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  1. seems to good to be true! is it plug and play with no instructions at all ?
  2. Hi all, not playing a Derby save but a question about a derby player - Bielik! In my Palace save as part of the takeover, Bielik was signed. what i want to know is where are you all playing him and in what role? In my formation i play BPD and a DLP in the holding midfielder role and he is accomplished fyi.
  3. into my 4th year of my current save and after i moved from QPR to Palace i have been tortured with takeovers - Y1 QPR CHAMP MID TABLE FINISH Y2 QPR TOP AT XMAS APPROACHED BY PALACE Y2 CRYSTAL PALACE SITTING 19TH IN PREM BUT COULDNT SAVE THEM Y3 CLEAR OUT WON CHAMP WITH PALACE TAKEOVER HAPPENED IN OCT Y4 TAKE OVER HAPPENED BEFORE START OR SEASON CURRENTLY TOP IN OCT AND AGAIN HAVE TRANSFER EMBARGO AS CLUB HAS HAD ANOTHER APPROACH 1st one was change of ownership no investment as i already had 150m in the bank from selling EVERYONE as found out no-one suited my formation. 2nd one was a nightmare - as part of his purchase had promised to sign 2 DMC's for a total of 50m. The issue was i had still 80m from all my sales and as they didn't top up the pot, the money came out of my transfer budget - luckily one of them said no, but presented me with the problem of having an overload in that position. Over the course of the palace save i have had maybe 8 transfer embargoes due to approaches, worst being in the pre season of Y3 Y4 which left me with 1 week to sort my squad out before the transfer deadline. Has anyone else had this with crystal palace?
  4. no problem, in work but will see what i can do lol
  5. Hi there, is anyone else on ipad FM touch 2020 having a nightmare saving tactics. Cant seem to save any tactic as they dont seem to be going to any folder. Extremely frustrating as have had to result to ye old pen and paper to remember my changes in game and then taking pictures on my phone to be able to use my tactics on new game saves as there are not in any folder to bring them into a new career save! Been playing fm/cm for well over 20 years and never had a problem like this before - please help!
  6. this an excellent formation, the only pity is that fm2020 is out next week so it may be not be too late to enjoy a long save
  7. Thanks Adam - obvious ffs, must have changed on the update as never in all my many years of fm has this happened lol
  8. Now if I load a save from 2-3 weeks ago I can access match preview and plays games. Confused
  9. Started a new save, being able to do all the usual aspects but when I get to a fixture it just automatically jumps to the next day with the game having been played and I have had no involvement I ! Have tried started various different saves and careers but still the same
  10. Looks good but would like to see a screen shot of the tactic for the 424 as play on touch
  11. 3322 Formation - just won everything with Liverpool over first two seasons with very little tweaks. STR(L) is presssing forward attack and STR(R) is advanced forward, ensure both are very quick as will break over the top for a clear one on one or be able to cross for the opposite striker / MEZ / CWB so try and ensure that the left striker is left footed and the right right footed, think Salah and Mane. I rarely change anything even when a goal or two down. If i do its both CWB that get hauled off first as the 60% of all assists comes from them directly or from them marauding down the wing. This tactic breaks players so need a lot of cover or players who can cover a lot of positions. Trent Alexander of liverpool being a great example and would also recommend Ajer from Cetlic/Norway as can play CD BPD DPL MEZ with ease. Have also started again with Newcastle to see if i can get them into Europe first season and try and win something by the end of the second season. Again Grrrrrrrrrrrreat formation!
  12. Just want to take a moment and congratulate on a great tactic, that i have won everything with the two strikers options - STCL is Pf and STCR being advanced forward. superb counter attacking system and pretty much plug and play once you put round pegs in round holes.
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