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  1. seems to good to be true! is it plug and play with no instructions at all ?
  2. Hi all, not playing a Derby save but a question about a derby player - Bielik! In my Palace save as part of the takeover, Bielik was signed. what i want to know is where are you all playing him and in what role? In my formation i play BPD and a DLP in the holding midfielder role and he is accomplished fyi.
  3. into my 4th year of my current save and after i moved from QPR to Palace i have been tortured with takeovers - Y1 QPR CHAMP MID TABLE FINISH Y2 QPR TOP AT XMAS APPROACHED BY PALACE Y2 CRYSTAL PALACE SITTING 19TH IN PREM BUT COULDNT SAVE THEM Y3 CLEAR OUT WON CHAMP WITH PALACE TAKEOVER HAPPENED IN OCT Y4 TAKE OVER HAPPENED BEFORE START OR SEASON CURRENTLY TOP IN OCT AND AGAIN HAVE TRANSFER EMBARGO AS CLUB HAS HAD ANOTHER APPROACH 1st one was change of ownership no investment as i already had 150m in the bank from selling EVERYONE as found out no-one suited
  4. this an excellent formation, the only pity is that fm2020 is out next week so it may be not be too late to enjoy a long save
  5. Looks good but would like to see a screen shot of the tactic for the 424 as play on touch
  6. 3322 Formation - just won everything with Liverpool over first two seasons with very little tweaks. STR(L) is presssing forward attack and STR(R) is advanced forward, ensure both are very quick as will break over the top for a clear one on one or be able to cross for the opposite striker / MEZ / CWB so try and ensure that the left striker is left footed and the right right footed, think Salah and Mane. I rarely change anything even when a goal or two down. If i do its both CWB that get hauled off first as the 60% of all assists comes from them directly or from them marauding down the win
  7. Just want to take a moment and congratulate on a great tactic, that i have won everything with the two strikers options - STCL is Pf and STCR being advanced forward. superb counter attacking system and pretty much plug and play once you put round pegs in round holes.
  8. Hi there love the idea of this tactic and used one very similar in fm15. Can you post a screen shot of the team instructions as playing fm touch and cant download the files
  9. Morning all - sad to say that all i need my laptop for is really FM and for my iTunes to be honest. so i'm at a crossroads - do i buy a PC or do i buy an Apple laptop? which is more future proof as this will also decide my spend as over the last 6 years instead of spending big i have been buying basic models and getting maybe 2 years out of them before they cant run FM as quick as i like. so is it better to buy apple with all there software updates but at a higher price of a grand - or is it better to buy PC laptop and maybe have to buy another one in 2-3 years so will end up sepdning a grand
  10. before someone else says it - yes i am liverpool and we have the basis of good squad and a wealthy budget - but this tactic with them is remarkable! pre season as we all know doesn't really count for how a tactic will stand up but 5 games in torres has 15 goals , 6 of which came against chelsea away in the first half! - beat chelsea 8 - 2, than man u at home 3-0. A wonderful design that confuses the AI match engine with the dmc's running forward! I also find that if the opposition are creating to many chances drop the mentality down a notch or too and watch their chances, if this does not m
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