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  1. The issue with not being able to save tactics is every time you start a new game you have to create tactics from scratch every time, you can't copy/transfer them between different saves/games.
  2. I played about 10 hours yesterday using the controller - it's 'do-able' but not ideal as it takes longer to select the options you would like. I think the way to go is to still run it on a PC through the chrome browser then log into Stadia so you can use PC mouse/keyboard. Wouldn't recommend using just the controller for long term use.
  3. Been waiting forever only to find out you can't even save tactics?!
  4. I'm interested too, can anyone please comment on the speed on Stadia? I pre-ordered Stadia 2 months ago but haven't received it or the activation code just yet.
  5. Instead of spending lots of money constantly upgrading your PC why not just get FM on Stadia?!
  6. My result: CPU: Intel i5-3470T CPU Frequency: 2.9GHz RAM: 4GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1333MHz OS: Win 10 Pro Storage: 320GB HDD FM17 Benchmark A Time: 7min 14sec FM17 Benchmark B Time: N/A
  7. I sometimes to decide to "Go on Holidays" for games I do not which to play and leave to my assistant. I always select "Use my match tactics" and I always assumed the assistant does. However when I went back in to view the match later, although the same basic formation was used the assistant used completely different roles/instructions in nearly every position. For example my defensive wingers where set to wide midfielders, I usually have 2 defensive midfielders (one roaming play-maker and one defensive midfielder defend) however both were set to defensive midfielder support on the tactics screen when I looked afterwards. I did a quick forum search and found a post from another member questioning weather the same roles were used - please could you check this? If its the case that the tactics are being used then there is a definite error with the "formations" screen when you go back in to view matches already played while you were on holidays. Many thanks!
  8. lol thats a "I messed up so it's the game is to blame."
  9. I can't wait for the FM15 benchmark thread as I want to buy or build a new PC and want to know which CPU to get.
  10. Ignore the 8350 time on here as he was running background programs - the 6300 is 6 cores and the 8350 is 8 cores - the 8350 would be much faster as processes 8 matches at a time and would probably give most of the i7 cpu's a run for their money! shame no one did a proper benchmark for FX8350 with 8gb ram!
  11. If anyone is thinking of using this thread to pick tactics I would still use the spreadsheet attached and pick one with a strategy to suit their team. I started a new game with cardiff and ran if for 6 months with "PPP 14.3.1 (Possession-Pressing-Planing PPP Jassar) 57" and sat bottom of the league! Where as with the more defensive or counter tactics the same team easily gets into the top half.
  12. What a brilliant thread! Keep up the excellent work, I await with great interest.
  13. Try managing with Cardiff in prem 1st season! Theres a challenge for you...
  14. I play 4-4-2 with Cardiff with attacking fullbacks but find I concede a lot of coals on the counter frow the opposite wingers expoiting the space left behind, anyone else find this?
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