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  1. I might be asking for a lot of help here but I'm looking for a desktop PC. I already have a MacBook which I use as my everyday computer, so a desktop would be perfect as I don't need it to be portable or anything. I'm primarily going to be playing FM but I'll also look at PC games. I have a budget of around £600-£800 for the PC, so anything 'top end' would be great.
  2. It's a shame that this thread isn't as popular as it once used to be. Although, there are a lot of fantastic players players posted here. Here are a few of mine from my Roma save.
  3. Yeah, completed the season. Midway through the next and just realised. I'm pretty sure I'm always online when playing FM. Really have no idea why this hasn't worked.
  4. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this but I won the Italian league and domestic cup with Roma and should have unlocked the 'Do the double' achievement but it still says unlocked. Any reason as to why this is? The achievement states 'You won a nation's top league and cup competitions in the same season'
  5. Such a great career mate, wish I could have played through all those seasons haha. Well done on the achievement!!
  6. Incredible career so far mate, quick question. Have you used the same tactics since the beginning and could I see a SS of them if it's not too much to ask for?
  7. How many more seasons are you playing with Bayern before moving on? You should definitely move to Spain next
  8. Incredible read, took me a while but it's inspiring as I really want to do a journeyman career. I've never attempted one but after reading this, I will definitely try my hand in it and spend my summer off playing through it. Great work so far, hope you manage to continue the success
  9. Could you post a SS of O'Malley and Abraham Garcia?
  10. Quick question, how many hours do you play a day?
  11. Just caught up with this over the last few days and it's so epic and motivating to start with a lower league side! Kudos to you mate, hope you keep it going. Nice to see Arsenal being the best in the country
  12. I've tried to change things around but my lone striker still isn't scoring many goals.
  13. Cheers for your input, I'll try out your suggestions! and the game runs really smoothly on Macs! I can imagine it being even better on a quad core processor.
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