a GK taking hold of the ball then running it out for a corner. Does anyone else see this?
  10. Well I'm not sure how else to explain my decent results. Sounds like someone is either living in denial or up to his usual contrarian antics.
  11. On the semantics point, 'incessant' lobs, long rangers happening with 'alarming regularity' and shots from 'tear-jerkingly wide angles' are obviously not mutually exclusive. So we'll ignore that one. Having said that, the crux of what you say is important, your obvious cynicism aside. Some of the goals I see are the result of decent passages of play. Otherwise, I have seen many matches where my striker will miss a couple of decent chances but then my centre-back will make up for the deficit (which is how I am guessing the ME views it?!) with a finish of the highest aplomb. Alternatively I will get a couple of headers at a corner. I would much rather my striker finished off his chances. It would be a lot more realistic. It would also be more realistic if players just stopped ill-advised attempts at goal, no matter how questionable the frequency (whether it's once a match or once every three matches it doesn't matter... they happen too often). Players taking unrealistic shots from wide angles happens in every single game of mine. I have no doubt about that. Admittedly, the 'incessant' lobs might only be happening every third match, but the wide-angle frivolities are palpable in literally every match. It was a complaint of mine in previous patches too. The problem here is that in many cases the way in which the player taking the shot got to that position in the first place is highly unrealistic - IRL you don't often see players jinking around 3-4 players of the opposition, getting to the byline then attempting an audacious shot at goal. In the FM world that happens all the time.
  12. Right, thank you. Yes I see those too. I also see shots taken with alarming regularity (more than the long-range attempts) from tear-jerkingly wide angles. I was hoping this would be patched up in 14.3.1 but it clearly hasn't been.
  13. Except my tactics are doing just fine. My results on the whole are good. If the match engine is recognising my team and set-up to be superior to the AI's then one could infer that my tactics aren't the problem - otherwise I wouldn't be winning matches. I can't think of anyone in my team who has the shoots from distance PPM. If we were to assume that attributes were the problem, how low would you expect the decision making and team work ratings to be for a Premier League-level footballer to come to the conclusion that attempting a lob from 50 yards is a more expedient option than passing to a nearby team-mate (an option not precluded by my tactics)? Five? Ten? It's got to be very low to come to make such a bizarre decision. Obviously my players have good enough ratings for those two attributes for me not to expect 50 yard lobs to be attempted.
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